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Summer Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) August 1-3, 1997

Minutes from the Summer Meeting of the SIGCHI EC meeting August 1-3, 1997

Held at Timberline Lodge, outside of Portland, Oregon; Hand-off meeting between the incoming and outgoing officers.

Meeting Participants

Outgoing (1995-1997) Officers

Elected Officers

Chair (non-voting), Mike Atwood
Executive Vice-chair, Guy Boy
Vice-chair for Operations, Marian Williams
Vice-chair for Conferences, Gene Lynch
Vice-chair for Finance, Clare-Marie Karat


Advisory Board (1 vote for the Board as a whole),

Robin Jeffries and John Karat

Incoming (1997-1999) Officers

Elected Officers

Chair (non-voting), Mike Atwood
Executive Vice-chair, Guy Boy
Vice-chair for Operations, Bob Mack
Vice-chair for Conferences, Gerrit van der Veer
Vice-chair for Publications, Dan Olsen, Jr.
Vice-chair for Finance Jean Scholtz
Vice-chair for Communications, Cathleen Wharton (minutes)

Appointed Officers

Advisory Board (1 vote), John Karat, Allison Druin, Richard Anderson

Non-Voting Officers

SIGCHI Bulletin Editor-in-Chief, Steven Pemberton
ACM SIGCHI Program Director, David Riederman
Adjunct Chair for Public Relations, Rosemary Wick Stevens

(These minutes were created on September 15, 1997, and approved by a vote of 9-0-2 on 7 October 1997.)

SIGCHI Accomplishments and Challenges (Mike Atwood and Outgoing Officers)

Mike Atwood, SIGCHI Chair, started the discussion for the outgoing officers. Mike noted that during the past term, there were three key accomplishments for the SIGCHI committee as a whole. These include: (1) starting the discussion with ACM about societies, (2) getting the SIGCHI development fund activities going, and (3) starting to restructure CHI's infrastructure (e.g., conference support and a full-time program director). After Mike's general list, the rest of the committee listed the top few items that they felt were accomplished during their terms. These items follow.

Vice-Chair for Conferences, Gene Lynch:

  1. Reorganization of the Conference Planning Committee into the Conference Management Committee
  2. Development of a financial and structural CHI conference model
  3. Changes in the way that conference volunteer recruiting and training works

Adjunct Chair for Public Relations, Rosemary Wick Stevens

  1. Creation of the SIGCHI brochure
  2. The CHI volunteer appreciation reception
  3. Article in the July issue of Scientific American regarding contributions from the field

Advisory Board, Robin Jeffries

  1. Getting the HCI Bibliography moved to
  2. Work on a membership directory
  3. Work on digital library and database policies

Advisory Board, John Karat

  1. Settlement of the Internationalization Task Force
  2. Keeping Communication about HCI standards flowing into ACM

Vice-Chair for Publications, Gary Perlman

Gary was not at the meeting, but accomplishments attributed to him included the following:

  1. Online publications
  2. E-mail lists
  3. SIGCHI videos
  4. SIGCHI Web Site

Advisory Board - Adjunct Chair for Local SIGs, Richard Anderson

  1. First workshop for local SIGs at CHI 97
  2. Increased collaboration and interaction among local SIGs
  3. Local SIGs tied in more to SIGCHI
  4. Local SIG chapters increased

Executive Vice-Chair, Guy Boy

  1. International Task Force Underway
  2. 1998 aeronautics conference in Montreal
  3. August 1997 summer school on organizational memory in France

Vice-Chair for Communications, Barbee Teasley

Barbee was not at the meeting, but accomplishments attributed to her included the following:

  1. Timely, well-written public
  2. Getting closure on projects via TO-DO list
  3. Getting the SIGCHI Student Kits project going

SIGCHI Bulletin Editor-in-Chief, Steven Pemberton

  1. Online SIGCHI Bulletin
  2. Special issues of the SIGCHI Bulletin (e.g., 50th Anniversary)
  3. Getting editors community built up and more involved with the SIGCHI Bulletin

Vice-Chair for Operations, Marian Williams

  1. Getting SIGCHI accredited to certify Continuing Education Credits
  2. Working with Andrew Sears to facilitate SIGCHI educational resources
  3. Marketing research, in addition to obtaining conference results, including videos from focus groups and transcriptions

