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Minutes from October 2006 EC Conference Call

Summary of the minutes from the October 2006 EC Conference Call


  • Julie Jacko (President)
  • Mary Czerwinski (Executive VP)
  • Fred Sampson (VP for Finance)
  • A.J. Brush (VP Membership and Communications)
  • Paula Kotzé (VP at Large)
  • Dan Olsen (VP for Publications)
  • Joe Konstan (Past President)
  • Dennis Wixon (VP for Conference)
  • Scooter Morris (VP for Operations)
  • Philippe Palanque (Adjunct Chair for Specialized Conferences)
  • Gerrit van der Veer (Conference Management Committee)
  • Apala Lahiri Chavan (VP for Membership)
  • Ian McClelland (Conference Management Committee)
  • Jimmy Ginn
  • We were also joined by Brooke Hardy from the ACM.


  • Public Policy:
    • Jonathan Lazar was present and introduced revised statement to EC.
    • The EC approved an amended version of the SIGCHI US Public policy statement
  • Awards:
    • We discussed awards committees and recruiting of an adjunct chair for awards
    • While we recruit an adjunct chair, Dan will handle CHI Academy & Lifetime achievement, Mary & Joe will handle Social Impact and Lifetime service.
  • Communications:
    • New minutes format with summary and longer minutes in one document
    • Discussed in-cooperation process
    • Sticker designs and volunteers database plans in progress
  • Operations:
    • Everyone will put action items on plone to get used to it, we will review plone action items at every call
    • SIGGRAPH folks are willing to help us with our website redesign and share their experience
    • Work being done to clean up old mailing lists (e.g. old CHI conference lists)
  • Conference Update:
    • Transitions (Ian->Philippe and Dennis ->Gerrit) are going well
    • CHI 2007 on track, 577 paper submissions a 12% increase from 2006, 265 Note submissions, a 56% increase from 2006
    • For CHI 2008, working on hotels for a range of budget and cost. We will not sell souvenirs on site for VAT related reasons. Kick-off meeting late Jan. 2007 in Florence
  • Chapters:
    • Apala proposed regional chairs to be liaisons between her and local chapters. She will solicit names of people who may be willing to serve in these roles.
    • SIGCHI EC Winter meeting: We are saving the dates Jan 10 – 12th, 2007.

Detailed Minutes

SIGCHI US Public policy statement

Jonathan Lazar joined us for this section of the call.

The policy was revised based on feedback from last conference call, the added section was in asterisks.

Jonathan: Started process of creating statement a few months ago, wanted to put policy on accessibility together, somewhat controversial to encourage private companies to make their sites more accessible.
Big news story in the last month, lawsuit against Target (the chain) filed by the national federation of the blind. Previously never been any type of case law that says that accessibility is important. Preliminary ruling in California says that Americans with disabilities does apply to internet. This policy would be very timely given the court action in California. Would like statement from SIGCHI saying “we support accessibility and this is important”

The committee discussed concerns around the word “require” and what this might mean for involving lawyers. We discussed splitting out commercial and public/non-profit companies. In the end we decided one wording change from “would require private” to “would strongly encourage organizations” would achieve our goal of demonstrating that we are very much in favor of websites that are accessible to all, but would not require a legal solution, rather relying on an ethical imperative.

The executive committee voted unanimously in favor of approving the policy statement with the amended wording. It will now be vetted by ACM lawyers.


We decided at summer meeting to appoint an Adjunct chair for awards. We are finding the appropriate person. We discuss how to handle the awards process while we recruit an adjunct chair. We look at the timeline in the award document on the plone. Awards by January 1st so getting a little late, We are 3 weeks behind on current timeline. We need to have:
1) Solicitation
2) Selection of selection committee
3) One committee for service side, one for research

Joe points out we have a member of the CHI Academy on EC, nominate Dan to do Lifetime Achievement, CHI Academy right now, while Joe/Mary handle Social Impact and Lifetime service

Action Item (Mary): Send out the email requesting nominations
Action Item (Dan): Put together committee for Lifetime Achievement & CHI Academy

Additional Awards:
Dan brings up nominating people for the Turing Award. Joe broadens discussion to importance of nominating SIGCHI people for variety of different types of public recognition (Alan Newell Award, Hopper, ACM Fellows). Julie points out that this speaks to a need to have an adjunct chair to broadly focus on these things. We will aim for next fall nominations, many of the people in consideration for CHI Academy & Lifetime achievement may be the appropriate ones for the other awards.


