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SIGCHI EEC Minutes for March 2004

The SIGCHI Executvie Committee Meeting Minutes for March 2004.

Present: Apala Chavala (AC), Ed Cutrell (EC), Julie Jacko (JJ), Rob Jacob (RJ), Erica Johnson (EJ), Joe Konstan (JK), Ian ?McClelland (IM), Michael Muller (MM), Marilyn Salzman (MS), Kevin Schofield (KS), Alan Wexelblat (AW).

1. Consent Agenda (these are non-controversial items that will be voted upon without discussion; any item may be removed at the request of any voting EC member):
a. Approval of February Minutes
Minutes approved Unanimously.

2. Report Items
a. New Bylaws approved: Vice Chairs become Vice Presidents, term lengths increased (to 2006 for current EC)
b. All awardees have been named
Lifetime Achievement: Tom Moran

Lifetime Service: Robin Jeffries and Gene Lynch

CHI Academy: George Furnas, Jonathan Grudin, Brad Myers, William Newman, Dan Olsen, Brian Shakel, Terry Winograd
c. SGB meeting scheduled for Chicago on Sunday. d. Introduction of Apala Chavan, VP Chapters e. Next Call Scheduled: April 21; pre-CHI logisitics call.

3. Mentoring

Michael Muller is welcomed to the EC in role as AC Mentoring.
JK: Ian is getting together the chairs of specialized conferences at CHI. MM’s involvement in the meeting would be a convenient venue for Michael to get feedback from chairs.
MS: Suggested that he touch base with William Newman who is heading CHI Papers Support Team.
AW: Panels is in need of mentoring.
JK: Could be a separate role for mentoring for actual presentation delivery.

4. AC Volunteers
EC: EC is working with Ken Riley on putting together a module for that will enable data entry past several years of CHI and CSCW; capture data on volunteers and contact information.
JK: CHI, UIST, and CSCW tend to draw from particular segment of community. May want to tap into broader community. IM can assist with this.
MS: Inquired about how this database is going to tie into the PCS system.
EC: Thinks it will be separate from PCS. Tying them together will be difficult, and is thus a longer-term goal.

5. CHI 2004 Conference update (EJ for Dennis Wixon)
EJ: Students are currently registered at the double the quantity they were budgeted at. The number of tutorials units sold is about 40% of budget currently. Target marketing is underway. Student volunteers are currently held at the planned threshold. Expenses are in-line and within budget. Biggest challenge is the tutorial registration numbers.
JK: Inquired about tutorials numbers compared historically with CHI 03. EJ reports that analyses are underway.
JK: Conference was given direction not to spend the contingency. Is shortfall larger/smaller than contingency? EJ reports that contingency is currently reduced by $35,000 (of approx. $130,000).
JK: Regarding Europe as a venue for CHI 2007. Is it economically feasible to make this decision by the time early registration closes? EJ: responds no. On-site registration will provide needed data.
JK: By when will we need to make the decision regarding Northern Europe as a venue for CHI 2007? EJ responds that site selection should happen shortly after CHI 04 in collaboration with CMC.

Action: Brief discussion after CHI 2004, with decision planned for May 2004.

6. Bulletin Issues
JK: JA is planning soft launch for Bulletin for April 1, and aggressive launch at CHI 04. EC officers should provide short 2-3 paragraphs that report on activities and provide thought-provoking questions for membership.

7. Issues to close
a. Conference return policy – RJ will be leading this effort to achieve reasonable budgeting practices. b. CHI 2006 chairs – no new information. c. Online Video Archives – no new information

8. Reports and Updates
a. Membership and Communications (JJ): Earlier reports by EC and MM summarize ongoing efforts with respect to volunteering and mentoring.
b. Publications (MS): use of CHI Letters is an ongoing discussion item. CHI Papers Support Team is responding to paper rejection case study. Reviewer database and monitoring review quality is an ongoing challenge and topic of discussion. MS inquired about what sorts of information can be/should be stored about reviewer performance. KS suggests that JK bring this up to SGB, and that MS begin inquiry with EJ. JK stresses sensitivity of this particular issue, and mentions isolated incidents of improper self-authentication. JK will bring it up to SGB and MS should begin inquiry with EJ.
c. Finances (RJ): Final budget is not back from ACM for a vote. Accurate estimates/forecasts for CHI 2004 need to be integrated.
d. Operations (AW): Reports personnel and process changes at ACM. Solutions are still underway with respect to reductions in personnel and increased levels of services for SIGs. We’re seeing improved response rates, reliability, and tracking of open-issues. MS inquired about email aliases, and will take it off-line with AW.
e. Conference (DW): Contracts ready for CHI 2005. IM has put together a set of personas to develop conference portfolio for specialized conferences. Agreement in place for the exchange of material with HCII for mutual publicity of CHI 2005 and HCII 2005.
f. Chapters (AC): Virtual travel of local chapter web sites is underway. Local chapters workshop issues will be more apparent once AC has spoken with Raquel Prates.

9. CHI 2004 preparations
a. (JK): New inductees into CHI Academy will be queried at CHI meeting regarding pending EC issues, such as how to balance the obligations we have as a membership organization in how we deal with chapters around the world and making sure we maximize the benefit as we go through the expansion process.
Action: send JK one-paragraph inquiry for CHI Academy

b. If you are expecting to have a meeting at CHI, space arrangements must be dealt with immediately.
c. IM indicated that meeting of specialized conferences will probably occur on Tuesday of the CHI 2004 conference week. Also, the CMC has prepared a conference calendar, which will be included in the registration bags at the conference.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm EDT.

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