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Discussing New Horizons for Local Chapters

Every year SIGCHI organizes the Local Chapters workshop at the CHI Conference. The goal of the workshop is to allow for Local Chapter representatives from different regions, with distinct goals, activities and constituencies to come together and share their experiences, success stories and challenges. The workshop is also an open communication channel, through which Local Chapters can express their requests, necessities and priorities. SIGCHI can likewise report on EC Local Chapters? issues and ask for feedback. At the workshop at CHI 2003 there were 20 chapters represented.

During the first part of the meeting we discussed the issues identified as the most relevant by the chapters. The issues were: how to keep the organization running, how to organize national chapters and how to foster collaboration among chapters.

The second part of the meeting focused on the CHI Conference. The conference has lost money for the last 3 years, for a number of different reasons. This has caused SIGCHI Executive Committee and people involved in organizing the conference to rethink the conference and to find ways of dealing with the problem. At the workshop we took the opportunity to discuss the conference and its future. The discussion focused on how the conference supported the different communities represented by the chapters and how the chapters could both better participate and support the conference.

The last issue discussed at the workshop was the Council of Chapters proposed by SIGCHI. The idea for the Council of Chapters is that the Local Chapters would organize their own executive committee that is responsible for representing and fostering the interest of the Local Chapters to SIGCHI (for more details see The conclusion was that the Council of Chapters was a good idea, since it could better organize chapters, and that the chapters would have more people committed to making some of the plans and hopes of the chapters become a reality. As a result we defined an interim council and an agenda for coming up with a proposal for the Council of Chapters.

For a complete report on the Local SIGs workshop at CHI 2003 please visit


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