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Executive Committee Minutes from May 2006

This was one of the final meetings of the current Executive Committee, and the emphasis was on outlining past accomplishments and future wishes.


  • CHI 2005 & 2006 2005: Financial health Increased attendance 2006: 2300 attending (sig % increase) Preserved value of papers
  • 2006 papers team did an excellent job working with paper support team
  • Renewed communication with Bulletin
  • Culture of inclusion opening up
  • Fiscal and attendance recovery - with no loss of service to members
  • Bulletin going to the web
  • Less crankiness with SIGCHI among community
  • Great nominating committee for elections
  • CHI conference changed and evolved, people are back
  • European community is more closely connected with the organization
  • politics are at a minimum within the EC
  • development of communities in Asia
  • connections between SIGCHI and rest of ACM
  • Review of interaction was thorough and informative
  • Many specialized conferences now real and recurring (e.g. DUX) and strong
  • controversy over CHI mafia no longer relevant
  • advanced publicity for 2006 suggests that CHI appeals to professionals (website and CFP)
  • survey on Pubs delivering positive feedback on papers/pubs process
  • Volunteer development process improved and evolved (big metric for ACM)
  • Formation of US public policy committee
  • election process improved (early start, early end)
  • Web Bulletin
  • interaction content/reader involvement
  • EC meetings end on time
  • Willingness to try new things (SV blog)
  • More email to members
  • EC Blog !?!
  • Stability of papers proc. (ACS)
  • Health of other confs, coop and co-sponsorship as bridge to other societies
  • Elections (# of strong candidates)
  • Member services
  • ++PCS
  • Developing countries/chapters
  • Better targeting Profs w/ conf
  • Close work w/ strong relationship w/ ACM HQ
  • Tutorials -> courses
  • No longer living on subsidies
  • Broadened Conf (design) w/o destroying core
  • AC for volunteers
  • Progress on chapters - leadership


  • Fund new initiatives (one time)
  • Tension between Prof Assoc of members vs. advocacy org for field -> where do we want to be? * are we a cause?
  • Get Dennis to lose the tie
  • Member benefits outside the US/Europe
  • Better communication of EC to members
  • Better communication: committee -> EC -> memb.
  • Conference costs
  • Mechanism so membership of community (eg designers) can see how her idea gets pushed up the chain
  • Neutral forum vs advocate - whose positions - which govts
  • Clearing house to document process
  • Fragility of support for HCI research
  • Balance between innovation and stability
  • More use of Bulletin as communication vehicle
  • Newsstand test of interactions
  • EC ambassador to membership -> & to volunteers -> "Thank You"
  • Better capitalize on our efforts through comm.
  • Tension between designers and researchers not resolved
  • Volunteer engagement - Fostering a culture of volunteerism
  • Articulation of value of SIGCHI membership benefits
  • Web site (SIGCHI) attention
  • Volunteers database/website not progressed
  • Better long-term process that has time lines and milestones
  • Invest back into field
  • More transparency wrt conference costs
  • Connecting to local SIGS
  • Advocate for more federal funding
  • Amount of publishing people have to do - contribution to discipline suffers and it strains the process
  • Lack of continued development of SIGCHI website
  • Harmonize SIGCHI website and Bulletin website
  • Interactions web presence (+ volunteer to lead this)
  • communication externally/ within membership/internally within EC
  • maintain history
  • foster more of a culture of appreciation instead of recrimination
  • council of chapters - need a sense of chapters owning their own fate
  • broader use of adjunct chairs & consultative group comprising the EEC
  • CHI in Europe & push toward continues internationalization at ACM
  • Specialized conf support needs to improve with communication
  • Leadership development
  • Documentation/job description within EC, specialized confs
  • Non-paper contribution and recognition
  • Branding and cross-marketing

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