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Minutes from September EC Meeting

Summary of the EC Minutes from the September Meeting. This was a face-to-face meeting in New York City.

Sept 6th – 7th 2007, ACM Headquarters, New York City, New York

A.J. Brush


  • CHI 2008 planning is going well. There is a major site visit scheduled next week. SIGCHI will sponsor the conference reception.
  • EC approved a Special Award for Professional Contributions for Randy Pausch.
  • Gary Olson was appointed as the head of the awards committee for the CHI Academy and Lifetime service awards.
  • We have achieved our required fund balance and FY Total Net was $352,000.
  • EC approved an experiment for CHI 2009 and CHI2010 where TOCHI papers accepted in the past year can be presented at the conference.
  • New interactions editors Richard Anderson and John Kolko are having a smooth transition. The EC welcomes them.
  • The SIGCHI bulletin site, is working again.
  • The CMC evaluated the experiment made with CHI and the new model (courses, length, etc) and declared it a success.
  • CMC seeks to have CHI outside of North America and Europe in the future and is beginning initial explorations and feasibility studies.
  • The CMC committee has a new structure with specialists, representatives from the EC, and chairs of CHI past and present.

SIGCHI EC/CMC Joint Meeting

Afternoon of Thursday, Sept 6, 2007

Attendees: Julie Jacko, Mary Czerwinski, Fred Sampson, A.J. Brush, Paula Kotze, Gerrit van der Veer, Philippe Palanque, Brian Bailey, Scooter Morris, Tom Erickson, Mary Beth Rossen, Jimmy Ginn, Richard Anderson, Fran Spinola (ACM), Brooke Hardy (ACM).

Introduction and opening remarks

Julie presents the annual report for SIGCHI. This is something we would like to get up in the bulletin.

ACM Update and briefing (Fran)

By next year believe that we might be a few thousand above the requirement for the fund balance. Downloads from ACM digital library almost 7,000. Membership is steady, Fran has numbers ending June 2007. Viveka and Ken are in place working on the website. Fran looks forward to working on the awards

General CMC report to EC (Gerrit)

Gerrit has transitioned into the head of the CMC.
Gerrit describes transition meeting of the CMC previous/new. Discussed the experiment done with CHI and the new model, to evaluate it for CHI 2009 whether to continue or change. Did change analysis, concluded the new model in all major aspects served its purpose to help CHI cope with the changing situation. They consider the model to be successful.
Also discussed potential locations for CHI 2009

CMC August 2007 vision

    1) CHI should be outside N.A/Europe
    2) Collaboration between Gerrit and Philippe on CHI and specialized conferences – want to prevent disconnection between the various parts of the societies.
    3) Work on marketing CHI/SIGCHI/HCI the conference, the society and the discipline, this is an issue for both the EC and the CMC to have a long term vision rather than tying it to just each conference cycle.

CMC 2007 process

- Regular meeting schedule in connection with EC meetings
- CMC will have bi-monthly (twice a month) calls
- One separate meeting per year (perhaps a month before the EC meeting) for vision development

EC and CMC will strongly integrate their meeting planning
CMC August 2007 retiring members: Mike Atwood, Panu Korhonen, Thea Turner, Dennis Wixon, Susan Dray, Manfred Tscheligi, Gary Olson. Recognized them at the hand-off meeting and acknowledged the special and different work that they have each contributed to SIGCHI. We would like to do a special feature on the retiring members. Julie proposes that Dennis might want to spearhead that special feature.

Report on CHI future Sites

These are under consideration. Calls for proposals have gone out to the cities. By end of September we should have several bids. In October, there will be visits to promising sites. Hope to come up to decisions with both 2009 and 2010 in the fall.
2009 Possibilities: Boston, Atlanta
2010 Possibilities: Austin, Vancouver, San Diego

CHI Chairs and other volunteers

Gerrit and committee have generated several names and hopefully in a few months he may be able to propose chairs for several years. They also have names of people that they would like to develop further. The committee is encouraged to suggest names to Gerrit of people that would be good volunteers.

In relation to CHI 2008, there were two different initiatives that were raised to Gerrit –green CHI and ‘child-friendly’ CHI

Green CHI: Correspondent with the CMC will be Jen Mankoff and work on how to develop something that would last past the single CHI cycle. Gerrit will work to focus on this in the longer term.

Child-friendly CHI: Child and Spouse friendly CHI, draft policy on the table for SIGCHI, the need for people to bring children and significant others to the conference. This should be SIGCHI policy that should be consistent across all the conferences that we work with.

