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You are here: Home 1998 Vol.30 No.3, July 1998 Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) January 26, 1998
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Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) January 26, 1998

Telephone Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) Monday, January 26, 1998 1730-1900 UTC

Telephone Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) Monday, January 26, 1998 1730-1900 UTC


Elected Officers

Chair (non-voting), Mike Atwood
Past Chair, Jim Miller
Executive Vice-chair, Guy Boy
Vice-chair for Operations, Bob Mack
Vice-chair for Finance, Jean Scholtz
Vice-chair for Conferences, Gerrit van der Veer
Vice-chair for Publications, Dan Olsen, Jr.
Vice-chair for Communications, Cathleen Wharton (minutes)


Advisory Board (1 vote) John Karat


SIGCHI Bulletin Editor-in-Chief, Steven Pemberton
ACM SIGCHI Program Director, David Riederman
SIGCHI Adjunct-chair for Public Relations, Rosemary Wick Stevens
SIGCHI Information Director, Keith Instone

(These minutes were created on February 12, 1998, and approved by a vote of 7-0-1 on March 2, 1998.)

Interactions (Steven Pemberton)

Steven Pemberton is now the official Editor and Chief of ACM's Interactions magazine. This appointment became effective January 1, 1998.

Minutes (Cathleen Wharton)

We are starting a new review process for the SIGCHI team's minutes. The minutes will be distributed to the SIGCHI team shortly after the meeting with a specified review period for comments by the SIGCHI team. After the review period has passed then these comments will be incorporated into the minutes and the official vote on the minutes will then take place on the final version of the minutes. No votes will be taken on earlier versions of the minutes.

Budget (Jean Scholtz)

We are starting a new reporting process for the budget. Each month, Jean will give a monthly report on the budget to the SIGCHI EC. This monthly budget will include the date of the official budget report from ACM, our actual and budgeted incomes, and our actual and budgeted expenses. If there are any concerns, these, too, will be pointed out and further discussed.

Today's budget report is for the month ending November, 1997.

Month ending November, 1997
Actual Full Year
Revenue 1,867,000 2,262,000
Expenses 1,697,000 2,401,000

As of this date, no budget categories are in trouble. However, one item that we still need to better understand for our upcoming 1999 budget is the amount needed for our Standards efforts. Mike Atwood will work on finalizing this item.

Information Director Job Description (Bob Mack)

Bob Mack is working on the job description for the position of Information Director. The SIGCHI EC discussed the description along with some slight rewordings and a few additions. These changes will be made to enhance the current job description. Additionally, there was discussion regarding how to best advertise for this position to secure the best candidate. Bob will work with David Riederman regarding position advertisement.

Bridge Plan for Information Director Job (Bob Mack)

Our current Information Director, Keith Instone, only has a couple of more months left on his contract. (His contract runs out at the end of March.) However, it is clear that we will continue to need help with CHI 98 after his contract ends, and additionally, CHI 99 will soon need help with their conference work as well.

As our bridge plan, until we can hire a new replacement for Keith, we have asked Keith to continue his work with CHI 98 through the end of June. Keith has graciously agreed to continue with this effort for this extended time period.

The SIGCHI EC also discussed the best way to support CHI 99 in parallel. Several options were presented. For example, Keith could work on both conferences, we could bring in the new Information Director immediately, or we could bring in other resources to assist with CHI 99 needs. These options will be discussed and considered more offline to reach the best support resolution possible. Funding concerns were not discussed at this time.

Volunteer Web Page (Bob Mack)

Bob is working on replacing the current SIGCHI volunteer page with a new one. This new page will be designed to incorporate the additional volunteer opportunities that have been identified over the past few months and that are associated with our new subcommittees. Bob will work on adding these opportunities and then ask for another review of this Web page by the EC. Once approved, this Web page will then be made live on the SIGCHI Web site.

Volunteer Information Director Position (Bob Mack)

Bob has posed the following questions to the SIGCHI EC: Should we have both a Contract Information Director as well as a Volunteer Information Director position? And, if so, what role should volunteers play? What role should contractors play? Further, how should the reporting structure be set up?

The SIGCHI EC discussed what qualifications are required for such a volunteer, e.g., understanding the SIGCHI membership and related opportunities. Bob Mack will continue to work on this item and in particular will draft a job description to better empower the Information Directors and the EC to best do their jobs.

Mailing Lists (Bob Mack)

The SIGCHI community supports many separate e-mail listserves. Occasionally Gary Perlman, our E-mail Listserve Manager, receives notes from volunteers offering to manage our various mailing lists. To better understand if we need these mailing lists managers it is important that we determine what it means to manage a mailing list. Bob Mack will put together a list of criteria and guidelines that specify the responsibilities and qualifications of a listserve manager. We will then discuss this at a future SIGCHI EC meeting.

