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An Update on the Call for Nominations for Officer Elections

Kevin Schofield gives an important update on the SIGCHI elections process.

SIGCHI is a membership-based, volunteer-driven organization, and every three years, it holds an election for its officers. This is just such an election year, and we have recently begun the election process, so I thought that it would be good to update the entire membership on the process we are following.

As Past President of SIGCHI, it's my responsibility to oversee the nominations committee and the elections process for SIGCHI. I work with ACM Headquarters and the SIGCHI Executive Committee to establish the procedures and timelines that we will follow, and to appoint a nominations committee that will help me to oversee the process as well as to nominate the slate of candidates for the ballot.

As a veteran of several SIGCHI elections both as a member/voter and as an officer, I have had much time to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the process through my own observations and the feedback shared with me from other members and candidates. Taking all that into consideration, I have five specific goals for the election process this year:

  1. Conduct elections online.

  2. Get materials out early so that all members, around the world, have time to read, reflect, and respond.

  3. Conduct the elections early enough so that new officers can be announced prior to the CHI 2006 conference and can use the conference itself well.

  4. Draw from local chapters, and specialized conference committees, to help to "grow" the next generation of SIGCHI leadership.

  5. Advertise the process and the opportunities very broadly, so that no one feels disenfranchised.

There are some specific changes to the election process this year, some as a result of recent bylaws changes, and some to address the goals above. The first change is the set of officers that we will be electing this year:

  • President and Executive Vice President (who run together as a pair)

  • Vice President of Membership and Communications

  • Vice President of Finance

  • Two Vice President At Large positions

For those of you who are long-standing SIGCHI members, you will immediately recognize that this is a significant change from the past. The bylaws were amended since the last election to make some of the officer positions appointed rather than elected - those requiring specific knowledge about SIGCHI operations, conferences, or publications.

The second change is that we've moved the schedule up in the calendar year so that it can be completed before the CHI conference. The current schedule looks as follows:

August 15, 2005. Open call for nominations and self-nominations published.

September 15, 2005. Open nominations process closes.

October 15, 2005. Nominating committee completes candidate slate.

November 1, 2005. Candidate Slate into ACM Headquarters; slates should be published in SIGCHI Newsletter.

November 15, 2005. Mail date for 1st class mailing to SIGCHI membership to notify Members of candidate slate and the right to petition for inclusion on ballot.

December 1, 2005. Deadline for submission of all candidate bios and statements.

December 15, 2005. Notification of intent to petition for inclusion on ballot must be submitted to the Office of Policy & Administration.

December 29, 2005. All petitions returned to ACM Headquarters.

January 6, 2006. All ballots to printer (provided there are no petition candidates).

January 20, 2006. All election information mailed to the membership

April 3, 2006. All ballots returned (electronically or mailed)

April 6, 2006 . Election completed, all candidates notified of results.

July 1, 2006. Elected officers take office.

The Nominating Committee consists of the following people:

Kevin Schofield, Chair
Ben Shneiderman
Ian McClelland
Apala Chavan
Elizabeth Churchill
Manfred Tscheligi.

While small enough to encourage close work, the nominations committee represents the diversity of geography, professions and volunteer experience that exist in our organization. Our real work comes between September 15 and October 15th, when we will be working hard to take the nominations received and form a slate of candidates that will competently serve the membership of SIGCHI if elected. We intend to be very open and inclusive; we would much prefer to have too many candidates than too few, and self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. In particular, we would welcome members with volunteer experience in organizing SIGCHI's conferences (both big and small) and those who are actively involved in SIGHCI local chapters – these are both important activities of SIGCHI whose representation at the Executive Committee level is crucial.

As you can see from the schedule above, the Call for Nominations has been published, and we welcome nominations and self-nominations through September 15th. All nominations and inquiries can be directed to, or feel free to discuss with any SIGCHI officer or any member of the nominations committee.

Thank you for your attention and participation in this important process that ensures the health and vitality of SIGCHI.

Kevin Schofield Past President, SIGCHI Chair, SIGCHI Election Nominating Committee


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