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Minutes from April EC Conference Call

Summary of the EC Minutes from the April Conference Call

Meeting started at 10:04 am EST and concluded around 11:14 am EST.
A.J. Brush

Participants: Julie Jacko, Mary Czerwinski, Fred Sampson, A.J. Brush, Dan Olsen, Joe Konstan, Dennis Wixon, Scooter Morris, Philippe Palanque, Gerrit van der Veer, Elizabeth Churchill, Jimmy Ginn, Brooke Hardy (ACM) and Fran Spinola (ACM).


  • Approved Minutes from EC Conference call in February.
  • SIGCHI Volunteer stickers are printed! Look for them at CHI 2007
  • Interactions editor search continues.
  • SIGCHI EC voted to support a proposal for Transactions on Human Robot Interactions


Detailed Minutes

1) Approve previous EC call minutes (A.J.)

A.J. moved to approve the minutes, Dan seconded, Minutes approved
Passed unanimously

2) CHI 2007 events and planning (all)

Sticker update (A.J.): Stickers have been printed. Thanks to Fran for her help in arranging the vendors. Arrangements have been made to get stickers to CHI volunteers. Thanks to Mary Beth Rosson, Yvonne Lopez and Helena Mentis for their assistance.
Finalization of agenda for member meeting at CHI (A. J.): Discussion of agenda and presentation at CHI member meeting. We reiterated our goal of keeping the presentation short and leaving time for questions. Current agenda plans are 1) Welcome (A.J.), 2) CHI 2007 facts/figures (Dennis/Mary Beth?), 3) Update on CHI 2008 (Gerrit), 4) SIGCHI update (Julie/Fred), 5) Q&A (AJ moderate).

Action Items: People involved (Dennis, Gerrit, Julie/Fred) will send slides to A.J. to be compiled.

Staffing the SIGCHI booth at CHI (Scooter): Scooter will be coordinating this. He will post a schedule on the plone and people should sign up. We especially need people there during breaks. Fran has handled getting the booth there. Fred asked about brochures and other things to hand-out.

Action items: Fred will ping interactions editors, A.J. will try to get information about what we stocked the booth with in Portland. Scooter will put up the sign-up sheet. (Note after the meeting Fred reminded Scooter that he had offered to manage the sign-ups and so Fred will be doing this.)

Discussion of request to support student using SIGCHI Development Funds (Julie): We discussed how to handle requests from conference for assistance in general. Joe provided background on the previous conference scholarship program and process. After some discussion about the goal of the development fund and brainstorming process ideas Julie decided to put this on the agenda for our face-to-face meeting after CHI 2007.

CMC/EC post-CHI meeting (Julie): Julie asks everyone to confirm their attendance for the meeting after CHI. She will be soliciting agenda items. The plan is to wrap up by 3 pm.

3) Web RFP and ongoing Plone support issues (Scooter)

The web RFP was released and we have received some responses. Scooter is evaluating them and working with folks at ACM.

4) Interactions Editor Search (Dan)

Dan updated SIGHCI on the editor search, we have a few possibilities. Dan is hoping to interview people at CHI and make a recommendation after CHI. Joe, Fred, and Dan will be working together on interviewing.

5) Request for indication of SIGCHI EC support for Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction (Dan)

Dan had previously sent a proposal for a transactions on Human Robot Interaction. Dan quickly covered the details and we discuss whether the EC should offer support.
Dan moved to support the proposal, Scooter seconded
Passes unanimously

6) SIGCHI/CHI Conference data collection, archival, and analysis (Julie)

We discussed efforts to centralize past SIGCHI/CHI conference data. Jonathan Grudin has requested some data for an interactions article. We reiterate some goals expressed at the winter meeting at getting data into one place, more systematic reporting. We also discussed identifying a small set of particular statistics that we would like to collect in a standard way. Fred, Joe, Dennis and Scooter all volunteer to be involved in identifying important statistics at and after CHI 2007. We will discuss this further at CHI, mostly likely in a breakout group.

Action items: Dennis will work to make sure data is transferred to Philippe, Julie will contact Jonathan to request a proposal of what data he wants access to and why.

7) Update on the final vote regarding the CHI 2008 budget (Dennis)

Dennis updated us on the attendance assumptions being used for CHI 2008 budget. The CMC needs to approve this budget and then it can be sent to the EC for approval.

Action Item: Send updated CHI 2008 budget to SIGCHI EC (Mary)


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