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You are here: Home 1998 Vol.30 No.3, July 1998 SIGCHI Conference Call Monday, February 23, 1998 1530-1700 UTC
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SIGCHI Conference Call Monday, February 23, 1998 1530-1700 UTC

Summary from the SIGCHI Conference Call Monday, February 23, 1998 1530-1700 UTC


Elected Officers

Past Chair, Jim Miller
Executive Vice-chair, Guy Boy
Vice-chair for Operations, Bob Mack
Vice-chair for Finance, Jean Scholtz
Vice-chair for Conferences, Gerrit van der Veer
Vice-chair for Publications, Dan Olsen, Jr.
Vice-chair for Communications, Cathleen Wharton (minutes)


Advisory Board (1 vote) John Karat, Allison Druin, Richard Anderson


SIGCHI Bulletin Editor-in-Chief, Steven Pemberton
ACM SIGCHI Program Director, David Riederman
SIGCHI Adjunct-chair for Public Relations, Rosemary Wick Stevens
SIGCHI Information Director, Keith Instone

(These minutes were created on March 14, 1997, and approved by a vote of 8-0-0 on 13 April 1998.)

The meeting was called to order and led by Guy Boy, SIGCHI Executive Vice-chair.

Minutes (Cathleen Wharton)

Cathleen noted that the January minutes have been sent out to the team for a final vote. Also, the revisions to the December minutes will be sent out for a second review and final vote.

In terms of voting on the monthly minutes, the SIGCHI EC discussed how we should count Advisory Board votes and abstain votes. For those who are not at a given meeting it was noted that they should submit a vote of abstain for their approval of the minutes. For the Advisory Board, each of the three members will receive a 1/3 vote and if multiple abstain votes are received from the Advisory Board, then the entire vote of the Advisory Board will be counted as Abstain.

Budget Report (Jean Scholtz)

Jean gave her monthly SIGCHI budget report. The budget as of January 1, 1998 is as follows.

Actual Full Year
Revenue 1,889,000 2,262,000
Expenses 1,730,000 2,401,310

Categories Actual Allocated
EC 33,000
CMC 70,000 133,000
Bulletin 19,000
CHI+ 9,000
International 1,125
Discretionary 1,300 30,000
Development Fund 2,990

No activity Actual Allocated
Education 20,000
Standards 7,500
Membership 36,000

The SIGCHI EC discussed those budgetary items that have had no activity. It was noted that the CHI Standards budget is being reserved for CHI 98 and will be used during that venue. The CHI Membership budget is being used for assorted items. Part of the budget has already been designated for the special letters for new SIGCHI members that David Riederman is working on. At this time it is unclear what the CHI Education budget item is for. Jean will check into this and report back to the SIGCHI EC.

Standards Budget for Fiscal Year 1999 (Jean Scholtz)

The amount needed for standards for FY1999 is still unknown. Jean will follow-up with Mike Atwood and Harry Blanchard and report back to the SIGCHI EC.

Approval of CHI 2000 Conference Co-chairs (Gerrit van der Veer)

Gerrit reviewed the e-mail that he sent to the SIGCHI EC containing the CMC's nominations for the CHI 2000 Co-chairs. The e-mail included an introduction of the two candidates as well as the candidate's initial thoughts on the CHI 2000 conference. The two candidates are Thea Turner and Gerd Szwillus, both of who have extensive experience with CHI and are well known by their colleagues. A motion was made by John Karat and seconded by Dan Olsen to accept the CMC Nominees as the CHI 2000 Chairs. The motion passed on a vote of 7-0-1. The next stage of this process will be for the Committee to further review and provide feedback to the Co-chairs ideas about the CHI 2000 conference.

Approval of CHI 2001 Location (Gerrit van der Veer)

The CMC has proposed that Seattle be the location for CHI 2001. A motion was made by Dan Olsen and seconded by Bob Mack to accept Seattle as the site for CHI 2001. The vote passed 8-0-0. David Riederman will follow-up with necessary people (e.g., Paul Henning of Conference Logistics) regarding this decision.

Process Report on Revision of CMC Charter (Gerrit van der Veer)

The CMC is currently revising its charter. The next steps for this process have been identified and include the establishment of a uniform CMC policy for all SIGCHI-sponsored conferences. Gerrit will continue to keep the SIGCHI EC apprised of the CMC's progress on this item.

