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Minutes from February EC Conference Call

Executive Committee Minutes from February 2008 Conference Call

February 26th 2008
Meeting started at 10:02 am EST and concluded around 10:35 am EST.

A.J. Brush

Participants:  Mary Czerwinski, Fred Sampson, A.J. Brush, Dan Olsen, Joe Konstan, Gerrit van der Veer, Scooter Morris,  Jimmy Ginn Fran Spinola (ACM), Philippe Palanque.


  • CHI 2008 is doing fine, but will mostly likely not have as many attendees as last year.  European registrations are up while registrations from North America are less than 50% of last year.

  • We approved Desney Tan as CHI 2011 conference chair.  Congratulations Desney.

  • Dates for CHI 2009 are April 4th – 9th 2009

  • Preliminary budget has been received and we should have a cushion above the required reserve.

  • Updates:  planning for SIGCH Awards dinner is in progress, we have a proposal for work on the CHI website, bulletin hand-off to Mark is progressing.

Bulletin (Update by Jimmy for Mark A.)

Bulletin edits is progressing and will be going on the website soon.

SIGCHI Website (Scooter)

Scooter  has a proposal Viveka for the work on the sighchi website.  Scooter will send the proposal out for review.  He plans to propose a different compensation approach with progressive payments for sections of work accomplished.   The proposal is roughly $35,000.

CHI 2008 (Gerrit):

Housing situation is fine, 87% of block has been ordered. Registration is 63% of the actual of 2007, we will probably not make the same numbers as last year. The number of Europeans is higher than ever, however the number from North America is less than 50% than last year.  The number of students is higher than ever which is terrific but does not help the budget. Financial risk on registration is about the level of the contingency at this point, there is a chance of breaking even or only being slightly negative.   There is a advertising blitz about to happen.

CHI 2011 (Gerrit)

Desney Tan approved unanimously for 2011 conference chair.

SIGCHI Minutes (AJ)

Minutes from January call approved unanimously.

Update on Awards (AJ)

Awards have been announced with bios and information posted to our website (thanks Scooter) and also sent to the people putting together the CHI Program.

We need to decide on the proposal for the Awards dinner.  We discuss starting at 7:30 and eliminating the cocktail hour and we are okay with that.  We are concerned that the room holds only 50 people.

Action Item:  AJ and Fran will check how many people came last year and whether this will be a concern.  The proposal has been sent around to the EC.


At the last SGB there was a discussion about CACM.  Each SIG needs to set up a process to figure out how content gets into the magazine from conferences.  Joe notes already 20 or 30 papers submitted on topics besides our own.  He feels we should nominate 8 – 10 papers a year.  He stresses there is a strong message not to send to just send the best paper awards, but look for papers that are most broadly interesting to a diverse readership.

Action Item: Revisit at face to face meeting

Budget (Fred)

Preliminary budget shows small loss for 2009, which is offset by having fund balance of 500,000 above required balance, mostly thanks to CHI 2007. This all assumes the CHI budget this year which is break even

Action Item: Fred will put on plone, he wants to stress that the things we control are a small part of the budget.

Booth (Fran/Fed)

We will not bring the booth to Florence. Discussion about renewing storage contract for the booth (roughly $500 a month).   We are concerned about using the booth to get the most impact.   Perhaps it’s not by having it at CHI but at different conferences such as SIGGRAPH, UPA, etc.

Action Item:  Discuss plan for booth at the next face to face meeting.

Help Desk.

Scooter not getting response from help desk.  Fran will help with this.

CHI 2009  (Dan)

Dan is working on live website for 2009.  Date of the conference are April 4th – 9th.

There will be some changes to the paper review process to 2009.

Investigating creating a video show along the lines of SIGGRAPH.  People could submit videos they think people attending the conference would like to see. This could include new product announcements from Apple, Microsoft, etc. We’re looking for someone to put this together. This is viewed as a significant opportunity for growth.


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