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SIGCHI EEC Meeting Minutes for January 2004

Julie Jacko reports the minutes from the SIGCHI EEC Meeting of January 2004.

Present: Ed Cutrell (EdC), Mary Czerwinski (MC), Rob Jacob (RJ), Julie Jacko (JJ), Joe Konstan (JK), Stephen Pemberton (SP), Marilyn Salzman (MS), Alan Wexelblat (AW), Dennis Wixon (DW)

1. Consent Agenda
(These are non-controversial items that will be voted upon without discussion; any item may be removed at the request of any voting member.) a. Confirm e-mail vote approving November minutes (4-0-2 e-mail vote) b. Confirm e-mail vote approving cooperating society agreement (5-0-1 e-mail vote) Email votes approved 5-0-0

2. Report Items (for the Record)

a. As we discuss the promotion of membership in the future, the Executive Committee (EC) members need to think about sending a membership attrition survey through ACM. For example, send an email survey to people who do not renew their membership.

AW has discussed with others their feelings about the CHI conference. A number of people, who are not planning on submitting to or attending CHI 2005, instead plan on submitting to Designing for the User Experience Conference (DUX 2005) and/or the HCII conference.
This has happened in cycles to some of the other SIGs and to ACM in general 20 years ago: Their large conferences fold, while they have several prosperous smaller ones.
This could be a key issue for the SIGCHI Membership meeting in Vienna, the discussions with the CHI Academy members, and the summer Executive Committee meeting. Key discussion point: What model can be used to ensure that SIGGHI, as a society, can succeed, even if a single large field-wide conference cannot.
It was discussed that SIGCHI's membership has been somewhat buoyant over the year. – 10 years ago SIGCHI was SIG No. 5 of ACM. We are now currently No. 2. Only SIGGRAPH is larger. SIGCHI is the only SIG that has increased. Some things with respect to membership have worked.
However, it was pointed out that membership is down about 800 members from a couple of years ago, and there are question about whether conference attendees (who receive membership as part of conference registration) artificially inflate the membership numbers. The EC members questioned if these types of casual memberships add to the core membership of SIGCHI.
This will be discussed further at the EC meeting during CHI 2004 in Vienna, but concrete steps to be taken will be determined at the summer meeting.
b. Interactions update

  • SP is finishing his 2nd, 3-year term as editor.
  • The publications board will start to seek out a successor. The selection should be made in order to announce the new editor and to arrange the physical handoff at CHI 2004.
  • EC members will nominate search committee.
Action: (All) send JK an Email with nominations. JK will send list of nominees to the pub board by Friday 1/23/04 Reminder: The editor nominations should be individuals who have good judgment with respect to both research and practice.
3. Bulletin / Web Project Report
  • Contracts are signed and work will begin in March. a. Reminder -- Bulletin updates due Friday
  • Should include something to discuss increasing membership and tutorial access.
4. Volunteer Report (EdC) Issue
How to get people assembled in one place and help them figure out what they can do. Proposed construction of a volunteer database:
  • One central location where there is information on volunteering and membership.
  • The database will be built up with information on how to contact the person, their experience, their affiliation, and who recommends them.
  • Explore the possibility of cross-posting this with the CHI Review database.
  • EdC has
    • contacted Susan Dray and determined that one of the biggest challenges is getting people to chair conferences. It is important to identify the motivators and inhibitors for chairing.
    • EdC has talked with Dennis Wixon about the feasibility of linking the volunteer database with the review database.
    • Is interested in finding out what type of feedback can be maintained, especially for privacy issues (social and legal)
    • Intends to solicit names from EC members, and from previous CHI chairs as to who have been useful, good people to work with on conference related activities.
  • Needs to tie in the people associated with the CHI conference –
  • Make this a hook (a place where you can easily get people to enter information into the system) for people who are in charge of events to go the database and provide feedback on who got people involved and their connections to people to create the infrastructure for a social network
  • Anything that creates a personal connection would be useful.
  • Remember that people who sign up for this and are not contacted with opportunities may be upset.
  • The purpose should be to reveal to members the steps to getting involved within the organization in a heterogeneous way across the organization – so people know how they should gain experience.
  • EC is still working on gathering information for content and technical feasibility; first trying to scope this and list major areas to hit.
  • The volunteer database should build upon, and not discount CHIplace. Expand and build upon something that works.
5. Conferences (Dennis)
  • CHI 2004 report -- Advance program should be up on the site in the next few days.
  • CHI 2005 report Recruiting committee has gone well – moving forward at an excellent rate.
  • CHI 2006 report Nothing to report – It was noted that would be nice to have chairs by the time of the CHI 2004 in April to give them 2 full years of preparations.
6. Budget Report
EC members should look at budget and then RJ will send to ACM. Official approval does not happen until after returned from ACM. This budget gives ACM input on discretionary spending, input on EC meetings, special projects, etc. This budget is 'bare bones' as there is no indicator yet if financial status is improving.
7. CHI PR activities -- booth and other activities
  • Jonathan Arnowitz will manage and coordinate who staffs the booth.
  • The booth will be unstaffed during technical sessions, staffed during breaks
  • There will be a connected and adjacent to the booth for local chapters.
  • Jonathan will solicit volunteers at a later date.
  • Logistics of showing videos at the booth will be ironed out.
  • Ian has made progress on collecting materials on the various specialized conferences.
8. Other issues and reports
a. Operations
  • AW discussed that ACM is laying off people who have been resource point people for SIGs.
  • For a future agenda, determine a handful of issues related to working with ACM that should be elevated to the SIG Governing Board (SGB).
  • Discuss first in EC meeting then find out through SGB if others are upset about this and if there is something that can be done about it.

AW is trying to generate ideas for more cooperation between societies (e.g., HFES, UPA) and would like to discuss with other E.C. members ways to possibly collaborate with other organizations. b. Publications
  • CHI 2005 support team in place. Headed by William Newman, with support people.
  • CHI 2004 and 2005 papers chairs met today (January 21) and did the formal handoff, using lessons learned to guide the 2005 team.
  • Note: The 2005 team is considering some radical changes that could have impacts for the conference and for publications in general.
  • MS and DW are thinking about forming a conference publications support team, but wanted to get a team together in the short term to support CHI 2005. The Publications Support Team will focus on the general publications process.

Action: EC members should email MS with other recommendations for contacts/nominations for the publications support team.
JK requested the EC members to think about Communications of the ACM. There is a growing concern with the direction of CACM.
To be discussed in February EC meeting: Ideas about what it should or shouldn't be the future direction for CACM.
Meeting Adjourned at 14:34 EST.

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