Vice-Chair for Finance, Clare-Marie Karat

  1. Strong financial footing for SIGCHI including an adequate surplus, shaping of financial guidelines (e.g., each area of program is self-sustaining), and a streamlined, repeatable process for doing annual budget
  2. Contributions to the work on SIGCHI society status and SIGCHI infrastructure
  3. Marketing research work

"Hot Items"

After the outgoing officers had listed their accomplishments, they generated a list of "hot items." Hot items are those items that are ongoing or need to resolved in the context of CHI as a possible ACM society.

SIGCHI Chair, Mike Atwood

  1. ACM Societies
  2. Volunteer development
  3. International presence
  4. Education programs
  5. Continuing to improve local SIGs
  6. Models for conference success (e.g., smaller vs. larger conferences)
  7. HCI Web Servers (world-wide)
  8. Interaction magazine design awards and role of SIGCHI

Vice-Chair for Conferences, Gene Lynch

  1. Models for conference success (e.g., smaller vs. larger conferences)
  2. Continued evolution of CHI conference
  3. Professional and headquarters support gains maintained
  4. Strategy planning for CHI 2000
  5. Development of a CHI trade show

Adjunct Chair for Public Relations, Rosemary Wick-Stevens

  1. SIGCHI Web page membership form more readily apparent

Advisory Board, Robin Jeffries

  1. ACM Digital Library
  2. HCI Central Web Site

Advisory Board, John Karat

  1. Examination and furthering of the CHI technical conference vision
  2. Development of a SIGCHI membership directory

Vice-chair for Publications, Gary Perlman

Gary was not at the meeting, but items relevant to the Publications position for the future included the following:

  1. CHI Videos (locating those that are missing that need to be archived)
  2. What is CHI+?
  3. Online publications
  4. ACM Computing Reviews concerns resolved
  5. Clarifications on reporting structure for information director
  6. Clarifications of all SIGCHI research publications
  7. Listserve ( vs. migration complete

Advisory Board - Adjunct Chair for Local SIGs, Richard Anderson

  1. Continuing to address the needs of local sigs outside of the U.S. and Canada
  2. Understand local SIGs better within the extended Executive Committee
  3. Ensure local SIG success

Executive Vice-Chair, Guy Boy

  1. Continue discussion of international issues and task force
  2. Create a task force for domain issues

Vice-Chair for Communications, Barbee Teasley

Barbee was not at the meeting, but items relevant to the Communications position for the future included the following:

  1. Society transition
  2. Getting more involvement from the extended executive committee
  3. Utilizing and involving volunteers in SIGCHI, not just in CHI conferences
  4. Membership retention

SIGCHI Bulletin Editor-in-Chief, Steven Pemberton

  1. Continue online Bulletin
  2. Web Site concerns (e.g., search Bulletin and proceedings using ACM's approach)
  3. New Bulletin editor
  4. Continued development of the editor community (e.g., SW tools and techniques, WWW)
  5. How do Bulletin and Interactions overlap?

Vice-Chair for Operations, Marian Williams

  1. Continuing Education Units (CEU) accreditation maintained (e.g., dues paid, forms completed)
  2. Conference committees informed about how to use CEUs to market tutorials
  3. Taking CHI tutorials on the road, particularly internationally
  4. Crossover between CHI 2000 and Internationalism issues
  5. EC take long-term view of education-related projects
  6. Protecting conferences from knowledge gaps caused by simultaneous turnover of EC and CMC.

