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Minutes from July EC Conference Call

Summary of the EC Minutes from the July Conference Call

Meeting started at 10:02 am EST and concluded around 11:15 am EST.

A.J. Brush

Participants: Julie Jacko, Fred Sampson, Scooter Morris, A.J. Brush, Paula Kotze, Gerrit van der Veer, Philippe Palanque, Dan Olsen, Brian Bailey, Jimmy Ginn, Fran Spinola (ACM) and Brooke Hardy (ACM)


  • FY 2007 numbers are very good.
  • We are recruiting new chair for CHI Award committee. We thank Stu Card for his great service.
  • The new interactions editors are Richard Anderson and John Kolko are in-transition and will take over in December. We thank Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson and Jonathan Arnowitz for their work as editors.
  • The conference management committee will have a hand-off meeting 8/3-8/4/2007 in Montreal. We thank the retiring CMC members: Mike Atwood, Panu Korhonen, Thea Turner, Dennis Wixon, Susan Dray, Manfred Tscheligi, and Gary Olson for their service.


Detailed Minutes

1) Budget Update (Fred)

Numbers through fiscal 2007 look good, Fred’s happy.

Revenue of about $2,900,000, expenses around $2,600,000 for roughly 300,000 net. This is above budget. We now have an excess of about $121,000 in fund balance.

We have projected results from CHI 2007, a positive net of close to $500,000 in addition to our return.

2) Specialized Conference & Data Capture and Access (Philippe)

Request from Semantic Web conference: The Semantic Web Strategies 2007 approached us about a possible partnership. After discussion, we determine we don’t have a policy for partnering with commercial conferences, but they are welcome to post to CHI-Announcements. We also decided that on our webpage we will list only conferences we sponsor or other non-commercial HCI related conferences

Digital Library Link: Not likely that there will be an agreement between LNCS and ACM to publish content in both places. We discussed notions of archival content and standing of LNCS in many European universities. Brief discussion of what we can do as SIGCHI for the universities so that there is equivalent recognition of the proceedings from SIGCHI conferences. Brief discussion of CHI Letters. There will be a meeting with Dan on such aspects during the next face-to-face EC meeting.

Data capture and archive: 3 sources of data exist: Thea’s CMC archive, ACM information, and CHI conference data from registration website for 2006 & 2007, ACM data coming later this summer. Discussion about length of wait for data from ACM, Brooke discusses challenges around the amount of data and the request needing to wait until after the close of the fiscal year close, they would like to get it to us by EC meeting. Philippe proposes someone to help him with the data. Julie suggests that may also need other additional people since it is a big job. Discussion of importance keeping the information very secure.

Conference survey: Panu is wrapping up the survey for 2007. Then the survey account will be transferred to Philippe. Conference survey has been done for other sponsored conferences in the past, we could offer this service.

Specialized Conferences: Philippe working on getting the list of specialized conferences up-to-date, Philippe proposes two names of people that would be happy to help.

3) Awards planning for next year (A.J.)

Dan is helping with this process and will ask a candidate for to head the awards committee for CHI Academy and Lifetime award. A.J. with Julie’s help will recruit and manage committee for Social Impact and Service awards.

4) HRI journal update, interactions new editors (Dan)

Pubs board sent feedback on the HRI journal request, HRI people are collecting information to address feedback.
Interactions new editors are Richard Anderson and John Kolko. They are transitioning into their new role and take over full time in December – it’s going smoothly. Fred is continuing in slightly different role, and reports there has been a lot of email and lots of ideas and lots of coordination.

5) Plone, bulletin issues (Scooter/Brian)

Bulletin (Brian): The bulletin has got some serious problems. It’s not working – been like this since Christmas. It’s getting worse not better. Either we fix it or move to new implementation
Scooter – the old site was a one-off, custom designed for bulletin, never maintained. Scooter thinks there is enthusiasm for not fix existing site. We have been recommended someone by ACM who can work on getting the new bulletin/site working.
We move to spend $5000 to make the bulletin site operational, all approved.
Fran will work with Scooter to make agreement with person working on bulletin. We are hoping to work with existing contracts

6) Conferences Update (Gerrit)

Conference Management Committee (CMC): There is a new structure for CMC with very specific tasks and roles for different members. Each person on the CMC will have a particular focus. The next CMC will be Tom Erickson (reviewing quality), Scooter Morris (logistics), Philippe Palanque(special conf. archives), Julie Jacko(EC President), Joe Konstan (Past President of EC), Mary Czerwinski (VP of EC), Brooke Hardy (ACM), past CHI conference chair, and all future CHI chairs.
Next Saturday and Sunday (8/3 – 8/6) is hand-off meeting for the CMC in Montreal.

Julie working on documenting the CMC changes and will bring for vote to EC. Julie also has been discussing with Scott Owens of SIGGRAPH about how their conference committee is structured.

The EC appreciates the work done by the out-going members of the CMC! We discussed how to appropriately recognize the people who have served on the CMC. Fran and Julie are working on this.

CHI 2008: There was a site visit by Scooter and Carol last week. Florence is beautiful and expensive, Technical Program meeting in December in Amsterdam (12/1-6)

7) Fall meeting planning

Our fall meeting will be in New York City 9/6 -9/7 at ACM so people also have the opportunity to meet with relevant ACM staff. Julie proposes that the CMC would meet Thursday morning and then a joint CMC/EC Thursday afternoon. On Friday EC would meet, so for most of us be a day and half meeting.

Chapters Update (emailed by Elizabeth Churchill who could not attend)

Lauren and Elizabeth have collated all chapters’ information and sent a deadline for those chapters that are not in good standing to let us know if they wish to remain listed, and what they need to do to remain so. We will after that date (August 1st) edit the web pages to reflect who are currently real SIGCHI chapters. We have a couple of new enquiries and are dealing with getting them signed up.

We have a room booked as a workshop at CHI 2008, and are planning on collating materials for presentation from chapters who are interested in being represented in some form - perhaps a poster format.

Elizabeth has an action item in progress to contact the SIGGRAPH folks to try and get an idea of what they are doing re outreach and sign-up for new chapters. Lauren is finding out who she shoul


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