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Minutes from May EC Conference Call

Executive Committee Minutes from May 2008 Conference Call

May 20th 2008
Meeting started at 10:02 am EST and concluded around 10:34 am EST.

A.J. Brush

Participants:, Julie Jacko, Mary Czerwinski, Fred Sampson, Paula Kotze, Joe Konstan, Philippe Palanque, Richard Anderson, , Scooter Morris, Dan Olsen, Gerrit van der Veer, Nick Sabadosh, A.J. Brush,  Brooke Hardy (ACM), Fran Spinola (ACM)


  • CHI 2008 will be break even or very close.
  • Nick will work to get updated contact information for chapters members so we can send them the SIGCHI bulletin
  • The SIGCHI bulletin will be included in the ACM Digital Library. Mark hopes to have new content for the bulletin soon.
  • We will work to recommend several SIGCHI members for the ACM Distinguished Member grades

Detailed Minutes:

Chapters (Nick):

Nick talked with Marcel and determined CHI Netherlands was looking for something free they could offer to their members.   We discuss options and that if CHI Netherlands isn’t paying for the member service then we need to make the benefit available to everyone.   CHI Netherlands is open to suggestions about what member service could be offered, it could be interactions magazine but does not need to be.  Joe suggests that we try to find something that is of value to the members of CHI Netherlands, but does not conflict with the big benefits that we offer our members.

Joe moves that we find a way to get a SIGCHI-bulletin to all chapter members for which we have contact info. Mary seconded.  Unanimously approved.

Action Item: Nick will reach out to chapters and get new contact information and ask for bulletin items (they could write articles as well)

Note that this is not in place of continuing discussion about core membership benefits (DL access, Interactions)

Action Item: Nick will continue to explore finding things to offer that would be mutually beneficial to chapters that are doing well.

ACM Distinguished Member Grades (Scooter)

ACM has introduced several distinguished member grades including Senior Member and Distinguished Member, Senior Scientist, Distinguished Scientist, Senior Engineer, Distinguished Engineer.  These members grades would be appropriate for many SIGCHI members (e.g. lifetime service awardees, social impact awards, …)  Scooter suggest that we should come up with at least 5 people to nominate and then work with our fellows to endorse them. We have until July 31st to get in nominations.  Official nomination would come from member acting on SIGCHI’s behalf.  We must also leverage our Fellows to write endorsements.  Joe believes that could go as high as 10 people nominated. The existing awards committees will be charged with doing this.

Action Item (Joe):  Contact Gary Olson and determine if he would help coordinate endorsements from Fellows

Action Item (A.J.):  Contact the Service and Social Impact committee to generate names of people to nominate.

For each nominee we need to find 1-2 endorsers who know the person well who can briefly, but clearly describe their contribution.

Bulletin in Digital Library (Fran for Mark)

People from the ACM Digital Library approached Fran about including the Bulletin.  Fran discussed with Mark.  We will include the bulletin in the digital library. Mark sent an email update that discusses having new material up soon.

Budget updates (Fred)

It will be break even (or very close) for CHI 2008.   Bills are still being paid and VAT reporting is being worked out, but projections are:

Revenue $1,962,346
Operating expenses
Includes **VAT recovery of $188K and SIGCHI contribution of $125K
Operating Net
Overhead $149,866
Conference Net

Face-to-Face Meeting (Julie)

We need to begin planning for this as several items for discussion have come from folks.   Joe suggests using Meeting Wizard. We discuss different options including having at least a full day on moving CHI around the world where we would want to include some other folks who would have relevant expertise. Most likely we will have Day 1 will be a workshop with outside invitees and then Day 2-3 will be SIGCHI EC meeting.

Action Item: Julie will send out a collection of 2 day scenarios.


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