Vice-Chair for Finance, Clare-Marie Karat

  1. EC review and develop CHIkids into a self-sustaining (financially + other) SIGCHI program
  2. Society status
  3. EC more informed about and provide more input into reengineering of CHI conferences
  4. Chair training program refined and developed
  5. SIGCHI Web Site tie ins to conference needs (e.g., reviewer database)
  6. Electronic conference publications

Finally, after the officers noted their items, other concerns were added to the general list from previously created lists. These additional items included the following:

  1. Revision of nomination and election policy
  2. Create policy regarding cooperating societies
  3. Reviewer's database policy beyond what covered in this meeting
  4. Responsible parties assigned to list items
  5. Information packages (beyond the Students Kits packages)
  6. Standing item on agenda for van der Veer on CHI 98 status
  7. Raising conference fees in the long run to ensure financial return is appropriate
  8. CHI video
  9. Corporate sponsors for CHI vs. CHIkids
  10. Society vs. Conference-level sponsors
  11. Report on Betty Edwards course
  12. Report on online Bulletin
  13. EC Web site (internal for EC and external view for all members)

New SIGCHI Officers' Goals (Incoming Officers)

Vice-Chair for Operations, Bob Mack

  1. Oversee special projects
  2. Working with adjunct chairs
  3. Overseeing SIGCHI infrastructure operations
  4. Support development fund proposals

Advisory Board-Education, Allison Druin

  1. Domain task force
  2. Support and expand ongoing programs
  3. Establish new programs

Vice-Chair for Publications, Dan Olsen, Jr.

Overarching goal: Enhance the research track and emphasis of the CHI Conference by creating a research forum for researchers

  1. Create a research publications community and develop a research publications board with end-to-end submission and review of peer-reviewed materials to enfranchise researchers
  2. Clearly identified peer review process
  3. Clearly identified electronic products and processes

Adjunct Chair for Local SIGs, Richard Anderson

  1. Continuing to address non-North American local SIGs' needs
  2. Understand local SIGs better within the extended Executive Committee
  3. Ensure local SIG success

Vice-Chair for Communications, Cathleen Wharton

Overarching goal: broaden outreach

  1. Membership retention
  2. Volunteerism
  3. Internationalism
  4. Sponsorship

Vice-Chair for Finance, Jean Scholtz

  1. Maintaining finances
  2. Membership retention and current member benefits

Vice-Chair for Conferences, Gerrit van der Veer

  1. Continue development of new conference model
  2. Budget and fee structure for CHI conference
  3. World-wide participation in conferences
  4. Grooming conference volunteers
  5. Knowledge of generic conference information to general membership
  6. Strategies for CHI 2000
  7. Trade show development
  8. Sites for 2000 and beyond

ACM & SIGCHI Structure (including policies, procedures)

David Riederman, Mike Atwood, and Officers

David Riederman reviewed, with the officers, the ACM SIG Officer Manual, including ACM SIG and SIG Board Organization charts. The team also reviewed the ACM Handy Dandy Officer Survival Kit. For travel, it was noted that the current ACM policy is to have travel request forms in prior to a trip. Steven Pemberton added that he would like ACM to work on the fact that 31 cents/mile (U.S. dollars) is not a useful or realistic value for mileage outside of the United States.

ACM Digital Library Project

Robin Jeffries

Robin Jeffries, SIGCHI Advisory Board, reviewed her motion sent out prior to the meeting by e-mail (29 July 1997). The reason for the motion is to inform the ACM Publications Board as to the SIGCHI view on ACM's plans. The main concerns are:

  • detailing how revenues are redistributed back to the SIGs
  • understanding whether SIGCHI maintains control of its intellectual property and SIGCHI's vision of how they anticipate using this property
  • potential delays that are outside of SIGCHI's control
  • the flexibility provided by formats other than PDF
  • the accuracy and verification of documents scanned in using OCR technologies
  • the ability to provide the conference proceedings to SIGCHI members as part of the standard membership fee
  • the ability to make conference proceedings available to the membership as quickly as possible.

The motion was then revised to better address these concerns. The actual text of the motion is as follows:

"The SIGCHI EC strongly supports the ACM Digital Library project. This includes the electronic capture of journals and conference proceedings, the ability for all individuals to search bibliographic items via the World Wide Web, and the ability for people who have paid for a subscription to download the full text of individual items.

