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Minutes from February EC Conference Call

Summary of the EC Minutes from the February Conference Call

Meeting started at 10:01 am EST and concluded around 11:01 am EST.
A.J. Brush

Participants: Julie Jacko, Mary Czerwinski, Fred Sampson, A.J. Brush, Dan Olsen, Paula Kotzé, Joe Konstan, Dennis Wixon, Scooter Morris, Philippe Palanque, Gerrit van der Veer, Brooke Hardy (ACM) and Fran Spinola (ACM).


  • Approved Minutes from EC Winter Meeting
  • Approved revised ACM US Public Policy statement on Web Accessibility
  • Approved updated Awards policy
  • Approved proposal for SIGCHI co-hosting (with the Italian Computer Society) an IFIP TC13 Meeting in Florence, Italy in April 2008 in conjunction with CHI 2008
  • Discuss plans for SIGCHI membership meeting at CHI and also publicizing EC meeting on Friday after CHI
  • Conferences:
    • Update on CHI 2007 registration. Cautious optimism!
    • Budget discussion for CHI 2008
    • Mary announces that Arnie Lund has agreed to co-chair CHI 2008 and Jon Froehlich will be her technical assistant. Thanks to Mary, Arnie and Jon.
  • Approved budget update for SIGCHI 2008 budget
  • Formation of committee (Dan, Fred, Joe) to find new editors for Interactions.
  • Web RFP has been released

Detailed Minutes

1) Approve minutes of winter meeting (A.J.)

A.J. moves to approve the minutes, Mary seconds, Minutes approved
Passes unanimously

2) US public policy/ACM US public policy statement on web accessibility (Mary/Dan)

Julie describes the state of the discussion and turns over to Dan.
Dan Olsen proposes a revised statement on web accessibility which he developed, in collaboration with USACM, to address concerns about unintended negative consequences. Dan describes changes he made in two places after talking with Cameron Wilson (ACM Public Policy Director). Changes were 1) small changes of wording to soften the language 2) Paragraph on small businesses and that paragraph was replaced “minimize regulatory burden” Mary moves that we vote, Scooter seconded
Passes unanimously

3) Approve the updated awards policy (A.J.)

A.J. to change wording to use guest throughout (rather than spouse) Thanks Paula for catching that.
A.J. moves to approve updated awards policy after editing changes, Mary seconds
Passes unanimously

4) Discuss SIGCHI co-hosting (with the Italian Computer Society) an IFIP TC13 Meeting in Florence, Italy in April 2008 in conjunction with CHI 2008 (Julie for John Karat)

Discussion of cost and potential conflict with workshops, discussion of length of meeting.
Mary moves to vote on proposal, Dennis seconds.
Passes unanimously

5) Solicit agenda items for the CHI membership meeting (Julie/A.J.)

Membership meeting scheduled for Wednesday evening,
Dennis traditional items : Conference attendance (data at that point),
AJ suggests slides from ACM, Julie agrees some of this would be interested in
Joe – be ready to respond questions, great opportunity to tell people what we want them to know, e.g. spend a couple minutes talking about other conferences we are sponsoring, perhaps recruit volunteers if we have stuff we’d like people to do, Joe’s experience has been no matter what you plan something captivates people and you have to leave a lot of time for people to bring up the issue they want to talk about.
Fred: Chance for a mild sales pitch on everything we do for you and what your opportunities are
Present background on small conferences (from Philippe)
Joe: sales pitch on creating new conference
Dennis – at least 30 minutes for questions if not longer
Julie – recognize and thanks for conference leaders
Scooter – mention CMC transition.

6) discuss publicizing the SIGCHI EC meeting as part open, part closed. (Julie)

Scooter had suggested at the winter meeting that we publicize part of the EC meeting as part open and part closed.
Joe – in general our meetings are supposed to be open, of course parts might need to be closed if confidential discussions. Might as well publicize as open (which most of it is) and then close only small sections as needed
Action Item: Julie will solicit initial agenda items
Action Item: A.J. will publicize to CHI-announcements.

7) CHI 08 budget (Mary)

Mary: CHI 2008 had a 500,000 deficit when she took over. They decided to raise fees $25 across the board, also scrubbed budget for things to cut. Mary is waiting on historical data from when CHI was in Vienna so that she can do some comparison. Also waiting for barebones contract back from site to see what it would cost with no food.
Discussion of previous approval of CHI 2008 location, risk that might occur, and whether or not EC has previously approved a grant to cover this possible deficit. The EC is aware of risk of the location and that we may need to cover any loss that might occur. Discussion about return and cushion in 2008 budget. Discussion about contingency and how it covers issues.
Scooter: Plan a budget so that people know what it costs to run a conference in Florence, we’ll have better numbers after 2007. If it turns out that the only way to make the budget is draconian measures then that’s a good time for EC to talk about what to do to make sure what to make it a good conference experience. If you find you are thinking about cuts that would impact the program, then EC needs to have that discussion about how to feed money in.
Joe: Really important that Mary understands that EC will make it a successful conferences, but also as Mary puts together a team for sponsorships that they understand the necessity of running a financially successful conference in Europe.
Mary: Arnie Lund has agreed to be my co-chair, Jon Froehlich will be her technical assistant

8) SIGCHI 08 budget (Fred)

Fred: Darren came back with some changes that represent some changes in smaller conference numbers, bump in projected income for FY 08 all of which changes the bottom line a relatively small amount. It’s very close to previous version
Dan moves to accept the budget, Mary seconded
Passes unanimously

9) Conferences update (Gerrit/Dennis/Philippe)

Dennis: Registration at CHI 2007 - Open for 3 weeks, 600 people registered so far, running about 10% over registration for last year, at 26% of revenue goal for conference, only 5% is for single day registration, 9 more weeks of registration. Cautiously optimistic.
Philippe: Discussion with DUX 2007 - organized as co-sponsorship for last 2 editions, this year looks like there is a new DUX 2007 we weren’t accepted to co-sponsor or in-cooperation. Should we follow up, since they haven’t asked anything but it seems like they might think that SIGCHI is co-sponsoring?
Joe – SIGCHI/SIGGRAPH/AIGA started DUX, it did have provisions in the agreement for who took the lead, Joe suggests that AIGA might be in charge this year and thus it may be assumed that we would be co-sponsorship.
Brooke/Fran – ACM is looking for the agreement.
Joe suggests also start to work with folks to understand what happens in 2009
Action Item: Fran/Brooke will continue to look for original agreement,
Action Item: Philippe contact SIGCHI representative and others involved in for DUX to clarify

10) Issue of publication in the ACM DL and with Springer Verlag (Philippe)

Mostly tabled due to lack of time . Dan suggests Philippe talk to Mark Mandelbaum, challenges around copyright.

11) TOCHI / Interactions (Dan)

Dan: Talked with Mark Mandelbaum about going digital, 900 print submissions, but not sure how many have a digital one as well, it’s possible to get digital submission only
Interactions editors – we need a committee to find new editors, Dan probably needs two more people to recruit, vet and winnow prospective editors. Fred and Joe join the committee.
Action item: Send suggestions to Fred about potential editors, Dan would like a broad range of suggestions

12) Bulletin issue for March - a reminder to officers to prepare written summaries of recent achievements, upcoming initiatives, CHI updates or ads, etc. for the Bulletin. (Brian)

Remind officers to provide summaries, initiatives etc for Brian so that Brian can put something out in March.

13) Awards nomination (Dan)

Dan is working on this and some nominations for ACM Fellow are going forward.

14) Web RFP (Scooter)

It’s released.


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