CHI 2008 (Mary)

Contracts received from the venue. Members of the committee are gearing up to do a planning visit very soon. They will be checking out all the rooms and also scouting out places for receptions and special functions. After next week there should be a lot of progress in place for the 08 conference after the site visit.

Committee is still considering the fee situation. The big problem in Europe if conference is not in a certain class, you have to charge VAT. No merchandise on the spot, registration will go through the U.S. Darren is hoping to have an update today or tomorrow on the VAT situation.

Mary notes that Desney is doing an excellent job.

We discuss the hotel situation, which involves the consulting firm and Brooke will be meeting with the consulting firm next week and make clear what we need. Brooke will be addressing issues such as the hotel concessions and service level with the consulting firm around registration.

Discussion of proposed plenary speakers

Hope to get contract signed as soon as possible. Still a few issues to workout with the exhibits, higher costs, the upcoming visit will be a great chance to iron out a number of remaining issues

CHI 2011 (Gerrit van der Veer)

We would like to go outside N.A. and Europe for CHI 2011. This means that we have to consider risk and changes. The conference will need to fit the local situation while still being similar to previous CHIs. CMC has been looking at different models. There are hotels that are part of large chains that could host the entire conference. Elizabeth from ACM is doing a feasibility of what hotel chains we already work with have locations in appropriate places. CMC has also been looking at “what is CHI” and thinking about what might be able to be trimmed to work on a model for ‘lean’ CHI. Also, CMC is trying to consider keeping the location reachable without too much effort. CMC is partnering with ACM in this investigation because ACM is also very interested in diversifying the locations of its conferences. CMC is also working to indentifying local people in various locations that could help with this.

We recognize this has some risk but it is very important.
Site selection in 2010 is very specifically targeted at sites that will have a large return. The goal is a larger return in 2010 to be well positioned for 2011. We discuss looking at SIGCHI attendance numbers in various regions as part of the way of helping to identifying good regions.

There is also the possibility of partnering with other conferences.

Specialized conferences (Philippe)

Announcement for semantic conference was sent to SIGCHI

Website for specialized conferences was updated, alert Philippe if you see any problems.

Discussion of working on the conference data. Discussion of whether there should be committee, decide we should have an adjunct chair for data archiving that reports to the CMC and works with Philippe. Philippe will recruit someone for this role.

Discussion of recruiting people to help make the process for creating specialized conferences easier. We will need a webpage or other information to help people prepare documents necessary to put together information for people organizing in-cooperation conferences. Philippe will recruit a few people to tackle this and hopefully have something to show in the meeting in January.
Richard Anderson brings up DUX conferences and we discuss getting it listed in all the right places and ways. We discuss DUX.



Friday 9/7/2007

Attendees: Julie Jacko, Mary Czerwinski, Fred Sampson, Dan Olsen, A.J. Brush, Paula Kotze, Gerrit van der Veer, Philippe Palanque, Scooter Morris, Brian Bailey, Joe Konstan, Richard Anderson, Jimmy Ginn, Fran Spinola (ACM), Brooke Hardy (ACM)

Approval of previous minutes

Mary moved to approve the minutes, Brian seconded. Pass unanimously

Discussion of award for Randy Pausch

Ben S. has proposed recognizing Randy’s accomplishments with an award for Professional Contributions. Discussion of recognition award and ongoing award support, folks in the UIST community are also working on appropriate awards and we should coordinate with them. We have a discussion with Fran about award logistics through ACM.

Dan moved to adopt Ben’s proposal to honor Randy P. with an award for Professional Contribution. Mary seconded. Passes unanimously

Dan O. will work with Fran on this.

Awards Process

Dan moves that we appoint Gary Olson to be the head of the award committee for CHI Academy and Lifetime service award committee for a three year term. Mary seconded. Passes unanimously.

We review the timeline and the next upcoming deadline is for soliciting awards.

We discuss finding a place for the SIGCHI awards banquet. Scooter and Mary and Brooke will work to coordinate a location for about 60 people total. This will happen the Sunday before CHI as it has traditionally.

Incentives for award nominations within in the community

SIGCHI is still underrepresented in major awards ACM Fellows, etc. We have not traditionally advocated in a concerted way for awards. Joe proposes that we directly communicate our goal in having people nominated for awards. He proposes providing an award for nominators which might range from small (e.g. a free year SIGCHI membership) to larger award.

Dan discusses the effort off doing a nomination, you go to a webpage, you fill out a webpage, you send a link to everybody that you want as an endorser. The endorser then writes a short statement of support.

