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SIGCHI Bulletin 2004

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Vol.36 No.6, November/December 2004
New SIGCHI US Public Policy Committee
A new group within SIGCHI aims to educate and advocate for HCI-related issues as it relates to public policy in the US.
Welcome Brian Bailey the new SIGCHI Bulleting EIC
Introducing Brian Bailey, the new SIGCHI Bulletin Editor-in-Chief.
Initial Results Attendee Poll CHI 2004
Initial Results Attendee Poll CHI 2004
Passing the Baton
With this issue I would like to announce that I am stepping down as the Editor of the SIGCHI Bulletin and handing this great new publication to Brian Bailey. It has been a great experience to see a vision for the Bulletin become a reality.
Czechoslovakia CHI
An interview with Pavel Slavik, Chair, Czechoslovakia CHI
Vice President Update
Vice President Mary Czerwinski outlines her latest initiatives.
Publications Board Update
Marilyn Salzman gives an update on the Publications Board activities.
Vol.36 No.5, September/October 2004
2005 SIGCHI Budget
Rob Jacob, the SIGCHI Treasurer, discusses the proposed lean and mean budget for 2005. The SIGCHI Executive Committee completed its budget for the ACM 2005 fiscal year (which begins on July 1, 2004) and you can see it in this article.
Computer Supported Cooperative Work Conference 2004 (CSCW 2004, is a multidisciplinary conference co-sponsored by ACM, ACM SIGCHI, and ACM SIGGROUP. This year’s conference is taking place on November 6-10, 2004 in Chicago, Illinois.
AVI2004 Report
Report from Thomas Rist on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI2004) conference.
New Developments in SIGCHI Related E-Mail
Alan Wexelblat, the Operations Chair discusses the renaming project and what that may mean for your mailing lists and email aliases.
New SIGCHI International Series
Apala Chavan announces a new series of interviews with prominent members of our Local Chapters.
An interview with RusCHI's Ivan Burmistrov
Apala Chavan interviews SIGRusCHI's Ivan Burmistrov, discussing the state of HCI in Russia.
Two new SIGCHI Initiatives
Vice Chair Mary Czerwinski discusses two new initiatives regarding speakers and organizational outreach.
SIGCHI EEC Minutes for June 2004
Communications Chair Julie Jacko reports the minutes from the June 04 Executive Committee meeting.
Vol.36 No.4, July/August 2004
SIGCHI EEC Meeting Minutes for February 2004
Communications Chair Julie Jacko reports the minutes from the February 04 Executive Committee meeting.
Vol.36 No.3, May/June 2004
Editorial: SIGCHI Is doing a great job! (Aren't we?)
The E-Bulletin is launched, this editorial discusses the ramifications for the SIGCHI organization, its leadership and its members.
The SIGCHI Bulletin Web Site is here
A welcome message on the new web site from the Bulletin Editor-in-Chief.
2005 SIGCHI Budget
Rob Jacob, the SIGCHI Treasurer, discusses the proposed lean and mean budget for 2005.
SIGCHI EEC Minutes for May 2004
Summary of the minutes from SIGCHI EEC for May 2004
Easing the CHI Conference Papers Chair's burdens
Marilyn Salzman, Vice Chair for Publications and William Newman discuss a new committee designed to oversee continuity and support for the Papers Chairs at the CHI conferences.
Vol.36 No.2, March/April 2004
New SIGCHI Initiatives
Report from SIGCHI Vice President.
Policy to help guide the creation of new conferences
Ian McCleland, Adjunct Chair of Specialized Conferences discusses the Specialized Conferences policies created to help with the creation of new conferences as well as the sustenance of existing conferences.
Spotlight on the DIS Conference Series
Spotlight discussion on the Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) Conference Series. The conference will be held this August. It alternates with the Designing User Experiences (DUX) Conference, and focuses on the process of designing interactive systems.
The SIGCHI Financial Challenge
Treasurer's Report 2003, Rob Jacob outlines the tough times ahead.
President's Report: Advancing the Field
SIGCHI President, Joseph Konstan invites a discussion on how to make SIGCHI more meaningful for you.
SIGCHI EEC Minutes for March 2004
The SIGCHI Executvie Committee Meeting Minutes for March 2004.
Local SIGS - Connecting the HCI ‘diaspora’
Apala Lahiri Chavan, our new Vice Chair for Local Chapters discusses her vision for Local Chapter involvement: "think globally, act locally."
Vol.36 No.1, January/February 2004
Open Video Project Offers CHI Conference Videos And More
This article reports on the Open Video Project at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which provides a digital library of HCI materials. More than 2000 video files on a variety of topics are available in MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and QuickTime formats.
Commentary: Democratizing SIGCHI
Editorial from the SIGCHI Bulletin editor on the need to improve the SIGCHI organization. This editorial specifically discusses the need to make SIGCHI more responsive to its members.
President's Report: Four Issues
President's report outlining four hot topics.
SIGCHI EEC Meeting Minutes for January 2004
Julie Jacko reports the minutes from the SIGCHI EEC Meeting of January 2004.
Report from Mary Czerwinski, Vice-President
Report from Mary Czerwinski, Vice-President. Over the last couple of months I helped recruit the new AC forVolunteers, Edward Cutrell, as Joe Konstan announced above. I have been discussing with him what the job responsibilities might be, and what was already in place to help him.
Report from Marilyn Salzman, Vice-Chair for Publications
An update on a few recent and upcoming Publications-related initiatives.

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