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SIGCHI Bulletin 1997

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Structured Programmers Learning Object-Oriented Programming
John Minor Ross and Huazhong Zhang
SIGCHI Annual Report July 1997
Mike Atwood
Exploring Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering Methodologies for the Creation of Interactive Software.
Judy Brown
Views and Feelings: If Six Were Nine
Steven Pemberton
From the Editor: Goodbye Diane Darrow
Steven Pemberton
Navigation in Electronic Worlds: A CHI 97 Workshop
Susanne Jul and George W. Furnas
Web Design & Development '97
Peter Morville
The Future of Visual Interaction Design?
Shannon Ford & Frank M. Marchak
Ensuring a Local SIG's Future
Richard Anderson
A Semiotic Framework for Multi-User Interfaces
Raquel Oliveira Prates, Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza, Ana Cristina Bicharra Garcia
SIGCHI Mailing Lists and Aliases
Gary Perlman
Summary of the SIGCHI EC Conference Call Meeting September 25, 1996
Karen McGraw
Context and Consciousness
Two Reviews by Mary Brenner and Shilpa Shukla
The Real World: Cafés
Lon Barfield
Views and Feelings: Hell and Documentation
Steven Pemberton
Visual Interaction Design: Beyond the Interface Metaphor
Ken Mohnkern
CHI '97
CHI 97: Interviews with the Conference Co-Chairs
Steven Pemberton
The CHI 97 Doctoral Consortium
Brian H. Philips, La Tondra A. Murray, Jason E. Stewart
The CHI 97 Development Consortium
Austin Henderson, Gerrit van der Veer
A Meeting of Research Minds: The 1997 Basic Research Symposium at CHI 97
Leon Watts and Susanne Jul
Issues in Wearable Computing: A CHI 97 Workshop
Len Bass, Steve Mann, Dan Siewiorek and Chris Thompson
Human-Computer-Human Interaction: Trust in CSCW
Steve Jones and Steve Marsh
A Critical Examination of Separable User Interface Management Systems: Constructs for Individualization
Carson Reynolds
Widening the Net: Workshop Report on the Theory and Practice of Physical and Network Communities
Steve Whittaker, Ellen Isaacs & Vicki O'Day
Design and Use of MUDs for Serious Purposes: Report from a workshop at the CSCW conference in Boston 16th November '96.
Christer Garbis, Yvonne Wærn
Evaluation Methodology Telematics Systems: Quality for Users and Context, A CHI 97 Special Interest Group
Albert G. Arnold and Fred W.G. van den Anker
Distance Learning: A CHI 97 Special Interest Group
Lisa Neal, Judith Ramsay and Jenny Preece
HCI Design for Network and System Management
Thomas M. Graefe and Dennis Wixon
The HCI Educator's Open House: A CHI 97 Special Interest Group on Exchanging Resources, Delivery Formats, Learning Strategies, and Future Concerns
Laurie P. Dringus, Maxine S. Cohen
End-User Computing
Howie Goodell and Carol Traynor
Computers and Kids: Why Do We Make Technology for Kids?
Allison Druin
From the Chairs: SIGCHI Leadership
Mike Atwood
Education: The SIGCHI Educational Resource Development Group
Andrew Sears, Julie A. Jacko, and Marilyn Mantei
Standards: Standards for Multimedia, Accessibility, and the Information Infrastructure
Harry E. Blanchard
Workshop: HCI and Requirements Engineering
Andrew Sears
Special Interest Groups
The Real World: Powerful Functions
Lon Barfield
Vol. 29 No. 3, July 1997
People, Places and Interfaces
Using Physiological Constraints To Inform The Design Of Saftey-Critical User Interfaces
Integrating HCI and Software Engineering Requirements Analysis
Dan Diaper
AVI '96 - An International Workshop
Peter Pirolli
HCI in Australasia: Towards INTERACT'97
Rachel Croft and Susan Wolfe
The CHI 96 Basic Research Symposium
Alan Dix and Francesmary Modugno
Towards a Framework for Investigating Temporal Properties in Interaction
Helen Parker, Chris Roast and Jawed Siddiqi
From the Chairs: The Future of SIGCHI
Mike Atwood
World-Wide CHI: Future Ethics
John Karat and Clare-Marie Karat
HCI Education: Where is it Headed?
Andrew Sears
Formal User-Centered Requirements Engineering
Barbara Paech
Karen McGraw
Summary of the SIGCHI EC Meeting December 7-9, 1996
The Real World: Safety Catches
Lon Barfield
The following are citations selected by title and abstract as being related to Computer-Human Interaction, resulting from a computer search, using Dialog Information Services, of the Dissertation Abstracts Online database produced by University Microfilms International (UMI).
