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Minutes from Breakout Session Reports

From the SIGCHI Executive Committee Meeting held January 15, 2005 in Portland, OR

Breakout reports:

Chapters: (Ed reporting for Apala)

4 main areas:

1. Developing countries: how to develop their financial structure

i.e. how to request funding from local governments, corporations, etc.

Who do you approach in different organizations in order to get funding from that organization?

Can SIGCHI help chapters to pull together proposals, etc. and perhaps even submit them to agencies on behalf of the chapters? (carries more weight)

Can we give letters signed by Joe to local chapters in support of their funding requests to local governments, companies, etc?

- Yes, and we should start a pilot to try it

Dollar-matching for representatives from chapters/regions to get to SIGCHI conferences?

SIGCHI matches local chapter funding – assume $2000/person total expense to send someone to a CHI conference, SIGCHI would cover $1000

Prestige thing as well, can put requirements like presenting at the conference about what’s going on in the region/chapter

Rotate it to different people in the chapter

We need to make sure it’s open and transparent, so it doesn’t have the appearance of secret in-crowd

2. How do we plug local people into the volunteer pipeline?

Have the N+1, N+2 CHI chairs come to the local chapters meeting with a list of open volunteer positions?

3. Would CHI be willing to provide day passes for the local community? So people in local chapters could try it out at low cost

4. Chapters need a unified local place for communication

How to start up a chapter

Who to ask questions of

All sorts of common questions

Talk to each other, share info and best practices

Raise their own profile

Coordination of HCI professionals traveling who could be scheduled for lectures in an area while they are there

In both directions: local chapters finding speakers, and speakers contacting chapters when they plan their travel

Where is the right place? CHIplace? Somewhere else?

Discussion: should we fund a pilot of matching local funding for sending someone to CHI?

Do we expect that we would have to scale it up? No, it could just rotate between chapters

Transparency needed in terms of which chapters get to participate in the pilot

Apala’s decision

To avoid conflict of interest, India is excluded

The first two chapters that take us up on the offer, get the chance

Transparency needed in the process of who is actually chosen to receive it

Local chapter needs to come up with a selection process

Local chapter needs to be a chapter in good standing

Needs to be a minimum local contribution – so it doesn’t just become a free reg.

Use the money from the scholarship fund

Local chapter has autonomy on who gets picked, how, and how they raise their share of the money


To approve a SIGCHI EC pilot project for CHI 2005 whereby SIGCHI will pay half of travel costs plus complimentary registration to selected representatives of chapters in developing countries where the chapter has been able to pay the other half of travel costs; and SIGCHI directs the VP for chapters to develop the details of the program and roll it out to two chapters. The pilot is limited to two people and a maximum of $1000 of matching travel expense reimbursement per person.

Unanimously approved (Alan, Marilyn, Rob, Dennis, Kevin)

Conferences: Dennis:

- Need to have discipline around experiments and evaluating them against well-defined criteria.

- Need to articulate the long-term vision of the conference and have a process that reinforces and supports it.

- Idea of choosing conference chairs in advance of selecting the location and involving them in the site selection process

- Idea of grooming people for conference chair positions by appointing them to the CMC (instead of grooming them through lower conference positions).

o Do we need to expand the number of CMC members? Can we? (there is a limit in the by-laws) If not full members, are they 2nd class citizens?

- Idea of using open calls for conference chairs and for CMC positions.

- Question: should we go to a nomination model instead of call? (self-nomination is welcome)

Two people’s terms are expiring on the CMC. Joe nominated Panu Korhonnen for a 3-year term on the CMC. Joe nominated Scooter Morris to a 3-year team on the CMC.

EC consents.


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