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Minutes from December 2006 EC Conference Call

Summary of the minutes from the December 2006 EC Conference Call


  • Julie Jacko (President)
  • Mary Czerwinski (Executive VP)
  • Fred Sampson (VP for Finance)
  • A.J. Brush (VP Membership and Communications)
  • Dan Olsen (VP for Publications)
  • Joe Konstan (Past President)
  • Dennis Wixon (VP for Conference)
  • Scooter Morris (VP for Operations)
  • Philippe Palanque (Adjunct Chair for Specialized Conferences)
  • Gerrit van der Veer (Conference Management Committee)
  • Ian McClelland (Conference Management Committee)
  • Jimmy Ginn
  • We were also joined by Fran Spinola and Brooke Hardy from the ACM.


  • Membership/Communications:
    • Motivated by SIGGRAPH’s positive experience, we are investigating capturing talks at SIGCHI and making them available to members.
    • Feedback on initial sticker designs has been received. There will be more discussion at winter meeting.
  • Awards:
    • Excellent nominations were received. The process for Social Impact, Lifetime Service and CHI Academy is on or ahead of schedule.
  • Pubs:
    • Dan will begin a discussion of an appropriate HCI person to nominate to the CRA consortium board.
  • Operations:
    • Plone is back up!
    • Website RFC will be rewritten by Scooter to specify using plone technology.
  • Finance:
    • We are on track to have the required $1M reserve by end of year. We have almost recovered from the bad years.
  • Other:
    • A papers exchange between SIGGRAPH/SIGCHI is in planning stages, Dan will drive this.
    • SIGCHI ACM review on Feb. 5th. The winter meeting will be a working session to clarify our message.
    • SIGCHI EC Winter meeting will be Jan 10 – 12th, 2007.

Detailed Minutes

Membership and Communications (A.J.)

Conference presentation system: A.J., with help from Julie, described the system that SIGGRAPH recommends we check out for showing content recorded at conferences (e.g. talks). The main cost is capturing the video, which can then be put in the digital library or shown through the Encore system used by SIGGRAPH. SIGGRAPH has received positive feedback on having the captured content as a member benefit. People were generally positive on the idea for SIGCHI, but questions of cost and scale are important. SIGGRAPH paid roughly $20,000 for capture; CHI appears to have roughly 3X the number of papers and more parallel sessions. Also, the $20,000 may have been an incremental cost for capture after SIGGRAPH already had cameras in the room.

Scooter described that there is a digital media capture effort already underway in ACM. Scooter chairs this committee. They’re planning on capturing the venues that are in the main session room in CHI 2007. Copyright is something to consider carefully as it may prevent these tapes from being published. As you want to capture the slides one option might be the P-Box™ from Fuji Xerox that captures slides and audio.

Action Item (A.J.): Check back with SIGGRAPH about questions of scale and whether cameras were already in the room.
Action Item (A.J.)
: Work with Scooter and the Digital media capture group.

Sticker Feedback: Briefly discussed sticker designs that were circulated. Dan requested more variations of messages.
Action Item (EC): Send feedback. We will discuss stickers further at the January meeting.

Potential SIG at CHI on reviewing: A.J. discussed thoughts on working with appropriate members of the CMC to host a SIG at CHI to talk about reviewing and ways of improving or changing process. Some discussion of CHI PC meeting.

Action Item (A.J.): Will connect with Tom Erickson about reviewing and reviewer survey. Will be discussed further in January.

Awards (Mary)

The awards committee has been working hard and has recommendations for the Social Impact and Lifetime Service awards. The CHI Academy awards are also on track. Mary reports that many people submitted nominations to the Social Impact Awards this year. Mary presented the EC with recommended awardees for the Social Impact and Lifetime service awards and the EC approved the recommendations.

Action Item (Mary): Forward the blurbs summarizing the qualifications for each winner to EC.

Mary also mentioned that a potential volunteer had contacted her about working with chapters. She will connect the volunteer with Apala.

Action Item (Mary): Respond to volunteer and forward to Apala.

