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You are here: Home 2003 Vol.35 No.4, September/October 2003 President's Report: the ACM SIG Governing Board
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President's Report: the ACM SIG Governing Board

Report from the SIGCHI President.

I've just completed ACM's Special Interest Group (SIG) Officer Orientation and a meeting of the SIG Governing Board. These two days of discussion have raised three different issues that I'd like to raise with you--our members.

First, I came away from these meetings newly educated about the benefits that ACM provides to its members, and the activities it undertakes as a professional society. My hunch is that most of us know some of these benefits, but few if any know all of them. I’ll give you just a few examples. A new visit to the newly redesigned Digital Library (DL) held several pleasant surprises. Features include the ability for me to not only build my own collections of citations, but to share them with colleagues or students. Furthermore, I can subscribe to publication tables-of-contents and receive notice as each new issue is put into the library. Most of all though, I was surprised by the amount of new content in the library.

ACM has been actively negotiating with many commercial publishers as well as other non-profit societies to include their materials into the DL. SIGCHI has also been doing a better job getting our own content in the library, including videos and other rich media. Beyond the DL, I came away with a new appreciation of ACM’s US Chapter’s (USACM) efforts to educate government officials in Washington DC; as well as the challenges of extending this type of activity to other countries with active members. I was also pleased with the extensive new support for professional tools for members (ranging from on-line courses to "basics" like a stable e-mail address). If you haven't looked at the benefits lately, it may be worth another look (

Second, I want to remind all of you about the excellent set of Fall and early Winter conferences that SIGCHI sponsors. While many people feel there's no substitute for the social and technical experience of the CHI conference, others have come to feel that the smaller, more specialized conferences provide an unequalled opportunity for deeper interaction around a particular subfield of HCI. While I won't try to mention all of the conferences, for fear of leaving some out, I will mention an exciting "two weeks in Vancouver" in November when the UIST conference (User Interface Software and Technology) co-locates with the ICMI-PUI conference (Multimodal and Perceptive User Interfaces) and the two of them are soon followed by ASSETS (Adaptive and Assistive Technology). Now is the time to register for all of these conferences. And there are plenty more coming the next few months. If you've never tried a smaller, specialized conference -- this is a great time to do so! [Personal disclaimer -- I am chairing UIST this year. So if I seem highly excited about it, you can interpret that as me being biased, as either me having insider information about what a great conference it will be, or about me looking forward to a 12-course traditional Chinese banquet overlooking the waterfront or me looking forward to an evening of exciting technical demonstrations. If you can't tell which -- come join us and find out:-)]

Finally, a word on reaching you -- or rather, on not reaching you. I have learned of some technical problems that have resulted in some of our members not being part of the sigchi-members e-mail list (which is automatically maintained from ACM and SIGCHI membership records). We are working on these problems, and will soon be mailing notification to members for whom we have no valid e-mail address. In the meantime, though, you can help. If you have friends or colleagues who are SIGCHI members, ask whether they received this Bulletin. If so, great they are on our list. If not, ask them to send me an e-mail message ( and I'll make sure it gets fixed (and will send them a Bulletin as a reward!). We're delaying setting up the separate Bulletin e-mail list until we have the membership mailing list fixed, but at that point we will offer each member the option to unsubscribe specifically from the Bulletin.

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