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Call For Nominations For SIGCHI Officer Elections

There are several elected positions up for the ACM SIGCHI Executive Committee for 2006. Candidate nominations are due no later than September 15, 2005.

ACM SIGCHI is a volunteer run organization. The ACM SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) acts as its overall governing body. There are six different volunteer positions currently up for the 2006 election by our membership to the ACM SIGCHI Executive Committee. The ACM SIGCHI Nominating Committee is seeking exceptional individuals interested in participating in these leadership opportunities:

  • President and Executive Vice President (who run as a pair)

  • Vice President of Membership and Communications

  • Vice President of Finance

  • Vice President at Large (two open positions)

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, or you would like to recommend a great candidate, please send an email to detailing full contact information and addressing the following questions:

  • What position would you like to be considered for (or are you recommending someone for)?

  • What professional, personal, and volunteer skills or experience do you or your nominee bring that make you feel that you/they are a good candidate for this position?

  • Are you/they currently an ACM SIGCHI member? If so, how long have you/they been a member? What do you, or your candidate, feel are some of the most valuable assets of ACM SIGCHI Membership?

  • What do you feel would be the greatest opportunities to add value that you/they would likely address in your/their new position should you/they be elected?

  • Human-Computer Interaction is a rapidly evolving field. ACM SIGCHI must constantly re-evaluate how it functions as an organization in order to address these changes. What long term opportunities do you or your candidate see for the organization and how would you/they address those opportunities?

Please share the volunteer positions that you/they have held within ACM, ACM SIGCHI, its conferences, or any other related activities. Please cite the volunteers that you/they reported to for the volunteer positions held over the past five years, as a reference. If you can provide current contact information for these references, it would be greatly appreciated.

More information about the duties of each position can be found in our bylaws.

You are also encouraged to contact any EC member, especially the nominating committee chair, and any in a position you are interested in, for further details on any role. The EC member contact list can be found online at:

Please send all nominations to no later than 15 September, 2005.

Thank you for your participation in this important process.

ACM SIGCHI Election Nominating Committee

Kevin Schofield, Chair
Apala Chavan
Elizabeth Churchill
Ian McClelland
Ben Shneiderman
Manfred Tscheligi


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