Publications (Dan)

Dan has determined the membership and terms of the publications board. He mentioned that the new journal of Human-Robotic transactions is starting. TOCHI is moving to a plan where as soon as a paper is accepted it will be published in the Digital Library and later in print. Dan asks that we discuss community development at the winter meeting due to the fact that the CRA will be doing much of the community development work for NSF. Dan would like to ensure that an HCI researcher with a strong track record of funding is nominated for the consortium board at CRA. Dan will drive determining who might be good candidates.

Action Item (Dan): Open online discussion about nominations to CRA.

Action Item (Julie): Add discussion of publication development (e.g. new journals) to winter meeting agenda.

Operations (Scooter)

Plone update: The plone lives again! Content has been restored. This is going to be the plone going forward. It’s stable and ready to be populated.
Website RFC: ACM is going to move to the plone for their website. Scooter will redo the RFC to specify the plone as the technology; focus will be on design and information architectures. Having several SIGs and ACM using the plone helps to reduce complexity

Action Item (Scooter): Redraft website RFC and put on plone for discussion and refinement.

Website Issues: Only remaining problem is with photo sharing website. This involves finding some missing photos and repopulating them.

Finance (Fred)

Finance report on YTD: About 1/3 through the fiscal year, SIGCHI currently has $401K positive net. We appear to be right on budget for the year. Fred predicts we will have just over the $1M reserve required by ACM by the end of the fiscal year. In general, SIGCHI seems out of the financial problems of the previous years.

Budget planning: Waiting for some details from Darren at ACM before we start budget planning. Fred encourages everyone to think about what they might recommend for the next budget. Fred will put past budget on the plone so EC members can look at it.

Action Item (Fred): Put budget on plone.
Action Item (EC): Think about wish-list items for next budget.
Action Item (Julie): Add budget planning session to the winter meeting agenda.

Papers Exchange between SIGCHI/SIGGRAPH (Julie)

Julie attended part of the SIGGRAPH EC meeting and exchanging papers between the two communities was proposed as a way to have closer ties. Modeled similarly to the “UIST at SIGGRAPH” session, it has been proposed that a small committee from SIGCHI would identify a few of the best SIGCHI papers that would be interesting to a SIGGRAPH audience and similarly for a small committee from SIGGRAPH which would select a few SIGGRAPH papers to be presented at SIGCHI. Dan will pick this up and look to recommend papers from SIGCHI 2007 to be presented at SIGGRAPH 2007. Hopefully this will start the exchange.

Action item (Julie): Connect the relevant SIGGRAPH and SIGCHI people
Action Item (Dan): Champion and drive project; take charge of proposing the papers.

Action Item Run-through

We deferred this since the plone is up and running. Again everyone needs to go to the plone and update with the things they are working on. Get this updated by the winter meeting.
Action Item (Each EC member): Before January meeting add and update relevant action items

SIGCHI Review: Feb 5th (Julie)

Julie discussed the upcoming SIGCHI review. Fran will be sending data hopefully before the winter meeting. We plan to use the winter meeting as a working session for developing the presentation (5 slides). The slides are due Jan 22nd.We will also try to have the first three slides (Membership, Finance, Conferences) ready going into the winter meeting so that we can focus on the story we wish to present. Joe described some experience from sitting in on reviews, and the potential value in telling the story of how the SIG recovered from a conference that was causing financial failure. Also suggested was a message about how HCI can help with problems that the CS discipline is facing. Fran will post the 2002 example slides on the plone. However, Julie and Fran caution that these are not the best templates for us to work from.
Action Item (Fran): Provide data to EC before winter meeting.
Action Item (Fran): Post 2002 slides on the plone
Action Item (Fred, A.J., Dennis): Work up first three slides before winter meeting. These slides are: one slide on financials, one on membership and volunteer development, and one slide on conferences.

Winter meeting (Julie)

This will be Jan 10 – 12th in Miami. Julie is working on agenda. Structure will be the same as August meeting with first day for CMC, second day for EC/CMC joint in morning and then EC in afternoon. EC will meet on 12th until 3 pm. Fran suggests looking at other hotels if people are staying the weekend. Julie updates on people that will join us for the meeting.
Action Item (EC): Send agenda items to Julie within the week
Action Item (Julie): Develop agenda and distribute.

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