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Policy to help guide the creation of new conferences

Ian McCleland, Adjunct Chair of Specialized Conferences discusses the Specialized Conferences policies created to help with the creation of new conferences as well as the sustenance of existing conferences.

The Specialized Conferences program has become an important part of the conference program that SIGCHI offers the HCI community. The purpose of these smaller conferences is to promote the domain of Human Computer Interaction and SIGCHI as a leading international professional society in HCI. Conferences may include workshops, symposia, tutorials, or other gatherings open to SIGCHI members and others.

The conference program gradually evolved in an ad hoc way over many years. Sometime ago it was decided that SIGCHI needed a policy to provide a framework for the further development of the program. A core element in the policy is that SIGCHI shall primarily rely on the enthusiasm and interests of the HCI community to propose conferences. SIGCHI does not want to dictate which themes should be the subject of one conference or another providing the proposed conference is consistent with the declared aims of SIGCHI. More to the point SIGCHI wants to support the evolution of particular communities as the general HCI community evolves and diversifies. Consequently much of the policy provides guidelines on the management of conferences.

But what is the Specialized Conference program? It covers all conferences involving ACM SIGCHI other than the annual CHI conferences. There are three types of Specialized Conference; sponsored, co-sponsored & in-cooperation. The differences are:

  • Sponsored - SIGCHI bears sole responsibility for financing and organizing the conference.
  • Co-Sponsored - SIGCHI shares financial responsibility (including risks and benefits) with one or more other professional societies.
  • In-cooperation - SIGCHI cooperates in the promotion of a conference but carries no financial risks or benefits, and does not take responsibility for the organization of the conference.

Complementary to the policy, conference report guidelines have also been developed. The purpose of the guidelines is to get more systematic feedback from the conference organizing committees on how each conference went. Version 1.1 of the policy is now available in a full and abridged form. The conference report guidelines document is also now available. You can access the documents via the SIGCHI home page under General Information/ Documents, Policies, Procedures or use the related documents link to this article.

If you have questions or comments about the policy, or any other issues concerning the Specialized Conference program feel free to contact me.


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