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SIGCHI EEC Minutes for May 2004

Summary of the minutes from SIGCHI EEC for May 2004

Present: Jonathan Arnowitz (JA), Ed Cutrell (EC), Mary Czerwinski (MC), Julie Jacko (JJ), Rob Jacob (RJ), Erica Johnson (EJ), Joe Konstan (JK), Marilyn Salzman (MS), Kevin Schofield (KS), Alan Wexelblatt (AW), Dennis Wixon (DW).

1. Online interactions access for members. Marilyn will re-draft the description so that it more accurately captures the nature of the benefit for members. Cannot handle fully in this membership year.

2. Proposal for transactions on multimodal interfaces. EC Email exchange reflected skepticism about the volume of material available for such a publication. Consensus: EC feedback is that there is concern that there won’t be enough volume of content for separate journal. Encourage special issue of ToCHI so that submission numbers and quality can be documented.

3. Planning for July meeting. Meeting space is reserved for all day on the 17th and all day on the 18th.

4. Do we need to reschedule EC conference call time? No specific suggestions for rescheduling at this time.

5. Final approval of fiscal 2005 budget: unanimously passed.

6.AW: ACM Major list serve updates this evening – EC members will need new passwords for web interface. CMC requested and received deployment of PLONE knowledge management system.JK suggested that we take the time to clean up anything that needs to be cleaned up with respect to the alias re-naming. Suggests that old aliases redirect people to new aliases (securely).

7. Branding of CHI web site. DW agrees to put this on the CMC meeting agenda. JK charges the CMC to decide how to make use of the domain. AW will participate in CMC call.

8. JJ (re: membership and communication): JK and JJ spoke at CHI about reviewer database project and leveraging existing resources versus inv esting in new for this effort. General sentiment: As an organization, CHI needs to be very careful about vendors who have control over important SIGCHI data. We should try and minimize SIGCHI vulnerability. JJ Also reports formation of publicity committee to examine policies and procedures in place for publicity.

9. RJ (re: budget): We are likely to get numbers for conclusion of fiscal year about one month after conclusion of fiscal year. RJ will follow-up on timing of receipt of CHI 2004 numbers.

10. MS (re: pubs): Will be following up with pubs strategy team since CHI meeting.

11. DW (re: conference): Attendance 1993: 1563 people. Attendance 1998: 2421. Attendance 2001: 2964. Attendance 2002: 1856. Attendance 2003: 1605. Attendance 2004 (Wed. reg figures): 1855. Up until 2004, hovering of Asian participation at 3-4%. In 2004, North American participation dropped to 43%. European participation is at 47%. Asian participation spiked at 7%. Exceeds all other Asian participation. Thea Turner is the keeper of all of this data.

CHI 2004 Survey results are not ready. On-line survey participation was highest ever. DW will release to the public a general summary of the survey results and invite comment. Raw data will not be released. Results will be published in next issue of bulletin.

JK inquired about 2005. DW has just started attending the CHI 2005 weekly meetings. DW reports good progress in getting the TMRF together. DW reports development of a new conference framework that encourages membership participation. This is a priority for the CMC.

JK mentions that length, and density of conference is of issue. There may be implications for tutorials. DW reports that one model is complete integration of tutorials into conference, at no cost, included in conference registration fee. Another model is that tutorials are run as a separate and parallel conference with the CHI conference. Both eliminate tutorials as a revenue stream for conference. The second model’s revenue stream would be a society revenue stream.

JK inquired about 2006. DW reported possible Chair candidate. JJ requested illumination of process for Conference Chair identification and selection. JK restated that there is a user experience/operations wing, technical content wing, and a numbers wing. We need to leverage strengths and weakness across these three areas. JJ emphasized the need to pair people who have complementary strengths.

EC will send suggestions for 2006 Co-Chairs to DW.

JK reports reluctance to go to Europe for CHI 2007. Possible pursuit of Brussells is still on the table.

12. Changing policy on conference return. For all new TMRFs, 18% of expenditures are required for SIGCHI.

13. Issue of childcare. CHI tries to be family friendly while being a professional conference venue. Economic feasibility (covering costs) enables this. Economic infeasibility does not.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15pm EDT.

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