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You are here: Home 2004 Vol.36 No.3, May/June 2004 Editorial: SIGCHI Is doing a great job! (Aren't we?)
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Editorial: SIGCHI Is doing a great job! (Aren't we?)

The E-Bulletin is launched, this editorial discusses the ramifications for the SIGCHI organization, its leadership and its members.

Here we are: the SIGCHI E-Bulletin in all its glory is here. On a day like today, I feel confident that everyone must have a tremendous sense of satisfaction belonging to this organization. It’s a group of great people doing their best for the profession we all love (I mean how many times do I have to tell you?)

Our volunteer coordinators, administrators, and leaders are all giving freely of their time to help provide the best HCI conferences, publications, and professional infrastructure: that is what SIGCHI is all about after all. But maybe someone isn’t happy about SIGCHI. There maybe people out there with different ideas about the vision and the goals of the organization. Who knows, there might even be energetic people out there who feel ignored or not included in the SIGCHI fold?

We want to be inclusive and open, so we want to hear from you. We know that it isn't enough to just say thatbut now we give you different ways to do be involved:
Click the Discussion link to the right of any article to debate a topic. Every article will have its own discussion link.
Click the E-mail link in the upper right hand corner of this article to send me a kind personal note about things you like or don't like about the site. The other articles will also list their author with a link to their e-mail when it is known.
Click this Letter to the Editor link link to send in a letter to the editor
Click this Article link to propose your own article for the SIGCHI Bulletin.
And lastly, you can have your voice heard by volunteering for the Bulletin. We have 'open volunteer positions' for assistant editors and copy editors. You can get more information on these volunteer positions by sending this author an e-mail.

So you now have five options to have your voice directly heard by the SIGCHI Leadership and fellow members. This is your bulletin and we want you involved and help evolve it to meet your needs. We have started with modest (and affordable) functionality. But this can grow over time based on expressed user needs and usability issues. We will be responsive to those needs as resources allow, because now that you love us so much we can’t afford to be arrogant.


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