Karen McGraw
Visual Interaction Design: CHI 97 - A Visual Interaction Design Perspective
Shannon Ford
Children, Creativity and Computers
Alison Druin
Eliciting Interactive Systems Requirements in a Language-Centred User-Designer Collaboration: A Semiotic Approach
Marcelo Soares Pimenta, Richard Faust
Catching the Eye
Management of Joint Attention in Cooperative Work By Roel Vertegaal, Boris Velichkovsky and Gerrit van der Veer
Vol 29, No. 1, January 1997
ACM SIGCHI Bulletin, Volume 29., Number 1, January 1997.
From the Editor: Achieving the Future
Steven Pemberton
Specifying Cognitive Interface Requirements
Chris Roast
Human Computer Interaction and Requirements Engineering
Papers from an Interdisciplinary Workshop, 15th January, 1996.
A Summary of the SIGCHI EC Conference Call May 28, 1997
"Finding and Reminding" Revisited: Appropriate Metaphors for File Organization at the Desktop
Bonnie Nardi and Deborah Barreau
Report on the Financial Status of ACM SIGCHI
Clare-Marie Karat
Summary of the SIGCHI Extended Executive Committee (EEC) Toulouse, France, July 27-28, 1996
CHI 97 Workshops
About Workshops held on Sunday and Monday, March 23 and 24, 1997.
The Real World: Children
Lon Barfield
Views and Feelings: Quick! The Future is Coming!
Steven Pemberton
Vol.29 No. 2, April 1997
ACM SIGCHI Bulletin, Volume 29., Number 2, April 1997.
From the Editor: New SIGCHI Email Addresses
Steven Pemberton
From the Chairs: Global, International, World-wide, National, Regional, and Local
Mike Atwood and Guy Boy
World-Wide CHI: The Internet and HCI in Australasia
Dean Wood and Susan Wolfe
Education: Forums for Improving HCI Education
Andrew Sears
Standards: HCI Standards in the United States
Harry E. Blanchard
Vol. 29 No. 4, October 1997
From the Editor: CHI 97
Steven Pemberton
From the Chairs: Reflections on CHI 97
Mike Atwood
World-Wide CHI: The SIGCHI International Advisory Task ForcePreliminary Report
Guy Boy and David G. Novick
Standards: Information Technology Standards in ISO/IEC JTC1
Harry E. Blanchard
Education: HCI Education and CHI 97
Andrew Sears
Views and Feelings: Programmers are Humans Too, 2
Steven Pemberton
Local SIGs: The Social Design of a Local SIG
Richard Anderson
Generating Requirements in a Courier Despatch Management System
Jocelyn Keep and Hilary Johnson
Computers and Kids: Reflection on CHIkids...
Allison Druin
Local SIGs: Coming Together & Learning from Each Other
Richard Anderson
Students: Values of the CHI Conference to Students
David Crow, Mike Byrne, and Erika Dawn Gernand
OOE: A Compound Document Framework
Björn E. Backlund
Students: The Evolution of CSCW -- Past, Present and Future Developments
David Crow, Sara Parsowith and G. Bowden Wise
Entertainment is a Human Factor: A CHI 97 Workshop on Game Design and HCI
Lynn Cherny, Chuck Clanton, and Erik Ostrom
Object Models in User Interface Design: A CHI 97 Workshop
Mark van Harmelen, John Artim, Keith Butler, Austin Henderson, Dave Roberts, Mary Beth Rosson, Jean-Claude Tarby, Stephanie Wilson
Testing for Power Usability: A CHI 97 Workshop
Keith S. Karn, Thomas J. Perry, Marc J. Krolczyk
Awareness in Collaborative Systems: A CHI 97 Workshop
Susan E. McDaniel and Tom Brinck
CHI Ten Year View: Creating and Sustaining Common Ground
Catherine R. Marshall and David Novick
CHI 97, Looking to the Future
Peter Stevens
Column: Standards
User Interface Standards in the ISO Ergonomics Technical Committee
Letter to the Editor: ISOMETRICS
Peter Gorny
Visual Interaction Design: Design as a Cultural Activity
Steve Portigal
Local SIGs: Dealing with Change
Richard Anderson
Computers and Kids: Kids Are Not "Adults-In-Waiting"
Allison Druin
Students: How To Get a Ph.D. and Have a Life, Too
Richard E. Baker
Interview: An Interview with Diane Darrow
Steven Pemberton

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