We are very enthusiastic about getting people nominated for awards, but not for rewarding the nominators.

Dan is willing to continue coordinate this effort. Scooter raises also getting people nominated for distinguished scientist, distinguished engineer, distinguished member. Deadline for this is in July.

Dan will coordinate assembling a list of names of people that we would like to nominate for awards and distinguished. Dan will also continue to drive the ACM Fellow nomination process.

Finances (Fred)

FY 2007 Highlights
Total revenue: $2,947k, (FY 2006=$2,277k)
Total Expenses: $2,5975k (FY 2006= $1,725)
Total net: $352k (FY 2006 = $552k)

Ending fund balance as of June 30, 2007: $1,154K (FY 2006 = $802)

We have achieved (over-achieved) our required fund balance.

We have a little breathing room given the return from CHI 2007 (a cushion for CHI 2008)

Fiscal 09 budget planning starts in December (CHI 08 results hit FY 09 budget)

Fred’s conservative take is not to commit to a long term things at this point, but we can help make sure that CHI 2008 goes well, add a little here and there, wish lists

How we can best re-invest this money into the society?

Substantial budget pressure on the CHI 2008 committee, Scooter would like to propose the SIGCHI reception, this is not an ongoing commitment, this is a gift from CHI 2007 to CHI 2008

Scooter moves that SIGCHI sponsors the conference reception for CHI 2008 and allocate $125,000 for this. Dan seconds. Passes unanimously.

Scooter suggested putting money in a development fund and solicit proposals from the community. Set aside some money that’s open ended in that way. We currently have some money in a development budget. Like the idea of opening it up to the proposals. Julie proposes analogous to a seed grant.

Gerrit raises the idea of setting aside funds for scholarships to CHI 2011 when we hope to be outside North America and Europe.

We discuss the development fund timeline and how the request for proposals should work.

Scooter proposes that we put $150,000 into Development Fund and EC and CMC can bring forth proposals (either their own or sponsored ones). We would publicize this at CHI 2008 at the meeting.

We now discuss timelines. Our next face-to-face will be at CHI 2008.

We will request written proposals by February 15st from EC/CMC members. Length of proposal – less than 3 pages. We want to know the impact (benefit to hci/organization/special populations), the budget, description of the program/concept, timeline for completion. If it’s non EC/CMC person spearheading the proposal, then we need bio of people involved. Must be sponsored by EC/CMC member, who needs to know the details.

Discussion about the timeline and CHI 2008 feasibility.

Fred will collect the proposals.

Dan moves to put $150,000 in the development fund, Mary seconds. Passes unanimously.

Publications (Dan Olsen)


Idea that started with SIGGRAPH. At SIGGRAPH this year all papers that had been accepted to TOG in the past year were given a spot to present their papers at the conference. One reason for thinking through this, journal papers have reputation of not being timely in their review and the papers tend to be invisible as compared with a conference paper which has a hard deadline and have higher visibility. Downside to conference papers is that the reviewing is final and there isn’t an iterative review process. The idea of presenting journal papers at the conference is that you have an interactive review process that brings you to a public presentation of your work.

ACM does not care how long the TOCHI journal will be because it is primarily published digitally (a few people ordering print will have higher costs). Limitations are off of TOCHI in terms of length.

We might expect 10 or so TOCHI papers to be presented at CHI in the short term. We are talking about a couple of additional sessions, we want it to not logistically look different than a paper session so as to not bring complexity on to the conference (although presented TOCHI papers will be clearly branded as such).

Dan moves that we communicate to the TOCHI board that we would accept for presentation starting in 2009, accepted TOCHI papers from the previous year that were not previously presented at CHI and the authors would like to present. Paper presented will be included in their published TOCHI format as part of the electronic proceedings distributed to CHI attendees. This is an experiment for CHI 2009 and CHI 2010 so that SIGCHI can evaluate the impact on the papers process and on TOCHI.

Scooter seconds. Passes unanimously.

Transactions on Human Robot Interaction proposal, was rejected by ACM, the HRI community is preparing the response the ACM

Interactions (Richard Anderson)

We welcome Richard and John and support them in what they want to accomplish.

The state of transition is excellent. Richard and John are enjoying working together. Both share a strong vision for and a commitment for excellence in the magazine. They began developing a good relationship with the ACM at the CHI conference and then visited in June to ACM headquarters.

