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Minutes from the March EC Conference Call

Attendees: Joe Konstan, William Newman, Marilyn Salzman, Rob Jacob, Brian Bailey, Erica Johnson, Mary Czerwinski

Annual Report

Joe raised the question of communication to members, both minutes and perhaps an annual report. It was discussed that people generally didn't read minutes, except for asking about them when there is a controversy. Is it worth reporting on things that don't have a wide readership? Or do we lose attention by reporting "full minutes."

Is it part of every meeting to figure out what should be communicated?

Part of the issue is that what we think is "routine business" may not seem that way to our members.

Brian (as Bulletin editor) will continue to contact people who raise issues to get articles. In addition he will attempt to introduce a SIGCHI business bullet-list type column.

The Bulletin will become the official home for meeting minutes. Not just EC minutes, but also CMC, Pubs Board, other standing committees.


Awardees were announced.

CHI 2006 Report and Issues

Erica provided an update on registration. The good news is that as of now, registrations are at 1716 people (very good early registration), 32% are students (a bit higher percentage than last year/budget). Student volunteer numbers are up 40 over last year.

Registration is very slow now, and probably will remain so until close to next deadline (advance cutoff).

We're about $400,000 short of total budgeted registration so far. Still to early to project whether we'll meet/exceed budget.

Next area of concern is to watch housing pickup. So far things look OK, but this is a community that reserves late. We've reduced our exposure as much as possible, and are shifting marketing.

Expenses are still in line with budget, but still early to change assumptions much. Overall summary: things look solid.

Brian raised the question of how our fees relate to other conferences. We are comparable with other non-ala-carte conference, but base fees are lower for ala carte conferences (totals may be higher). Direct comparisons are difficult because audience and size vary.

The EC then moved on to discuss a message, drafted by Dennis and Kevin, to communicate to the community the reasons behind increased fees.

First proposal: Kevin's basic theme was strong, but need the financial detail that follows. Kevin's "austere" tone was good, but shocking.

Kevin's first point (about the acceptance rate), isn't quite correct, since the problem was dealt with the prior year. Higher acceptance rate was implemented early, but carried through.

A concern about Dennis' draft was that much of it doesn't speak to the academic. What can be said to the academic? And for students? One item is the introduction of notes. Tutorials, very interesting to some students -- not to others. Increase in number of SV positions.

The decision was to use hybrid of the messages as the basis, but to make clear the following points:

* Emphasize the apology for poor communication of the change

* Don't lose numbers and detail

* Invitation to business meeting, and to volunteer and get involved in running the conference

EC encourages Dennis to circulate as quickly as possible.

Bulletin Feedback

Not lots of feedback (a few "take me off the list" messages), but little else. Brian will work with Erica to get web usage statistics.

Brian would like to know what people _would_ like to have. He'll see whether such a request in the Bulletin will work.

Next deadline will be right after CHI barring urgent content that needs to go out beforehand.

The EC decided not to run a special issue on CHI Conference Paper awards, for several reasons including the desire not to emphasize the specific papers. An article on the process will be published.

Topics Deferred

Chapters Report Member Services Web Infrastructure

Next meeting April 12th, 11am ET


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