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You are here: Home 1998 Vol.30 No.1, January 1998 Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) June 28, 1997
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Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) June 28, 1997

Minutes from the July 29, 1997 SIGCHI (EC) Conference Call Meeting


Elected Officers

Mike Atwood, Chair (non-voting)
Clare-Marie Karat, Vice Chair for Finances
Barbee Teasley, Vice Chair for Communications (minutes)
Marian Williams, Vice Chair for Operations

Chairs' Appointees (1 vote for the Board as a whole)

Robin Jeffries, Member, Advisory Board


Keith Instone, Information Director
Arnold Lund, CHI 98 Co-chair
Steven Pemberton, Editor-in-Chief, SIGCHI Bulletin
David Riederman, Program Director, ACM
Jean Scholtz, Candidate for EC
Gerrit van der Veer, CHI 98 CMC Liaison
Rosemary Wick Stevens, Adjunct Chair for Public Relations

(These minutes were created on July 29, 1997, and approved by a vote of 3-0-2 on 7 October 1997.)

CHI 98 Budget

Claire-Marie Karat, CHI 98 co-chair, reported on the CHI 98 budget proposal, which requires approval by the EC and the CMC (Conference Management Committee). The budget assumes attendance will be somewhat less than for CHI 97, and that the basic fee will be $395, which is the same as CHI 97. The proposed budget breaks even in its current form, but required deep cuts in some areas compared to CHI 97. Sources of increased expenses are that labor is more expensive in Los Angeles, increased cost of Internet access, and the cost of conference management. It is hoped that items that had to be eliminated, such as food for the student volunteers, can be covered with contingency funds.

Atwood pointed out that while SIGCHI wants to keeps conference fees as low as possible, there is a continuing desire for more features and programs. It may be time to raise fees for future conferences.

Online Proceedings

The CHI conference proceedings will be published online using resources within ACM. There will be a charge to access the proceedings. In the past, SIGCHI published the CHI conference proceedings online as an experiment. However, this year there will be no SIGCHI conference budget or personnel, outside of that provided by ACM.

Chair's Discretionary Fund Items

CHI 98 requested that SIGCHI cover $12,000 of the $40,000 budgeted for the CHIkids program at CHI 98. The funds will be used to pay for the CHIkids leaders' travel expenses. The rest of the $40K will come from corporate sponsors. Atwood has committed to this expenditure from the Chair's discretionary fund. Discussion among the EC dealt with strategic issues. In general, the CHI conference budget is created so that each area is self-sustaining in terms of income versus expenses. So far, this has not been the case for CHIkids. Expenses are not covered by the fees. Participants in the CHIkids program at CHI 98 will pay $75 per day for what arguably has a market value of up to $200. Furthermore, the CHIkids program competes for sponsors with the conference itself. These issues need further discussion and a long term plan.

Atwood also committed $13,500 to CHI 98 to defer some of the $20K expenses for the new Application Domain Panel program. The funds will cover travel and expenses for invited speakers and some of the panelists for the engineered parts of the three application domain area tracks. Historically, seed money has been needed to support the introduction of innovations to the conference. In subsequent years, the innovations become self-supporting.

Ongoing Business

The search for a new program director has been successfully concluded. David Riederman has joined ACM as the SIGCHI Program Director.

van der Veer appointed Michael Tauber as the CMC liaison to the Policy 98 conference. van der Veer has also agreed to serve as the CMC liaison to the CSCW conference.

Doris Lidtke, Chair of the ACM SIG Board, responded to Atwood's letter to her concerning the fact that the SIG membership form has not been published along with the ACM membership form in the Communications of the ACM. The July issue will contain the SIG form, and the impact will be monitored.

August EC Meeting

The August EC meeting will be held at the Timberline Lodge outside of Portland, OR. The meeting will run from Friday, August 1, at 6 p.m., until Sunday, August 3, at 3 p.m. The meeting will include a hand-off from the current EC to the newly-elected EC.


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