Tutorials to Go (Bob Mack)

Tom Hewitt would like the EC to discuss policy issues regarding his proposal. There are still many details that need to be discussed and worked out regarding the Tutorials to Go program, particularly regarding how tutorials are identified, selected, and funded. This will be a longer discussion topic at the face-to-face CHI 98 meeting.

Special ACM SIG Chairs Meeting (Jim Miller, Mike Atwood)

Jim Miller and Mike Atwood recently attended a special ACM SIG Chairs meeting. At this meeting the proposed changes to the ACM Constitution and Bylaws were discussed in great detail. Of particular interest were the proposed changes as they relate to the technical groups. ACM is now moving forward with the proposed changes. The next step is to have the proposed changes be ratified by the ACM Council. Once this step happens, then we should see a vote on the ACM Constitution go out to the larger membership in the late Spring, early Summer timeframe. As more details are known, Jim and Mike will share them.

CHI 98 Conference Attendee Survey (Gerrit van der Veer)

The Conference Management Committee in conjunction with the CHI 98 Committee would like to sponsor an additional Conference Attendee Survey to gather salary and other information not normally gathered at CHI. There has been a proposal to do this as on online survey, instead of a paper-based survey, but to do it in conjunction with the traditional survey. Someone is already working on this survey. To support this effort would require the rental of computers at a total cost of $1000-$2000 for the duration of the conference.

The SIGCHI EC discussed the pros and cons of this proposal. The discussion revolved around how to best maintain the integrity of the data, the actual number of machines needed, how to ensure that the line for accessing the machines would be minimal, how to guarantee a response, and how to ensure that attendees will continue to fill out the current survey. The EC felt that valuable data could be obtained, like the data for the Taulbee survey, but wanted to ensure that enough responses would be generated.

After much discussion, the EC decided that the survey would not be conducted using computers, but instead be part of the paper-based survey that is handed out in the registration bags and returned in the "Q" boxes during the conference along with the other surveys. The standard survey would allow for people to put their name atop it and the extra survey would allow for people to submit their surveys anonymously. To help attendees realize that there are two separate surveys, each will be on a different piece of paper and in different colors. These processes will also help the surveys to be easily separable.

Information Kits (Mike Atwood)

Mike noted that Richard Anderson and Barbee Teasley will be the champions for the Information Kits project for the Fiscal Year 1999. More about their plans for the same will be reported during the next meeting.

Videoconferencing Trial (Steven Pemberton)

Steven Pemberton presented a proposal for a videoconferencing trial for the SIGCHI EC. He is interested in looking at how videoconferencing would enhance our regular SIGCHI EC meetings since past CHI conference committees have found videoconferencing to be of added benefit to them. For his experiment, Steven would like to trial videoconferencing with three people from three different countries on three different platforms. He estimates the cost to be a little over $300 for each person, for a total trial cost of $1000. If the trial were to be successful, then the SIGCHI EC could discuss how they could use these technologies on an ongoing basis.

Some pros and cons of these technologies were discussed, e.g., latency associated with the audio channel, visual face-to-face feedback, constraints of the technology, how to best tie in those who are mobile workers and would only have access to a standard telephone for a given call. Steven will now write up a more detailed experimental design and detail the needed technologies and costs for further consideration by the committee.

Translation the SIGCHI Web Sites (Steven Pemberton)

Steven Pemberton and Richard Anderson are working on how to best translate the SICCHI Web Site into various languages. There have been many e-mail messages discussing how to support this effort and the excitement around the world from SIGCHI s international contingent to do the same. At this point in time this effort is moving forward and now they are looking more into tools that will assist with automating the process and registering the changes. As they continue their work with numerous Local SIGs they will report back their progress.

Next Meetings (All)

The next SIGCHI EC telephone conference call will be on Monday, February 23, 1998 at 13:30 PM EST, 17:30 UTC.

The next SIGCHI EC face-to-face meeting will be at the CHI 98 Conference. We will meet Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25. The Saturday meeting will end at approximately 3:00PM. Additionally, we will meet on Wednesday night, at the conference.

The dates have been finalized for the Summer 1998 face-to-face SIGCHI meeting in Rome, Italy. This meeting will be held from Friday, July 31-Sunday, August 2, 1998. EC members should plan on arriving the evening of Thursday, July 30 and departing after 3:00 PM after Sunday, August 2.


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