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March Conference Call Minutes

Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee, Wednesday, March 15, 2000


Elected Officers

Marilyn Tremaine

Chair (non-voting)

Wendy Mackay

Executive Vice Chair

Barbee Teasley

Vice Chair for Communications (minutes)

Jean Scholtz

Vice Chair for Finance

Dan Olsen

Vice Chair for Publications

Bob Mack

Vice Chair for Operations

Angel Puerta

Vice Chair for Conferences

Mike Atwood

Past Chair

Advisory Board (1 vote for the Board as a whole)

Gerrit van der Veer

Richard Anderson

Steven Pemberton


Joe Konstan

Editor-in-Chief, SIGCHI Bulletin

Kristina Hook

Adjunct Chair for Membership

John Karat

Adjunct Chair for International Information

Kari-Jouko Raiha

Adjunct Chair for Volunteers

Beth Mynatt

Adjunct Chair for Special Needs

Austin Henderson

Adjunct Chair for Public Policy

Steven Liu

Adjunct Chair for Information

Alisa Rivkin

ACM Program Director

(These minutes were created March 19, 2000, modified on April 7, 2000, and approved by a vote of 8-0-0 on April 7, 2000.)


Barbee Teasley asked for comments on the minutes of the February Executive Committee (EC) meeting, which had been distributed via email. The modified minutes will be reviewed and voted on at the April EC meeting.


The EEC extended a welcome to our new ACM Program Director, Alisa Rivkin. Rivkin is replacing Heather Levell due to reorganization at ACM.

CHI 2000 Preparations

Bob Mack has been active in planning for the SIGCHI Booth at the CHI 2000 conference. Audio/visual equipment and computers have been ordered. The booth will be 10 feet by 30 feet in size. Copies of past conference proceedings will be displayed. Some copies of old issues of interactions will be available for distribution. The posters that will be used at the Newcomers Orientation will also be displayed in the booth.

Marilyn Tremaine has continued working on the Newcomers Orientation. Angel Puerta, Bob Mack and Tremaine will meet with the conference chairs on Monday of the conference week to plan when and how the SIGCHI awards will fit into the chairs’ presentation. Tremaine reminded the EEC that their attendance is strongly urged at the following conference events: SIGCHI Business meeting the Newcomer’s Orientation, and the Volunteers Reception. Immediately following the conference is the dinner with the SIGCHI advisory council established by Tremaine.

Conference Management Committee (CMC) Report

Angel Puerta reported that CHI 2000 registration is about 2000, which exceeds the planned minimum attendance. The tutorials are filling up. Hotel space is still available. Work is ongoing on selecting the site for CHI 2004. The site will probably be in Europe.

New Business

A proposal was received from an organization to become a cooperating society.  There was concern that the proposal was received at a time that is too close to the start of the conference to allow members to receive the cooperating society discount. In addition, the proposal needed some additions. John Karat, Kristina Hook and Bob Mack will get back to the organization to help them with the proposal. This incident raised a strategic issue that needs to be revisited. The issue is the relationship of SIGCHI to local SIGs and cooperating societies

, especially as this relationship involves conference discounts. Local SIG members do not currently receive a discount unless they are also a member of SIGCHI.

Wendy Mackay discussed a proposal circulated to the EEC via email. The proposal is for financial support for the DARE (Designing Augmented Reality Environments) conference she is chairing. DARE asked SIGCHI for a grant of $5000 to aid with cash flow problems. If the conference is financially successful, all or part of the grant would be returned. Mackay made a motion to approve and Scholtz seconded the motion. The EC voted to approve the grant, 6-0-1 (Mackay abstained).  The EEC noted that we may need to formalize the policy of giving grants to small conferences for seed money. This is actually a CMC issue that they are already considering.

The December EEC meeting will be held December 8-10, 2000. Two sites under consideration are Minneapolis and Denmark. The meeting needs to be held in December so that budgeting can be covered and turned into ACM by the required deadline.


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