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You are here: Home 1998 Vol.30 No.1, January 1998 Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) Monday, September 8, 1997
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Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) Monday, September 8, 1997

Telephone Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) Monday, September 8, 1997 1530-1700 Universal Time Coordinated


Elected Officers

Chair (non-voting), Mike Atwood
Past Chair, Jim Miller
Vice-chair for Operations, Bob Mack
Vice-chair for Conferences, Gerrit van der Veer
Vice-chair for Publications, Dan Olsen, Jr.
Vice-chair for Finance, Jean Scholtz
Vice-chair for Communications, Cathleen Wharton (minutes)


Advisory Board (1 vote)

Allison Druin, Richard Anderson


ACM SIGCHI Program Director, David Riederman
Adjunct-chair for Public Relations, Rosemary Wick Stevens
SIGCHI Information Director, Keith Instone
Past Advisory Board Member, Robin Jeffries

(These minutes were created on October 4, 1997, and approved by a vote of 7-0-0 on 7 October 1997.)

Readout of ACM SIG Officers Orientation Session

Bob Mack, David Riederman, Cathleen Wharton

Bob Mack, David Riederman, and Cathleen Wharton attended the ACM SIG Officers Orientation Session in New York City on August 22nd, 1997. At this orientation session, new SIG officers learned about the following:

  • the general structure of the ACM,
  • obligations of SIG leadership,
  • the SIG discretionary fund,
  • elections,
  • and ACM's electronic services,
  • ACM headquarters' structure,
  • services/duties and responsibilities of SIG Officers/Resources,
  • finance, budgeting, and reporting,
  • marketing and membership, and
  • publications.

These orientation sessions are held shortly after new SIG officers are elected.

Readout of SIG Officers Business Meeting and "The Society Issue"

Bob Mack, David Riederman, Cathleen Wharton

Bob Mack, David Riederman, and Cathleen Wharton also discussed the August 13th, 1997 Draft Report from the Adhoc Committee on ACM Societies. This material was presented at the SIG Chairs Meeting on August 23rd, 1997. This meeting was held in conjunction with the Orientation Session on August 22nd, in New York City.

From the Draft Report: "the mission of this committee is to act as a steering group for the study and possible implementation of ACM societies; to review SIG desires in this regard and make final recommendations to EC and Council about the concept and related management, financial, and governance issues."

Bob, David, and Cathleen reported in more detail about the contents of this draft report and how well aligned this draft report is with the SIGCHI societal vision. Cathleen also noted that although it was not appropriate at the SIG Chairs Meeting to take a formal vote on the Draft Report, a straw vote was taken instead about the general changes to the governance aspects of the report. This straw vote, voted on by the SIG Chairs (or their representatives) present at the SIG Chairs Meeting, indicated that indeed SIGs were generally in favor of the governance changes outlined in the Draft Report. The Adhoc Committee noted this and planned to continue with the appropriate next steps for changes to ACM governance and "The Society Issue" more generally.

Mike Atwood will continue to work with Stu Zweben (Past ACM President and Adhoc Committee Chair) and others, on behalf of SIGCHI, as "The Society Issue" continues to be addressed.

ACM Digital Library

Bob Mack, David Riederman, and Cathleen Wharton also noted some of the recent news about ACM's Digital Library project. In particular, they reported on what we know to date about ACM's pricing and distribution plans for the Library. Dan Olsen, will talk with Mark Mandelbaum (Director of ACM Publication) to learn more about the Digital Library and its impact on SIGCHI, and then report back to the SIGCHI EC.

SIGCHI Development Fund Project Proposals

It was noted that Andrew Sears had agreed to the stipulations put forth in the August 1997 meeting regarding his SIGCHI Educational Resource Development Group proposal. As a result, this proposal has officially been funded and is now underway.

Steven Pemberton's proposal regarding a SIGCHI Russian Infrastructure to build a SIGCHI Web Site and also translate the SIGCHI Bulletin into Russian is still being pursued. A more detailed report regarding this proposal will be given at the next meeting.

Working Groups

The three SIGCHI EC working groups, as formed at the August 1997 meeting, shared with the rest of the EC their progress. The three working groups are the (1) World-wide Issues Team (Guy Boy, Richard Anderson, Steven Pemberton, and Cathleen Wharton), (2) Membership and Volunteerism Team (Allison Druin, Rosemary Wick Stevens, David Riederman, and Jean Scholtz), and the (3) Conferences Team (Gerrit van der Veer, John Karat, Mike Atwood, and Bob Mack).

At this meeting we discussed in detail the work of the Membership and Volunteerism Team. Allison Druin presented the report for her team during the call. We will discuss in more detail the other teams' efforts in subsequent SIGCHI EC meetings.

Some of the key plans put forth by this working group are highlighted below. The overarching goal of this working group is to attract new members and retain current members by providing value to the membership. This membership value includes individual growth and professional development. To meet this overarching goal, two key plans identified were (1) the expansion of certain SIGCHI programs, and (2) the development of three ongoing, new programs to supplement our existing efforts.

In terms of expanding certain SIGCHI programs, the plan is to continue promote, support, and grow our:

  • current publications
  • mailing lists for volunteers
  • collaboration between local SIGs in their accomplishment of certain tasks
  • SIGCHI member visits to local SIGs during their travels
  • listserves (e.g., the development, as appropriate, of new listserves for "new members" and "trip report sharing").

As for the development of three ongoing, new programs, the plan is to develop programs for:

  • developing and establishing additional SIGCHI Task Forces with SIGCHI EC involvement (e.g., domain issues in HCI, government agency, industry, university)
  • developing a new members mentoring program
  • developing additional education programs outside of the CHI area proper, by working with Local SIGs.

More details on this working group's efforts are being documented in a report (underway). The working draft version of this report will be shared with the SIGCHI EC soon.

Soliciting and Managing Volunteer Requests

Bob Mack

Because we are refining our methods for recruiting and retaining our SIGCHI volunteers, Keith Instone will replace the current online (i.e., Web) page for volunteers with a statement stating that we are defining a new volunteer program at this time. After our volunteer program is defined, this temporary Web page will be replaced with our new solution.

Cooperating Societies

Jim Miller

Jim Miller is looking more at the benefits of Cooperating Societies. He is also working with Michael Tauber to better understand this issue, particularly as it relates to SIGCHI.

Status of CHI 98 Reviewer Database and Extensibility Concerns

Keith Instone

Keith noted that the Reviewer Database has been extended to support Conference Category chairs so that they can add new submissions to better match submissions to reviewers. Also, he is working on plans for allowing the reviewer database to better support the transition to a general SIGCHI publication reviewer. That is, to better support the notion of providing a database of reviewers across all SIGCHI publications. Keith is also working with Gerrit van der Veer on the database as it relates to the growing needs of the CHI Conferences.

Next Meetings

The next SIGCHI EC meeting will be a teleconference call on September 29th, 1997 at the standard time of 1530-1700 Universal Time Coordinated. The Winter 1997 Meeting will be held December 12th-14th, at the Crown Plaza UN in New York City. The Summer 1998 Meeting dates with the Italy SIGCHI have not been finalized, but the meeting is expected to be in Rome, Italy.


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