To this end, SIGCHI will work closely with the ACM Digital Library project to clarify policies for the Digital Library. In particular, we have charged the SIGCHI Vice-chair for Publications to resolve the following issues:

  1. The products created by SIGCHI will be part of the ACM Digital Library, and SIGCHI assumes we will be consulted on any future uses of those products beyond those currently established.
  2. SIGCHI will continue to disseminate products created by SIGCHI via our own means, at the same time as those products are part of the ACM Digital Library.
  3. SIGCHI will work with the ACM Digital Library to establish a revenue sharing model.
  4. Products in the ACM Digital Library that were created by SIGCHI will be made available in SIGCHI member benefits packages.
  5. SIGCHI expects to provide online access to Conference Proceedings shortly after the conference, rather than the year's delay that ACM currently assumes.
  6. All Digital Library materials created by SIGCHI need to include SIGCHI identity.
  7. SIGCHI wants to be involved in decisions concerning the form the Digital Library will take in the future, including formats (PDF vs. HTML)."

A vote on a revised version of the motion was taken. The motion was made by Robin Jeffries and seconded by Dan Olsen. All outgoing and all incoming elected members voted on the motion and the vote was unanimous (12-0): the motion was approved. Mike Atwood then was charged with presenting this motion to the ACM by forwarding it to Jim Cohoon, the Liaison of the Publications Board, and asking for it to be shared with the ACM Publications Board.

SIGCHI/CHI Conference Database Policy

Robin Jeffries

At the meeting Robin distributed a handout containing a draft of the SIGCHI/CHI conference database policy (Draft 1, dated 1 July 97). The purpose of this policy is to ensure that as we continue to focus on the SIGCHI infrastructure that we address both the security and continued development of our SIGCHI/CHI Conference Database. This draft of the policy is based on our case law and additionally is based on tactical decisions as to how we anticipate the database to be technologically supported and used in the future with regard to security and underlying infrastructure. Robin Jeffries, Dan Olsen, and Keith Instone will form a sub-committee to further evaluate and consider the draft proposal. Their progress will be reported later.

"The Society Issue"

Outgoing & Continuing Officers

Motivations for making SIGCHI a "Society" were discussed. The reason that SIGCHI is seeking "society" status is to better represent the membership's interdisciplinary nature, beyond the computing sciences. ACM has created a Presidential Commission to further investigate and evaluate SIGCHI's proposal. Mike Atwood will talk with ACM personnel more about SIGCHI's proposal for "Society" status.

Financial Structure and Budget

Clare-Marie Karat & David Riederman

Clare-Marie explained SIGCHI's financial structure and the budgetary process. SIGCHI's fiscal year runs from July 1st-June 30th. Key items that SIGCHI's funds are used to cover, beyond the annual CHI conference, include professional staff to better support our continually growing membership and the development of new SIGCHI programs.

Appreciation for Outgoing Members

Dan Olsen made a motion to show appreciation of the outgoing committee members. Jean Scholtz seconded the motion. The motion was voted on by the incoming officers and passed unanimously (7-0).

Development Fund Proposal Review

EC Review Committees

Andrew Sears' proposal for a SIGCHI Educational Resource Development Group was discussed. Marian Williams led the discussion on behalf of the review team consisting of herself, Jean Scholtz, and Allison Druin. The proposal contains a description of future activities that would empower HCI Educators to better establish dynamic HCI curricula and degree programs, and to better identify mechanism for the dissemination of such educational resources. The review committee was in favor of funding the proposal with stipulations:

  • Vice-chair of Publications and the SIGCHI Program Director would need to review the information for the working group's Web site before it goes public
  • Working group's Web site should be located at
  • The working group may coordinate with Ben Shneiderman but must not appear to be endorsing the book or Addison-Wesley, and instead should credit SIGCHI for the effort.
  • Working group explore the possibility of offering the tutorial for the dissemination of the work
  • Consideration of how to disseminate information to a world-wide audience that may not have Web access.

Allison Druin made a motion to approval this proposal with modifications, and John Karat seconded the motion. The incoming SIGCHI EC voted unanimously (7-0) to fund this proposal as modified with the above stipulations. The proposal was funded for the amount of $3500.

