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SIGCHI EEC Meeting Minutes for February 2004

Communications Chair Julie Jacko reports the minutes from the February 04 Executive Committee meeting.

Present: Jonathan Arnowitz (JA), Mary Czerwinski (MC), Julie Jacko (JJ), Rob Jacob (RJ), Erica Johnson (EJ), Joe Konstan (JK), Ian McClelland (IM), Stephen Pemberton (SP), Marilyn Salzman (MS), Kevin Schofield (KS), Alan Wexelblat (AW), Dennis Wixon (DW)

1. Consent Agenda
(these are non-controversial items that will be voted upon without discussion; any item may be removed at the request of any voting EC member):

a. Approval of January Minutes

Minutes approved Unanimously.

2. Report Items
a. Summer EC meeting scheduled to occur in Seattle, WA; July 17-18, 2004 b. Dinner with Seattle convention bureau c. Update on Vice Chair for Chapters: Apaoa Chavan is a candidate. d. Interactions editor search underway. New editor will be announced at CHI 04

3. Award Committee Updates

MC addressed Lifetime Service Award issues. The committee favors a two-tier approach and agrees that SIGCHI increase the number of awards given. Two proposals: 1) increase number of awards; and 2) introduce a two-tier award structure.

IM inquired about the nature of the differences between the two tiers. MC explained that the first tier awards people who were founders and the second tier awards people who have been actively involved in shaping the future of CHI at a high level.

JK proposed that our AC for Volunteers begin thinking about how to structure the reward process so that we can meet both objectives of increasing the number of awards while making the process more explicit.

JJ suggested that the process be made more explicit and that the membership be informed about who makes these decisions, when are they made, and how they are made. There is currently a perception that this is a closed process and that membership input is not valued.

KS suggested that we simplify the process, and simply reward people often and consistently.

KS moved that we offer two lifetime service awards this year at CHI 2004. The motion passed unanimously.

Winners will be Robin Jeffries and Gene Lynch.

4. Videos

JA to contact the videos people to get an article for the e-bulletin and MC will get AW the appropriate contact information to put in a news blurb on the SIGCHI home page.

5. CHI 2004 Conference update

DW reports that registration page is up on the site.

JK requests that registration updates be provided so the EC can make decisions that are pending the registration numbers. EJ will send summaries of the data as the reg milestones are reached.

Business meeting: mid-day meeting. JK is coordinating with Elizabeth

SIGCHI booth is being coordinated by JA (logistically) and IM is supporting acquisition of materials from specialized conferences. IM expressed the need to have the SIGCHI-related booths in one geographic location. JK will coordinate the space with Elizabeth and Manfred. EJ indicated that Julia Coddrington has the booth details.

JK: EC meeting is Friday and half of Saturday. It is to be held in the Marriott Hotel. SIGCHI pays for one night for every day a person attends the meeting.

JK: ACM pubs board meeting is scheduled for Sunday and Monday.

DW: CMC is meeting on the Sunday before the conference.

IM: indicated that a luncheon meeting for specialized conferences is also planned. EJ indicated that the date is TBD.

MS: inquired if whether or not it would be helpful to have a meeting of the full pubs board. JK indicated that MS should check with the people involved to see if they have the time to attend.

JJ agrees to meet with Ed to discuss ways to engage volunteers at the SIGCHI booth at CHI 04.

6. SGB and other broader issues

a. Communications of the ACM (CACM): JK wants to ask the SGB to formally ask the ACM publications what their vision is for the CACM. Do they anticipate a closer link between the CACM content and the SIGs that contain the expertise in the various areas. Send JK your thoughts on the CACM.

b. ACM IS Support

JK reports that there have been challenges with mailing lists and web site action items.

c. SIGCAPH: Vicki Hanson is working on innovative ways to improve SIGAPH-SIGCHI collaboration.

7. Issues to close

a. MS reports that we have successfully formed two subcommittees on CHI papers support. They are addressing publication strategy issues, including CHI Letters. MS inquired about creating a Wiki site to support the subcommittees. AW indicated that the cost will be $620/year to set-up and $520/year for ongoing maintenance. Should be a separate Wiki from the EC Wiki for confidentiality issues. EJ indicated she would send an email link for “plone”, which is a free option. b. SP inquired about adding SP to the pubs list. MS will take care of this today.

Meeting adjourned at 2:21pm EDT.

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