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You are here: Home 2004 Vol.36 No.3, May/June 2004 The SIGCHI Bulletin Web Site is here
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The SIGCHI Bulletin Web Site is here

A welcome message on the new web site from the Bulletin Editor-in-Chief.

Welcome to an exciting new development in our organization: an interactive Bulletin Web Site. You not only can read about the latest developments at SIGCHI you can participate in those developments via discussions, letters to the editor, and your own articles. Likewise, articles can be read on line, printed out or sent via e-mail.

I would first like to point out to any and all interested in more specific information on the web site, to go to the About section of this web site.

In the spirit of accountability, I want to apologize for being late with this issue. Setting up the web site used much more time than I had set aside for this activity. This resulted in the lateness of this “April” issue. This is not the fault of the authors, who had submitted their articles on time, nor is the lateness due to the web site creators/developers. I take full responsibility.

The bad news is that some articles such as Nico MacDonald’s article on the DIS conference, does contain an invitation for a submission that has expired. Nevertheless, all the articles still provide valuable information on developments in SIGCHI. The design award Nico’s article discusses is still worth checking out at the DIS conference. Lastly, due to the web site’s late start, the next issue will be delayed, all members will all receive e-mails about the new date. At any rate, for this lateness I extend to you all my sincere apology.

The good news is, with this new infrastructure we won’t be missing any issues in the future. Having said all of this, I do feel a certain euphoria over a group endeavor that has been exceptional. I cannot claim the glory; this one belongs to SIGCHI. This project and its resulting design reflects the work of a web re-design committee headed by Wendy Mackay and a branding re-design effort headed by myself and Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson. This project is also indebted to the shared vision of 3 different SIGCHI Executive Committees (first headed by Marilyn Tremaine, then by Kevin Schofield, and now by Joseph Konstan) for their help and support of this entire project.

This project is also indebted to those involved in the operational working of the site, namely: Grant Rauscher, Dale Horstman, Alex Wexelblat, and the IS staff of ACM.

Last but not least, there was also the Bulletin committee which included Julie Jacko and Mary Czerwinski.

In browsing this site you maybe wondering, “Why did they do that?” or “Why does it look like that?” In a future issue, I have invited the web site creators: Grant and Dale to write an article on the making of this site which will include technical details, design considerations, organizational considerations, etc., so that you are informed how the site was put together, and what our design rationales were.

That is not to say that you should hold off your comments until then. We are a vocal community, so fire away: you have my e-mail to do so privately, you have the discuss link to do so publicly.


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