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Minutes from January EC Conference Call

Executive Committee minutes from January 2008 conference call.

January 15th 2008

Meeting started at am 10:02 am EST and concluded around 11:32 am EST.

A.J. Brush

Participants:  Julie Jacko, Fred Sampson, A.J. Brush, Dan Olsen, Joe Konstan, Jimmy Ginn, Richard Anderson,  Fran Spinola (ACM), Mark Apperley, Nick Sabadosh, Paula Kotzé, Philippe Palanque, Scooter Morris

Welcome (Julie)

We welcomed Nick Sabadosh (VP Chapters) and Mark Apperley (Bulletin) to the EC

Conferences (Julie for Gerrit)

CHI 2009 (Dan)

  • All venue contracts are signed. The whole constellation looks very reasonable and doable
  • Dan feels that he is pretty close to having a team together, has everyone who needs to be in place before Florence
  • Dan has identified Ken Hinckley as technical program chair. Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson were identified as papers chairs.
The EC unanimously approved Ken Hinckley as program chair and Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson as papers chairs.

CHI 2010:
  • EC unanimously approved Atlanta as location for CHI2010 on April 10 – 15,

We discussed why 2011 will be in North America rather than looking at different part of world.  Scooter tell us that they could not find a 2010 west coast site that was available (e.g. Vancouver, San Diego) so that will happen in 2011 and so that we will have a strong financial year before going to a different location.

In general, Gerrit is really trying to get ahead of the schedule so that we have sites and conference chairs decided earlier.  Once 2010 is nailed down they will right away to get something secured on the west coast for 2011. We discuss issues with the VAT as something that will need to assess in the future to see how much it will affect conferences in Europe.

CHI 2008:

  • Registration looks to be ahead, but think it might be people from North America planning ahead, however the number of submissions was large and that’s usually a good indicator of registration.
  • Discussion about information on VAT and trying to be clear. There will be companies there to help people.

Awards (AJ)

Announcement of Gary’s committee’s selection

Action Items (for AJ):

  • AJ will talk with Brooke about awards dinner.
  • AJ - Email list for issuing list for awards banquet was incomplete, Get together list that we archive of all the winners and everyone who should be invited should be invited.
  • AJ check website look for gaps, 2001, 1998, Award citations for first year people – Ask Gary to do that.

Minutes (AJ):

We approved the minutes from the previous meeting unanimously.

CHI EC Meeting Logistics

Discussion of meeting, and how long it should be, would like to make it as efficient as possible.

CHI 2008, SIGCHI Booth:

Discussion of whether we need a booth, and whether we have local SIG ribbons.  We decided that not enough value to have a SIGCHI booth, CHI 09 will decide if they want to do something.  In general, it would be good to have ribbons again as a way to identify and be visible.

Action Item (Richard):   Richard will dig out information about ribbons and provide it to Nick.

Chapters (Nick Sabadosh)

He’s coming up to speed and talking with Lauren and Elizabeth about local chapters workshop to be held at CHI 2008, learning about what the chapters need.

Local Chapters Workshop at CHI 2008: Planning status and responses to invitation to participate. Unfortunately, so far response has been tepid, but it was sent in December. Another reminder will be sent. Richard suggests that Nick reach out and connect with chapters and encourage them to come.

Philippe confirms room set aside for the workshop

Proposed goals for Chapters for 2008:

  • Sense of community for the chapters, with Internet where it is now, easy to setup a place for chapters, get some sort of presence on the internet – some kind of portal to link all these people together
  • Understand what the needs of chapters are, and where SIGCHI and ACM can provide them.
  • Scooter mentions that there is a lot of work at the ACM level to do a similar thing. Joe mentions another contact on the membership services board

CHI Netherlands requests for help recognizing a chapter leader.  A discussion of how to do this for more local chapters.  Julie suggests including a bulletin component.  We decide

  • Short term – framable certificate to everyone at the end of their time as chapter chair
  • Longer term – layout a framework of recognizing outstanding contributors.
  • Address this at local chapters

Bulletin (Mark)

Mark will talk on Friday, Jan 19th to Brian Bailey and the person assisting Brian.  Discussion of whether operations support is needed at this time.

Data Archiving Update (Philippe)

Unanimously approve giving access to data to Jean-Daniel Fekete for CHI 2007 to prepare visualizations for CHI 2008 closing plenary. We discussed making roles visible for people doing lots of work.

Specialized Conferences (Philippe)

Agreement between CSCW, ECSCW and Group is: a)    CSCW would be held every year in Jan-Feb  b) ECSCW would be held every odd year in Europe in September  c) GROUP would be held every even year in the US in September.

We discuss previous confusion about the process of SIGGROUP being disbanded. SIGGROUP voluntarily disbanded because it had no volunteers to lead it, we don’t need to be a SIG if the conference can keep going.  SIGCHI will sponsor the conference, it appears that SIGGROUP leadership didn’t tell the conference leadership, current chairs knew what going on, previous one never been charged, belief that money was spent to give people memberships in other SIGs.

Curriculum (Paula)

Paula gave an update on attempts to influence changes to the ACM/IEEE Computing Curricula. She has been trying to contact ACM group working on the HCI section, not much feedback after the most recent meeting.  There have been challenges in being recognized by the computing curricula group as the people who should be giving input into HCI curricula.

Action Item: Julie and Joe will work on opening the lines of communication at SGB meeting

interactions & questions (Richard)

Confirmation that EC members do not receive complementary CHI registrations

Special project proposals that are due Feb. 15th need to be sponsored by an EC member

There is still an issue about including interactions articles as part of the ACM digital library content that someone has access to when they are only a SIGCHI member

Action Item: Richard will follow-up with Dan.


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