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Complete Minutes, July 2000

Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee Wednesday, July 19, 2000


Elected Officers

Marilyn Tremaine

Chair (non-voting)

Jean Scholtz

Vice Chair for Finances

Barbee Teasley

Vice Chair for Communications (minutes)

Bob Mack

Vice Chair for Operations

Dan Olsen

Vice Chair for Publications

Michael Tauber

Vice Chair for Conferences

Advisory Board (1 vote for the Board as a whole)

Gerrit van der Veer


Stephen Arnold

Adjunct Chair for Information

Vicki Hansen

Adjunct Chair for Accessibility Technology

Kristina Hook

Adjunct Chair for Membership

Joe Konstan

Editor-in-Chief, SIGCHI Bulletin

Kari-Jouko Raiha

Adjunct Chair for Volunteers

Alisa Rivkin

ACM Program Director


Barbee Teasley asked for comments on the minutes of the June Executive Committee (EC) meeting, which had been distributed via email. The vote to approve the May minutes passed, 6-0-0.


Jean Scholtz emailed a budget report to the Extended Executive Committee (EEC) prior to the conference call meeting. Expenses though May were included in the report. The fund balance currently stands at $1.6M.

New Business

Beth Mynatt has resigned as Adjunct Chair for Accessibility Technology. Vicki Hanson, from IBM, has agreed to serve in the position. Hanson said she will be adding links to the SIGCHI web site that related to accessibility technology. She will also serve as a liaison to SIGCAPH.

There are so many areas of the SIGCHI web site that need updating that the task has become more than Stephen Arnold can handle. Marilyn Tremaine will be assigning areas of the web to different members of the EEC for them to update. In that way, the workload will be spread out

Ben Shneiderman submitted a request for SIGCHI funds to distribute the proceedings of the upcoming Conference on Universal Usability to all SIGCHI members. There is precedence for such an activity, as the proceedings of the first UIST (User Interface Systems and Technology) and the first IUI (Intelligent User Interfaces) conferences were so distributed. The EEC felt that although the conference does cover United States policies regarding access to the Web, topics of interest to non-US readers will also be included. On the other hand, distributing paper copies conflicts with our move toward electronic publication. Dan Olsen moved (Scholtz seconded) that the proceedings be sent to all members of SIGCHI as a member benefit for this year, with the budget not to exceed $20K. The vote was unanimous in favor, 6-0-0.

Tremaine mentioned that she will be sending out a draft version of the yearly, required ACM report for comments from the EEC.


Stephen Arnold reported that he is encountering some obstacles in carrying out his duties. ACM IT is not providing the turn-around and support that he needs. Furthermore, the server response time is so slow that he cannot use the software that he would prefer to use. Alisa Rivkin invited Arnold to attend a meeting of ACM IT with SIG Information Directors scheduled for August 4 in order to discuss these issues.

Kristina Hook reported that she is still having difficulties obtaining the database of members that she has requested from ACM.


The SIGCHI booth at the SIGGRAPH conference was a success. The booth was gratis, and staffed by Rivkin and volunteers. In addition to the SIGCHI business cards, there were materials available related to the CHI 01 conference, the CUU conference and the Collaborative Virtual Environments conference to be held in Palo Alto. SIGCHI will reciprocate with a free booth for SIGGRAPH at the CHI conference.

A draft version of the new SIGCHI brochure will be ready for the EEC to look at during the August EEC meeting.


Michael Tauber reported on the outcomes from the Conference Management (CMC) meeting held in June.  The CMC raised a number of issues regarding the EC’s request to hold CHI ’03 in Europe. One problem is that the time needed to set up a conference takes longer in Europe than it does in North America. A second concern is that the suitable sites are already booked. However, the CMC is highly supportive of the idea of having CHI in Europe on a regular basis, such as every three years. In view of the obstacles, the EC voted to move ahead on holding the CHI 04 conference in Europe, with a vote of 5 in favor, none against, and one abstention.

In addition, the CMC has started work on the CHI 02 conference, and is doing site-selection fro CHI 05 and 06. The co-chairs will be Loren Terveen and Dennis Wixon. They discussed other conferences they are involved with. It is not clear how to handle the differences between “in cooperation” and “co-sponsor” status. They will bring the issue to the EC in a more formal way soon. The CMC is re-evaluating ways of dealing with contractors. This process needs to be streamlined in the future. There is a sub-committee working on this. ACM has dropped its financial support of conference budget-making activities. However, they will continue to support accounting.


Joe Konstan is working on the new membership form, which will appear in interactions. He is trying to separate out the different categories of information, such as shipping. Layout is a big problem, as are member categories. Rivkin has a model form with the new rates which can be shared with Konstan and also published on the web site and in the new brochure.

Future Meetings

Tremaine called for the EEC to submit agenda items for the August EEC meeting to be held in Monterey. The meeting will begin Friday around noon, and will end Sunday at noon. Scholtz and Teasley will compile a list of planned activities and budgeted amounts from the past 12 months.


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