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EC Minutes from September 2006 Conference Call

Summary of the minutes from the EC Minutes from the September 2006 Conference Call


  • Julie Jacko
  • Mary Czerwinski
  • Fred Sampson
  • A.J. Brush
  • Dan Olsen
  • Paula Kotzé
  • Joe Konstan
  • Dennis Wixon
  • Scooter Morris
  • Brian Bailey
  • Philippe Palanque
  • Gerrit van der Veer
  • Brooke Hardy from the ACM

Welcome New Volunteers

  • Philippe Palanque will be transitioning into the Specialized Conferences role over the next several month, replacing Ian McClellan. Thanks to Ian for his work.
  • Gerrit van der Veer will be transitioning into the role of VP for Conferences over the next year, replacing Dennis Wixon. Thanks to Dennis for his work.
  • Jonathan Lazar will be transitioning into the role of U.S. Public Policy, replacing Ben Bederson. Thanks to Ben.
  • Ed Cutrell will continue as Adjunct Chair for Volunteers. Thanks Ed.

Operations (Scooter Morris)

Mailing lists management is being transitioned to Scooter.

The EC plone has been set-up and we are going to get some experience with the plone before pushing on the RFP for the web site.

We discussed finding a person or student to join the operations team and assist with web site updates.

Conferences (Dennis Wixon)

  • CHI 2007 status is "steady as she goes." Budget approval will be coming soon, no problems are foreseen
  • CHI 2007 Workshop submission were down 50%, course submission up about 50%
  • CHI 2008 Conference dates confirmed, committee being recruited and hotels being arranged. Darren (ACM) is working on two budgets, one with VAT and one without VAT. Main issue foreseen is on-site sales (T-shirts, etc). Dennis suggests avoiding on-site sales, keeping pre-sale and website option. CHI 2008 kick-off meeting will be in January.
  • Gerrit and Dennis will meet to discuss a transition plan

Public Policy (Mary Czerwinski)

  • We discussed the proposed SIGCHI US Public Policy Statement on Web Accessibility
  • EC would like some clarifying verbage & some due diligence
  • Mary will discuss with policy committee and we will invite Jonathan to join us at our next call.

Publications (Dan Olsen)

  • The ACM is planning on digitizing all of our past videos. We need to publicize that if a conference would like to have its videos in the digital library it is possible.
  • TOCHI is backed-up about a year on accepted papers. ACM says that size is not an issue, so could print large issue.
  • Discussion of additional transactions and where they would fit (e.g. under TOCHI v. separate). SIGCHI has an interest in fertilizing and growing communities given there is enough content to support a transactions in a particular sub-discipline.

Communications (A.J. Brush)

  • Volunteer Database: Mary, A.J. and Ed are fleshing out approaches for creating a volunteer database. Gathering data about past approaches and future possibilities.
  • Volunteer Recognition: A.J. and Susan have brainstormed ways to recognize volunteers across SIGCHI starting with volunteers at CHI. We discussed ribbons and stickers and settled on stickers as more appropriate. A.J. and Susan will come back with sticker design and cost proposals.
  • SIGCHI Certificates: A.J., Apala and Ed are working on SIGCHI certificates that could be used to help local SIGs recognize volunteers, but also more broadly across SIGCHI. We discussed how these certificates should come from SIGCHI leadership, with tracking of who receives them.

Bulletin & Web (Brian Bailey)

  • Brian has brought a student on-board to help with content development for the bulletin. She is working on an article with Jim Foley
  • Brian is willing to advise an additional student to help operations with web site maintenance

Finance (Fred Sampson)

  • Not much to report, ACM has been busy with internal auditors

Future EC Meetings

  • We are investigating the week of January 8th or 15th for the next EC face to face meeting.

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