Minutes Format:
AJ proposes summary at top, longer minutes at the bottom. So everything is in a single document which will be put in the bulletin and on the plone. She will do this going forward.

In-cooperation process:
We discussed process for in cooperation status.

Joe: 2 aspects when it comes to in-cooperation
1) Marketing relationship (our members get discounts, we publicize and put in conference calendar, etc)
2) Set of tiers of implied endorsement (strong – put content into digital library, weak – sort of connected with conferences)
ACM has official policy about what in-cooperation means – it’s on the ACM conference page. Clear definition for in-cooperation that means our name is on event. We have to evaluate whether how/when it is appropriate on case by case basis looking at when in-cooperation benefits our membership. In-cooperation is seen as endorsement of other conference.
Note that in-cooperation is different that allowing people to put things in the SIGCHI attendee bags

Philippe will be handling in-cooperation requests.

Stickers (A.J.): Dan Robbins (MSR Designer) is mocking up some designs. A.J./Susan will send around design and cost proposal when they are ready.
Action Item (A.J./Susan Dray): Send out sticker designs and cost proposal

Volunteer Database (AJ): Ed contacted people previously involved in CHI place about potentially working on this, but not a good fit at this time. This will take money.
Action Item (AJ/Mary): Contact scooter to discuss volunteer database and interaction with website redesign

Operations (Scooter)

Action Items Discussion: Talk around best practices with respect with the plone, action items and what people are working on. We discuss importance of getting action items from minutes into plone, determine that having time to review action items during each phone call would be good.

Action Item (Each EC member): between this call and next call spend the time to get on the plone, add relevant action items from summer meeting, update the action items related to you that are there
Action Item (AJ/Scooter): Add new action items to plone going forward (including one for people to put up old action items)
Action Item (Julie): Put agenda item to review action items.

Website re-design: SIGCHI people are very enthusiastic to work with us and help us in getting our re-design going, yeah! We need to do some homework so that the information architecture is appropriate for our membership

SIGCHI email aliases: all are not quite up-to-date quite yet, Scooter will change vp-finances for Fred, very slowly all the SIGCHI aliases are moving to be hosted by CHIInfodir. Two things going on: 1) chi-conferences lists were getting cleaned up, keep the email lists for one year conference back, regular process for deleting one year after chi conference has passed. 2) lists hosted by CHIInfodir
Short answer – if Scooter doesn’t has access to a list he can get it, but it might take a week
Action item (Scooter): Send how to get on the list server to ec list and put on the plone

Conferences Update

Transitions: Philippe – receiving all the emails going to Ian, getting additional information from Ian. Gerrit and Dennis have had several conferences call, Gerrit is being cc’d on everything. Brooke is also including Gerrit in things as well.

2007 Update (Dennis): 577 paper submissions a 12% increase from 2006, 265 Notes – Dennis thinks it is in the right ballpark (don’t have figures for 2006) [A.J. follow-up – I found out that figure for 2006 was 170, 56% increase this year]. Paper chairs of 2008 will come to 2007 meeting, conference moving forward in a fairly typical fashion, plenary speakers aren’t nailed down, Dennis working with Mary Beth on that and space planning – more courses submitted, don’t want to have too many course tracks, conference on track for 2007

2008 Update (Gerrit): working with conference chair on hotels also with Brooke. Hotels at a variety of comfort and price levels, budget with VAT and without. We will not sell souvenirs at the conference – this is done to get exempt from VAT . Conference chair is working on and keeping Gerrit in loop for spaces for the venues. Monthly calls will start in mid Novembers, kick-off meeting Jan. 25 – 28 in Florence, start on logistics, vendors for publicity, sponsorship, etc.

Chapters (Apala)

Apala proposed regional chapter chairs to provide a link between Apala and the local chapters, this could also revive the “council of chapters.” The regional chair bridges the gap between EC and local chapters. Apala asks for assistance in finding regional chairs, she has a good candidate for Asia,
Action Item (Apala): solicits names of people who might be willing to fill the regional roles by emailing EC
Action Item (Apala): follow up with Scott Owen about SIGCHI chapters

SIGCHI EC Winter meeting (Julie)

Keep holding dates Jan 10 – 12th, Probably not Atlanta for meeting location
Action Item (Julie): Send more information about meeting

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