Susan Wiedenbeck's proposal for SIGCHI support of the Empirical Studies of Programmers 7th (ESP7) Workshop Publication was discussed. Dan Olsen led the discussion on behalf of the review team consisting of himself, Clare Marie-Karat, and Cathleen Wharton. The proposal contains a request to provide support for dissemination of the ESP7 proceedings to the CHI community due to an unexpected contract renewal problem with Ablex Publishing: Ablex has decided to not publish additional computer science materials at this time. As a result, ESP7 needs partial funding to ensure that the proceedings are produced and disseminated to the CHI community. It is anticipated that SIGCHI will eventually earn the funds back as the proceedings are sold. The review committee was in favor of funding the proposal. Dan Olsen made a motion to pass the proposal as is and Cathleen Wharton seconded it. The motion passed (6-0-1, with the 1 abstaining vote from Jean Scholtz, a Co-chair of ESP7). The proposal was funded for $4000.

Steven Pemberton's proposal regarding SIGCHI Russian Infrastructure to build a SIGCHI Web Site and also translate the SIGCHI Bulletin into Russian was discussed. The discussion was led by Guy Boy on behalf of the review committee consisting of himself, Richard Anderson, and Bob Mack. The review committee was in favor of funding the proposal with the following stipulations:

  • Vladislav Valkovsky from Russia will be the central point of contact for the International Advisory Task Force;
  • The articles that they post on their Web Site that they write in Russian they will also be translated into English which we will mirror on the existing SIGCHI Web site;
  • This project should be done in conjunction with or minimally supported by the Moscow Local SIG so that a stronger HCI community is built.

The vote on this proposal was deferred until Steven could talk more with the relevant parties from Russia. After Steven has spoken with Russia, this proposal will be discussed at a SIGCHI EC Meeting. The amount being considered for funding is $8685.

Future Meetings, Conference Calls, & Mailing Lists

Mike Atwood

Tentative dates and locations were selected for the next face-to-face EC meetings (held three times each year). The Winter 1997 meeting will be held at ACM Headquarters in New York City around December 12-14th. The Spring 1998 meeting will be held April 24-25, the weekend after CHI `98, in Los Angeles. The Summer 1998 meeting will be targeted for Italy on dates and in a location conducive to the participation of Italy SIGCHI; Richard Anderson will consult with the Chair of Italy SIGCHI on this matter.

The EC's monthly telephone conference calls have been scheduled for 11:30 AM Eastern time, on the last Monday of each month. The next meeting, however, will be an exception. This next meeting will be held on September 8th.

Everyone on the EC is encouraged to get their own e-mail alias. will become the single e-mail list for SIGCHI EC e-mail. This list will include the elected EC, the adjunct chairs, and friends of the EC as appropriate. We will use individual e-mail lists for more restricted mailings, on an as needed basis.

Vision, Mission, & Goals - Initial Discussions

Incoming Officers

The incoming officers worked on their SIGCHI Mission, Vision, and Goals. Eight initial goals were identified by the group:

  1. Provider of HCI educational opportunities and resources
  2. Continue to evolve the conference policy and strategy
  3. Resolution of multiple electronic publications
  4. CHI Society Status and SIGCHI/ACM Partnership
  5. Membership value, outreach and retention, encourage new projects for and from the membership at large
  6. Increasing volunteerism
  7. Clarify and advance SIGCHI's role in the world-wide HCI Community
  8. Continued and increased attention to the explosion in demand and desire for local activities around the world

As the EC continued their discussions, they were able to incorporate these eight initial goals into three key foci. The EC members have each been assigned to one of these three concerns and each team is responsible for further identifying the key issues and reasonable action items that the EC can volunteer to. The three teams and their overarching goals are:

  1. World-wide Issues Team (Guy Boy, Richard Anderson, Steven Pemberton, and Cathleen Wharton) - Overarching goal: To continue supporting a world-wide HCI presence by actively supporting and nurturing regional and national groups, and by further developing awareness and education of cultural differences and similarities.
  2. Membership and Volunteerism Team (Allison Druin, Rosemary Wick Stevens, David Riederman, and Jean Scholtz) - Overarching goal: Attract new members and retain current members by providing value to the membership. This membership value includes individual growth and professional development.
  3. Conferences Team (Gerrit van der Veer, John Karat, Mike Atwood, and Bob Mack) - Overarching goal: Advance HCI in the world through the facilitation of conferences and information dissemination to promote HCI on a continual basis.

Each team assigned one member of that team to further flesh out the team's ideas as the next step.


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