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Complete Minutes, June 2000

Conference Call Meeting of the SIGCHI Executive Committee Wednesday, June 21, 2000


Elected Officers

Marilyn Tremaine

Chair (non-voting)

Wendy Mackay

Executive Vice Chair

Jean Scholtz

Vice Chair for Finances

Barbee Teasley

Vice Chair for Communications (minutes)

Bob Mack

Vice Chair for Operations

Mike Atwood

Past Chair

Advisory Board (1 vote for the Board as a whole)

Gerrit van der Veer


Austin Henderson

Adjunct Chair for Policy

Joe Konstan

Editor-in-Chief, SIGCHI Bulletin

John Karat

Adjunct Chair for International Information

Kari-Jouko Raiha

Adjunct Chair for Volunteers

Stephen Arnold

Adjunct Chair for Information

Alisa Rivkin

ACM Program Director


Barbee Teasley asked for comments on the minutes of the May Executive Committee (EC) meeting, which had been distributed via email. As a reminder, the minutes will be circulated again. The vote to approve the April minutes passed, 6-0-0.


Jean Scholtz provided a budget report via email that was summarized during the call. The report covers through April, 2000. April’s income was about $36K and expenses were $58K. The current fund balance is $609K, while the required fund balance is $169K. Travel and meeting expenses for the EEC and the Conference Management Committee (CMC) are currently $26K over the amount budgeted for the year. The allocation of conference management fees and process advisor fees needs to be reworked. As of April, $64K of the $75K allocated for the year for conference management fees had been spent. In process advisor fees, $40K was allocated, and $52K has already been spent. The portions of these costs that are paid by the Conference Management Committee (CMC) and those paid by the SIGCHI EC need to be adjusted. ACM is now distributing financial management reports via the web. This practice should shorten the length of time required to receive the reports.


Bob Mack and Stephen Arnold are keeping lists of items that need to be updated or removed from the SIGCHI Web site.

A proposal sent in by Ben Shneiderman was reviewed. Shneiderman asked for $6K to pay for a student worker to scan in pictures from previous CHI conferences and SIGCHI activities. The pictures will be available for viewing at a kiosk at the CHI 01 conference. Mack moved to support the request, and Joe Konstan seconded. The vote was 6-0-0 in favor. Tremaine will inform Shneiderman.


Scholtz reported that the Conference on Universal Usability had about 70 submissions, including papers, panels, etc. About 20 papers were accepted.

There is a potential conflict of interest if the CHI ’03 conference is held in Europe. Interact will be held in Zurich, Switzerland that year, and is being chaired by Judy Hammond. John Karat reported that he has been in touch with Hammond, and there is a conference called planned. It appears that we can minimize the conflict by making sure the SIGCHI conference is not in Zurich, and by giving the Interact organization booth space at the CHI conference.

None of the members of the EEC could recall seeing the poster for the CHI 2001 conference. This suggests that the poster is not being widely distributed. The concern will be forwarded to Michael Tauber, Vice Chair for Conferences.


Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson, Cory Inkpen and Joanna Garner have volunteered to staff the SIGCHI booth during the SIGGRAPH conference. Because the new SIGCHI brochures will not be ready in time, Teasley will have business cards with basic contact information and the SIGCHI URL printed. The cards can be handed out in place of brochures.


Bob Mack reported that the ratings collected from tutorial participants have been computed for the tutorials offered at the CHI 99 conference. The instructors with the higher ratings were invited to participate in the Tutorials-to-go program.

Mack agreed to head up a group to move forward on the planned trial of a tutorial presented via video. Tremaine stated that streaming video (via Internet) would not be a viable format. Some of those for whom the tutorial might be most useful may not have the technical resources to use streaming video.

Local SIGs

Tremaine visited a local SIGCHI meeting in Milwaukee in conjunction with some business travel. She talked with them about their problems and successes. She suggested that others on the EEC set up visits to local SIGs as travel permits. The local SIGs would like assistance getting speakers and setting up programs. They would also like help creating Web pages, for example, by using the pages from other local SIGs as templates.


Joe Konstan provided an emailed report that was summarized during the meeting. The Bulletin publication is back on schedule. The April issue is out, and the July/August issue is being printed. The July/August issue will be the first smaller-format issue, and will be distribued with the July/Aug interactions. Konstans mentioned that he is working with ACM to resolve various issues that have arisen as a result of the changeover. One issue is what to do about recipients of interactions that are not members of SIGCHI.  Another issue is the renewal process, especially where renewals overlap the changeover dates.  ACM will be sending letters to those who are impacted and the letters will also be published on the web. Those who subscribed to the Bulletin, but are not members of SIGHCI, will get interactions instead.

Future Meetings

Details concerning the August EEC meeting will be sent out soon. A joint dinner meeting with the BayCHI Executive Council will be held Thursday evening, August10. The EEC meeting will begin on Friday in Monterey and end on Sunday.


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