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President's Report: Four Issues

President's report outlining four hot topics.

I have four things I want to discuss today -- each of them good news!

First, I want to extend congratulations to the members of our community who have just been elected as ACM Fellows.
  • John Carroll -- A SIGCHI Lifetime Achievement Award winner (2003) and member of the CHI Academy who was recently named editor-in-chief of ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, Jack has pushed forward the intellectual foundations of HCI, drawing upon a wide range of theoretical foundations.
  • Tom Moran -- An inaugural member of the CHI Academy who serves as editor of the journal Human Computer Interaction, Tom has made diverse and significant contributions to the field from its very founding (indeed, he had four papers with different collaborators in the very first CHI conference in 1982).
  • Barbara Grosz -- Best known for her work in natural language and dialog, Barbara has done significant work in the area of human-computer communication through theories of collaboration.
  • Ramesh Jain -- Best known for his work in multimedia information systems, machine vision, and intelligent systems, Ramesh is currently conducting research on experiential systems.

If I've overlooked the HCI contributions of other newly inducted ACM Fellows, please accept my apologies and let me know. I'll include them in a future Bulletin.

Second, I want to remind everyone about CHI 2004, held April 24-29 in Vienna, Austria. I'm delighted that we're able to bring CHI back to Europe, but I'm even more delighted by the high-quality program put together by the hundreds of volunteers who have not only organized the event, but also reviewed and selected all of the content. Please visit for more information -- I look forward to seeing you there!

Third, I want to tell you about some new steps that SIGCHI is taking to improve service for our members. We value your membership, and appreciate the fact that we have to earn your dollars (and euros). In addition to membership discounts on publications and conferences, SIGCHI members already receive a subscription to interactions magazine and access to SIGCHI-sponsored content in the ACM Digital Library. But we're working to provide more. One program being developed now is the creation of members-only resources on the SIGCHI web site--including selected conference tutorial notes.
With all these direct benefits, it is sometimes too easy to forget the core benefit of membership--belonging to an organization that promotes the field. SIGCHI remains eager to work with all of our members to promote networking, professional development, and activities that generate or disseminate knowledge about HCI. We host dozens of workshops and other meetings each year at our conferences, and we accept proposals to sponsor conferences to fill unmet needs in the field. For more information, visit our website at or send me a note.

Fourth, I want to welcome Ed Cutrell, SIGCHI's new adjunct Chair for Volunteers. Volunteers are at the heart of our organization--indeed, we are _all_ volunteers. At the same time, we often hear that some volunteers have trouble finding the right opportunity to contribute while developing their skills. Ed is taking on a three-part challenge:

  1. developing a better systems for tracking and matching volunteers and volunteer opportunities
  2. developing a more comprehensive volunteer recognition program
  3. designing a leadership development program to help volunteers build up a portfolio of experiences to prepare them to run conferences--or SIGCHI itself.

He's taking on a large job (as a volunteer of course), and the entire SIGCHI executive committee is committed to helping him succeed. You'll be hearing more about this in the months to come.

I wish you good health and happiness, and hope to see many of you in April at CHI 2004.

Joe Konstan
President, ACM SIGCHI


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