Mentoring Policy (Gerrit van der Veer)

Gerrit noted that there has been a desire by the members of the CMC to continue with the CHI Mentoring Program for CHI 99. The CHI Mentoring program began as a trial with CHI 96 and then continued with CHI 97 and CHI 98. The CMC would like to make the CHI Mentoring Program a recommended part of the CHI conference program for CHI 99, and then a permanent part of the CHI conference beginning with CHI 2000. As such, the CMC would like to ask for the SIGCHI EC to adopt the following proposal: "- mentoring is a service for submitters who feel new to the CHI standards, and is available for those who request so, coordinated by the Conference co-chairs, who may delegate this task to one or two members of their committee. Mentoring is available for all categories of submissions to the technical program of the conference -- this policy is implemented as from CHI 2000. CHI 99 conference chairs are strongly encouraged to include mentoring in their program."

The SIGCHI EC discussed the pros and cons of making the Mentoring Program an official, required part of the CHI conference. That is, they discussed whether they should transition the Mentoring Program into a Mentoring Policy. Although the discussion of the Mentoring Program was positive, the SIGCHI EC concluded that at this time it was not necessary to mandate this item for future CHI conferences. Additionally, the SIGCHI EC wanted to gather more information about the success and value of this program over time and then discuss it more at a later time.

CHIkids as a Required Part of CHI Conferences? (Allison Druin, Gerrit van der Veer)

Allison, the founder of CHIkids, is interested in seeing CHIkids as a permanent part of the CHI conferences. Like the mentoring program we have agreed to continue to have CHIkids as a CHI conference program, but more discussion about how we do this still needs to happen. Gerrit, on behalf of the CMC, is continuing his work on a proposal about how CHIkids should best be funded going forward. In the past, CHIkids has primarily been funded through the generous donations of sponsoring companies.

Award for Doug Engelbart at CHI 98 (Rosemary Wick Stevens)

Rosemary is interested in having an award for Doug Engelbart at CHI 98. The SIGCHI EC also supports this idea and in discussing the possibility of this award noted three key items that need to be voted on and discussed more.

The first is whether the SIGCHI EC would like to give the ACM SIGCHI Award for Innovation to Doug Engelbart at CHI 98? To do this requires ACM SIG Board approval only. A motion was made by Gerrit van der Veer and seconded by Dan Olsen to do just this. The SIGCHI EC passed this motion 8-0-0.

The second concern brought up during this discussion was whether we should create on ongoing SIGCHI Award for Innovation? The SIGCHI EC decided to wait on this issue and discuss it further at the summer EC meeting.

The third item that came out of this discussion was whether we should name the award after Doug Engelbart? Making this a formal, "named" award requires the ACM SIG Board Awards Council, and ACM Council approval. Again, the SIGCHI EC decided to wait on this issue and discuss it further at the summer EC meeting.

Job Description for a Volunteer Information Director (Bob Mack, Keith Instone, David Riederman)

Bob has prepared a draft of the job description for a Volunteer Information Director for SIGCHI EC's review. There still is a question about the notion of who this person should report to. Bob will circulate the proposal for the contractor that has been sent out and we will discuss this during the next call.

Support of Non-CHI 98 Web Activities (Bob Mack, Keith Instone)

Keith gave a summary of the Web work that he and Bob have been doing beyond the CHI 98 work. It was noted that the SIGCHI Volunteer page has already been updated. Keith also noted that he is assisting with CHI 99 at this time until another person is brought in.

Guidelines for Managing Volunteer Mailing Lists (Bob Mack, Gary Perlman)

Bob noted that he and Gary are currently defining guidelines for managing SIGCHI's volunteer mailing lists. This item was discussed more thoroughly in the January, 1998 minutes.

Videoconferencing Trial (Steven Pemberton)

At the January SIGCHI EC meeting, Steven proposed having the SIGCHI EC define and participate in a videoconferencing trial. At this point in time, Steven is still evaluating and looking into relevant technologies and associated costs.

SIGCHI Web Site Translations (Steven Pemberton)

Steven has received about a half dozen volunteers who will be responsible for translating the SIGCHI EC Web site into non- English languages. As a result this work continues to move forward. Steven will report the latest happenings on this project at the next EC meeting.

Next Meeting

The next SIGCHI EC teleconference call will be March 30, 1998 at 1530-1700 UTC.

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