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You are here: Home 2005 Vol.37 No.3, September 2005 An Interview with Jinwoo Kim, Professor of HCI at Yonsei University, Korea
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An Interview with Jinwoo Kim, Professor of HCI at Yonsei University, Korea

Apala Chavan reports on her interview with Jinwoo Kim, Professor of HCI at Yonsei University, Korea. This is another in a series of interviews conducted to help SIGCHI members learn more about the state of HCI around the world.

1. Can you give us some background about the state of HCI in Korea? As most countries, the state of HCI in Korea has suffered from the downfall of Internet businesses and the IT industry. However, recently we have observed a striking explosion of interests from both industry and academia. For example, we had the most participants ever for our most recent annual HCI conference.

2. when was the local CHI formed? Our local HCI conference was formed in 1992. We affiliated the local conference to the ACM Local SIGCHI chapter in 2002.

3. Are their other associations like the Association of Industrial Engineers that are also very popular?  I think our local HCI conference is the most popular one with no close competitors. There are similar associations in the area of Industrial engineering and information design, which are in good relation with us.

4. How many professionals are there are in Korea, in this field?  Hard to say exactly how many are there in Korea. More than 1,000 people attended our annual conference this year.

5. Are their specialized HCI programes in the universities?  The HCI program in KAIST has specialized in industrial design and ergonomics. The HCI program in Kookmin University has specialization in the interaction design. The HCI program in Yonsei University has a strong affiliation with the cognitive science program.

6. What are the most important issues faced by local HCI professionals?  The most important issue, in my personal opinion, is how to integrate HCI into the mainstream of the product development process. Also long distances from US or European HCI communities are another problem.

7. Can u tell us about the activities of the local chapter? The biggest activity is the annual conference, which has been the major HCI meeting for several years. We are currently thinking about establishing our own set of journals and organizations.

8. How many members do you have? The local conference has more than 1,000 members. However, not all of them are members of Korean local SIGCHI.

9. Do you have students interested in CHI activities? Yes, we do have lots of students interested in CHI activities.

10. Where do u all meet? At our annual conference.

11. how do you keep in touch between meetings? We do have monthly steering committee meeting.

12. Do you have local industry and academic sponsorship for CHI activities?  Yes, they support our conference in many ways such as participating in the exhibits and providing financial grants.

13. How will the local SIG chapter help HCI professionals in Korea?  We provide real spaces as well as cyber space for them to meet together.

14. What is your vision for the local CHI 5 years from now?  My vision is to make Korean CHI not just one of many local SIGCHIs but a center of HCI in Asian market.


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