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Passing the Baton

With this issue I would like to announce that I am stepping down as the Editor of the SIGCHI Bulletin and handing this great new publication to Brian Bailey. It has been a great experience to see a vision for the Bulletin become a reality.

I wanted to move the Bulletin from a print publication with a vague purpose, especially in light of the growing importance of interactions magazine, into a publication with a sharp focus and giving added value to the SIGCHI membership. At the same time I wanted these changes to be both sustainable and responsible.

The new purpose of the Bulletin is to be the official voice of the ACM/SIGCHI organization. As such it is also the place for discussion and debate of SIGCHI policy.

The new e-bulletin is sustainable, because the site is built on an open source content management system that is invisible to the user. Furthermore, the design builds on our brand identity. The site is also the strongest statement of our new SIGCHI branding. Our Executive Committee can even reuse this design for their main web site if they choose to do so.

Moreover this redesign needed to be responsible. These are fiscally challenging times, and SIGCHI could not afford best of breed products for the web site. This web site, with its maintenance costs will still save SIGCHI over USD $10,000 every year in comparison to the costs of the print publication Bulletin.

That is not to say this site is over and done with. There are still many improvements and additional features that need to be added to the site before it is really the best it can be. Moreover, this publication will grow and change as the needs of our members and the executive committee continues to evolve. I look forward to see how Brian will direct this new growth and evolution.

While I discuss my vision for the Bulletin, the execution of this vision is something that I cannot take credit for. Grant Rauscher and Dale Horstman did the development and design (respectively) of the site. And the Executive Committee as a whole provided the content.

I look forward to my new volunteer challenge, being Editor-in-Chief of Interactions magazine along with Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson. Look for our first issue of interactions this January in your mailbox (or this February depending on where you live…).

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