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You are here: Home 2006 Vol.38 No.4, October 2006 Summary of SIGCHI CMC/EC Joint Meeting – August 16, 2006
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Summary of SIGCHI CMC/EC Joint Meeting – August 16, 2006

Summary of the minutes from the joint SIGCHI/CMC meeting held in Atlanta on August 16-17


  • Julie Jacko (President)
  • Mary Czerwinski (Executive VP)
  • Fred Sampson (VP for Finance)
  • A.J. Brush (VP Membership and Communications)
  • Dan Olsen (VP at Large)
  • Paula Kotzé (VP at Large)
  • Joe Konstan (Past President)
  • Dennis Wixon, (VP for Conference)
  • Brian Bailey (Editor in Chief for SIGCHI Bulletin).
  • We were also joined by Fran Spinola and Brooke Hardy from the ACM.
  • Apala Lahiri Chavan (VP for Chapters) and Scooter Morris (VP for Operations) joined us by phone when we discussed their areas.

Executive Committee Appointments

  • Dennis Wixon was reappointed as VP of Conference Planning
  • Apala Lahiri Chavan was reappointed as VP of Chapters
  • Scooter Morris was appointed as VP for Operations
  • Dan Olsen was appointed as VP for Publications
  • Paula Kotzé was appointed as Adjunct Chair for Education & Curriculum


The Executive Committee started our kick-off meeting with a joint session with the Conference Management Committee (CMC) chaired by Dennis Wixon. Members of the CMC present were: Mary Beth Rosson, Gary Olson, Mike Atwood, Susan Dray, Gerrit van.der Veer, and Tom Erickson.

First, Fran and Brooke updated us on the fact that ACM headquarters was moving and the growth of the digital library. Next, Mary Beth provided an update on CHI 2007. Overall, things are going really well. The technical program is coming along well and the budget is expected to be approved shortly. Dennis then gave us an overview of CHI 2008 planning. After some discussion, a vote was taken by the EC and Florence, Italy was confirmed tentatively as the location for CHI 2008 – although this still depends on remaining negotiations.

Next, Dennis provided information about specialized conference for Ian McClellan (who could not join us). We discussed having a minimal set of expectations for conferences sponsored by SIGCHI (e.g. perhaps more systemized reporting or use of conflict of interest policy). Susan Dray then presented thoughts on Volunteer Recognition including goals for volunteers, sources of new CHI volunteers, and ideas for recognizing existing volunteers. Susan and A.J. are working on a proposal for recognizing volunteers. Tom Erickson next presented on conference data archiving. The main question discussed was how to collect and disseminate the history of conferences. The CMC Plone has some of this information, but many gaps. Dan Olsen then discussed putting together a timeline for key EC/CMC milestones so that we can insure the EC is well informed about conference related decisions and can give feedback in a timely manner. Dan proposed a benchmark of “Would more than 20% of attendees notice a change” about when the EC should definitely be informed and included in discussions about proposed changes.

After breaking for lunch and wishing the CMC members “safe travels,” the EC continued meeting. We established that our meeting schedule would include 3 face-to-face meetings. One meeting will occur in January (before the CHI kick-off meeting), one at CHI, and then one in August. The EC will also have phone conferences roughly every 6 weeks.

The afternoon included a visit by the president of SIGGRAPH, Scott Owen. He presented several proposals where SIGGRAPH and SIGCHI might work together. SIGGRAPH is working to create a new type of member: Associate Member, where each member of a local SIG would automatically become an associate member. SIGGRAPH is also working to restructure how local chapters report to ACM. They would like to have the chapters report through SIGGRAPH rather than directly to ACM. Julie will continue to stay in contact with Scott to see if it is appropriate for SIGCHI to join with SIGGRAPH on either of these proposals.

Next, Apala updated us on chapters and her thoughts on local chapters reactions to SIGGRAPH proposals. Fred discussed World Usability Day and will be writing an article on it for the bulletin. We then more generally discussed ways that SIGCHI could work better together with other organizations like SIGGRAPH, UPA, and HFES. The afternoon concluded with a discussion of several issues related to membership and communications. We focused primarily on two things: a volunteer database and our website. The volunteer database would provide a place to track people who are interested in helping out SIGCHI. Mary and AJ are working on this and will craft a proposal for discussion at a later time. For the website, we discussed previous efforts in this direction, and short and long term goals. Scooter, Brian, and Joe will be working on this issue.

The morning of August 17th, we approved the appointments listed at the beginning of these notes. Joe then told us about the SIG governing board at ACM, of which he will be chair. Fred then gave us a financial update, and we talked about protocols for informing EC members when people want to spend from designated budgets. Next, Brian presented on the bulletin. He had interesting figures on readership and discussed challenges in managing the bulletin due to the current infrastructure. The EC encouraged Brian to spend part of the previously budgeted money to get help from some students in updating and managing the site.

The next phase of the morning was breakout sessions. We discussed Education & Curricula reform, Publications, Public Policy, and Awards in smaller groups. We then had a teleconference with our new ops VP: Scooter Morris. We decided that ops will head up the redesign of the website and that a good portion of our winter face to face meeting will be about website redesign. We also discussed the idea of building a team of people that could help Scooter with ops duties. We closed the meeting by each reflecting on our goals and summarizing the “action items” that we had each been assigned during our two days of meetings.


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