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You are here: Home 2005 Vol.37 No.4, December 2005 Building a Better Partnership Between SIGCHI and HFES
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Building a Better Partnership Between SIGCHI and HFES

Mary Czerwinski outlines steps towards building a better partnership between SIGCHI and HFES.

Together with Julie Jacko and Arnie Lund (representing HFES), a proposal on how to build a better partnership between SIGCHI and HFES was presented to the SIGCHI EEC and approved at our last face to face meeting on Oct. 1st, 2005. The first aspects of the proposal that we are going to pursue in the near future include sharing our calendars of events with each other (and hopefully via UXNet), and to look into the possibility of providing member mailing lists with each other. However, we have a long list of potential interactions between our two organizations, and with Arnie as the liaison, I believe many of these ideas will come to fruition (see the full list below). Once we see what works well between us, we can use these interactions as a proxy for future interactions with other, related, professional organizations.

Ideas for cooperation with related societies:

  • Links to Each Others Sites
  • Trading/Sharing Events Calendars (including Chapters) probably need receiving points of contact
  • Links to Publication Information (including order forms) on Sites
  • Links to Key Services of Mutual Interest (e.g., the ACM Digital Library and the proposed HFES Index of Standards and Guidelines)
  • Formal Liaison Contacts (who might help say ensure conference dates dont conflict)
  • Annual or Regular Summits (e.g., working on a UX Formation Model, certification of university programs, prototypical curricula, etc.)
  • Joint Awards
  • Shared Index of Resources (perhaps structured based on UX Formation Model; that can be used by participating societies as needed, or pointed to in common and sponsored by participants)
  • Sharing Mailing Lists for Conference Announcements
  • Cross-advertising in Each Others Bulletins (e.g., for conferences)
  • Discounts on Conference Fees for Members of Other Societys
  • Joint Workshops, Conferences, etc. (including potentially shared sponsorship)
  • Joint Project Identifying Directions of UX field, Gaps, and Recommended Research Direction; and Evangelizing Funding Agencies
  • Joint Policy Recommendations for Government Agencies
  • Providing a Comp on Registration for Representative of Partner Societies at Conferences
  • Shared/Exchange Speakers Lists
  • Listing/Treatment of Partner Societys as Sponsorson Bags, Etc.
  • Combined Directory of UX Professionals, Contractors, Vendors, etc. The UX White and Yellow Pages
  • Exchange of BestPapers/Presenters (getting more leverage out of best-of-breed work)
  • Cross-society Issues Committees
  • Creation of StandardCross-society Partnership Agreement (opening door for other society partnerships as well)
  • Survey of Cross-society Needs of Members
  • Cross-society dealslike liability insurance, affinity credit cards, travel deals, etc.

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