They have chosen their regular contributors to the magazine, both returning and new members. They’ve developed a new editorial structure, including 6 editors from the different communities and a new advisory board. They have started work on a new web presence which they think will expand the reach. They pretty much know what will appear in the new magazine which will include regular contributions on sustainable design, modeling, sketching, design for young and the old. Much more visual content in the magazine, more diversity and many new voices, and hopefully also longer because they hope to increase the length, will no longer find special issues, no longer find roughly 60 person editorial board.

The EC can assist by providing content. Perhaps provide money to us, can expect a proposal for designing and developing web proposal.

Fred asks about discussion with ACM about the cost impact with more pages, there is some hesitancy to provide more pages, but because the magazine was smaller recently then we can have longer magazines for at least a little while. We talk about the impact of the cost of the magazine on the dues.

The magazine costs more than the organization provides, ACM would probably like to receive more money from SIGCHI. Advertising sales are not going too well. Richard thinks improvements could be made to the package sent out to potential advertiser.

Richard would like to be reminded of the role of editor, previously the editor of interactions had a vote in EC. Julie clarified that elected officers vote and interactions editors are appointed. The EC would like to facilitate close relations between the EC and interactions. The editors have an open invitation to attend the SIGCHI meetings, and phone calls. They will be added to the appropriate mailing list.

Conferences (Julie)

Family friendly policy.

We describe the family friendly policy that Scooter prepared, the marginal cost of attendees. We want to make sure the policy outlines the type of costs you want to cover. Julie brings up how to we get this to the conference chairs all the way down the line.

CMC will take up this as part of creating a conference management model document that will be given to conference chairs. Julie will send around the SIGGRAPH management document.

Julie will also bring up policy to ACM SGB as we a policy we have developed that others might be interested in.

New CMC model (Gerrit)

Members of the CMC
VP conferences (3 year, start 1 year after joining EC): Gerrit, chair
AC Specialized conferences (3 year, start 1 year after joining EC): Philippe

From EC
EC President (EC term): Julie
Past EC President (EC term): Joe
Executive VP (EC term): Mary
1 past CHI chair (1 year until end of next conference) Mary Beth
1 from each future CH were chair is known: currently Mary

CMC Specialists (same term length as VP of conferences)
Reviewing and PCS: Tom Erickson
CHI logistics and site selection: Scooter
CHI archive and surveys: Philippe

ACM Program Director: Brooke (ACM)

Note that the EC immediately appoints VP conferences and AC specialized conferences, for the first year of the EC term they are in training.
We discuss whether we should we have this in the bylaws or in a policy/procedures.
Julie and Gerrit will draft an update to the bylaws and also a policy that describes the structure of the CMC.
A.J. (or a volunteer she finds) will revisit the website to sanity check the site and what is on it.

Best of CHI (Dan)

Wendy Kellogg has proposed a process for Best of CHI process. The section on general information has been approved. We need to make sure it is published appropriately.

It should be on the plone, also part of the website that we will point conference chairs to as well.

Dan sends around. Scooter proposes that we revise this to be appropriate to have as a policy that would be appropriate for our website.

Dan will email Wendy and ask her to rework it as a policy that would be appropriate for us to vote on.

Tele-conference schedule:

6 week schedule, we like the periodic schedule. We will revisit the times.

Officer Updates

Mary –
No further updates- CHI 2008 is what she’s all about

Scooter –
Update on bulletin progress, site is now live. Based on his interactions with the team working on the bulletin, Scooter has accepted one of the RFP proposals and will work with the same team to develop a statement of work to revisit the whole SIGCHI website. Scooter will put together a team of stakeholders of people involved with the website to help.

Paula –
Paula has been working on the HCI education curriculum. There are sixty-five people that want to be actively involved; they are setting up the work area on the web. That should be up and running by the end of October. They hope to have a face-to-face meeting around CHI this year sometime in April either associated with CHI or Computer in Education conference. Current website is: Paula feels there is a really nice group of people from all corners of the world that is involved in the effort.

Discussion of making sure that we are involved with the ACM effort on education, perhaps through involvement on the ACM education board.

Brian –
After eight months we have a functioning bulletin site. It is at Brian’s goals are to get all of the minutes up. Brian has the following identified as potential bulletin materials: annual report, ACM digital download numbers, retiring CMC members (Gerrit), paragraph about family-friendly policy and link to policy (Scooter).

Quick discussion of what we want to put in the bulletin and what we want to do as articles as for Interactions. The feeling is that the bulletin is the conduit from the EC to the membership.

We granted Philippe budget to continue using survey monkey as a survey tool.


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