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February Conference Call Minutes

Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee, Wednesday, February 16, 2000


Elected Officers (1 vote for each)

Marilyn Tremaine

Chair (non-voting)

Wendy Mackay

Executive Vice Chair

Barbee Teasley

Vice Chair for Communications (minutes)

Dan Olsen

Vice Chair for Publications

Bob Mack

Vice Chair for Operations

Angel Puerta

Vice Chair for Conferences

Mike Atwood

Past Chair

Advisory Board (1 vote for the Board as a whole)

Gerrit van der Veer


Joe Konstan

Editor-in-Chief, SIGCHI Bulletin

Kristina Hook

Adjunct Chair for Membership

John Karat

Adjunct Chair for International Information

Kari-Jouko Raiha

Adjunct Chair for Volunteers

Beth Mynatt

Adjunct Chair for Special Needs

Austin Henderson

Adjunct Chair for Public Policy

Heather Levell

ACM Program Advisor

(These minutes were created on March 13, 2000, modified on March 24, 2000

 and approved by a vote of  8-0-0 on April 7, 2000.)


Barbee Teasley reported that the vote to approve the December, 1999, meeting minutes was 6-0-0. She asked for comments on the minutes of the January Extended Executive Committee (EEC) meeting, which had been distributed via email. The modified minutes will be circulated via email for final approval and vote by the Executive Committee (EC).


Jean Scholtz, Dan Olsen and Joe Konstan met to discuss plans to simplify the budgeting required for the CHI conference. Currently, conferences budget for both an ACM contingency and a SIGCHI return, both of which are returned to SIGCHI if the conference makes their budget. They suggested that the contingency be folded into the return and to have SIGCHI cover the contingency from its fund balance (as was done for CHI 2000 as a special request). In the past, conferences have spent less than could have because the combined contingency and return requirement was large. Decisions that are made early on based on a more limited budget can be difficult to change later. This, in turn, reduces the ability of the organizers to be innovative. A separate trend has been moving items (such as conference management and web page development) from the conference budget to the CMC (and therefore SIGCHI) budget without adjusting the return rate. The EEC needs to consider which items should be a regular part of the conference budget and which belong in the SIGCHI (and CMC) budget, to set the return to a reasonable level based on these expenses, and to simplify the process to provide the greatest predictability and flexibility for conference chairs. These issues will be further discussed at the April EEC meeting.


The Bulletin, in its new format- will be distributed along with the July issue of  interactions.  There will be a financial impact of changing the member publication to interactions with the newsletter insert. July is when the change will occur. Membership forms are being updated to reflect the changes, including price changes.


Members of the EEC will be asked to staff the SIGCHI booth during the CHI conference. The local SIGs booth will be adjacent to the SIGCHI booth. A shared television monitor will display CHI videos. There will also be a computer with interactive demonstrations. The walls will display the posters that are also being used at the Newcomer’s Meeting. Bob Mack and Teasley will coordinate the acquisition of souvenirs carrying the new SIGCHI logo.

Local SIGs

The Danish local HCI group is planning to meet with some other non-North American SIGs at the CHI conference. Issues that arise from the meeting can be brought to the EEC meeting following the conference.

Richard Anderson emailed some local SIGS news to the EEC. Some of the items were:

- LowellCHI, the student chapter at University of Massachusetts, Lowell, will hold its first official meeting this week.

- BelCHI hopes to be chartered before CHI 2000 begins.

- Additional interest has been expressed in starting a CHI local SIG in England.

- A reasonably priced room has been secured for the CHI 2000 workshop for CHI local SIG leaders.

 - GatewayCHI is evaluating the opportunity to be the first local SIG to try the tutorials-to-go program.  Input from CapCHI will lead to significant improvements in the description of the program available on the web. It was found that, currently, CEUs available to students of the tutorials at the CHI conference are not available to students of the same tutorials when presented by local SIGs

Old Business

The proposal requesting Development funds for a workshop to talk about writing a book was brought up for discussion and a vote. Teasley moved to approve the proposal. Wendy Mackay seconded.  The vote was 0-7-0 against the proposal. Tremaine will contact Carroll to explain why the proposal is not acceptable for Development Fund sponsorship.

Olsen reported that the Awards committee is working on selection of recipient of the Achievement award. They have narrowed the field down to 4 candidates.  A decision will be made within the next two weeks.

Austin Henderson introduced the Policy on Policies that he authored and distributed electronically.  The document tries to capture the meta-policies that are already, de facto, in place, but that are not written down. The goal of a written policy is to educate new EEC members on policies, and to periodically review our existing policies. The policy will be discussed at the April EEC meeting, which will allow more thorough discussion.


Angel Puerta reported that registration for the CHI ’00 conference is at the same pace as ’99. However, the hotel room reservation rates are at a slower rate. The Conference Management Committee (CMC) is moving forward on finding co-chairs for the CHI ’02 conference.

The CMC continues to work on the complex issues regarding small conferences. ACM is putting together a package of information on how to run small conferences. SIGCHI’s policies needs to match ACM’s guidelines. One problem centers around the TMRF currently required by ACM. It is difficult and time-consuming to write a TMRF, yet one that is well-written does not mean that the conference is viable. SIGCHI needs to manage small conferences successfully because of financial liability, maintaining our reputation for sponsoring quality conferences, and maintaining our reputation for high-quality publications..

Future Meetings

The August meeting will be held adjacent in time to the DIS conference. The EEC meeting will take place in Monterey, California, preceded by a brief meeting with the BayCHI local chapter in San Jose.  The time of the meeting will allow EEC members flying in from Europe to attend both events, if desired.


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