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You are here: Home 2003 Vol.35 No.3, July/August 2003 Report from Wendy Mackay, outgoing Publications chair
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Report from Wendy Mackay, outgoing Publications chair

Vice Chair for Papers report 2003

The SIGCHI Publications Board was initially created to oversee the core CHI Publications that make up CHI Letters. CHI Letters is SIGCHI’s attempt to officially recognize the rigorous reviewing process and high quality of papers from the CHI Conference, UIST and CSCW proceedings. SIGGRAPH (ACM SIG on Computer Graphics) has followed a different path. Papers from the SIGGRAPH Conference proceedings are now subject to an additional review and are then published in a special issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG). Last month, the ACM Publications Board officially approved the SIGGRAPH strategy. The next SIGCHI Publications Board will review the situation and recommend whether to create a structure similar to SIGGRAPH’s, or to continue with CHI Letters, or to work with ACM towards a global strategy for computer science's journal-quality conference publications.

If SIGCHI follows the SIGGRAPH model, this will have major implications for ACM Transactions on Human Computer Interaction (TOCHI). The TOCHI editor will need to work closely with the next SIGCHI Publications Board if SIGCHI is to publish CHI Conference, UIST, CSCW and other papers as TOCHI papers. This is an issue that needs to be brought to the SIGCHI membership for discussion.

One more note on TOCHI. Jonathan Grudin has done an excellent job as TOCHI editor, but will be stepping down as his 6-year term ends. Saul Greenberg is leading the search for a new TOCHI editor, which must then be approved by the ACM Publications Board.

Under the direction of William Newman, the Quality Task Force developed a policy on SIGCHI’s high publication standards. We have worked to ensure that our new reviewing software supports these standards.

I have worked closely with ACM over the past two years to include proceedings from non-North American SIGCHI sponsored and co-sponsored conferences into the International Digital Library. Many of these publications are not in English, but each article includes an English abstract. English speakers can now discover HCI research in other languages in other countries, and non-English speakers may now access other research in their own languages.

A final open issue is placing SIGCHI video content in the Digital Library. I have tracked down the original videotape masters from all of the SIGCHI videos dating back to 1983, which need to be digitized. Several people have already digitized many of these videos, but not from the original masters and not necessarily in the correct format. Given the current financial situation, SIGCHI has not authorized the US$ 5,000 necessary for digitizing and ensuring the correct format. This should also be considered an open issue for the next Publications Board, either to find funding from SIGCHI or a sponsor.

Finally, I'd like to congratulate Marilyn Salzman, the newly-elected Publications Chair. I have every confidence that she will continue to develop the role of the Publications Board and help to ensure the excellence of SIGCHI.

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